Senior Structural Engineer

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Age Range
25 to 34

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Arabic, English


I have 9 years of experience in civil structure and construction field as Structural engineer and Design engineer in multinational companies [QDVC (Vinci construction and Qatari Diar),JV Vinci construction and Cairo consult office] at mega projects like (Lusail Light Railway Train Project, Cairo metro line 3, Floranza village, Coca-Cola stores and water Tanks) in different countries(Egypt and Qatar).

 I gained a lot of experience while working at Vinci Construction Company through several assignments in Egypt and Qatar, which I successfully fulfilled. I am accurate in conducting all Engineering works elaboration of monitor and assign work in accordance with Company’s policies and procedures and limits of authority.
 Ensure safety standards and procedures implemented and followed in accordance with contract requirements and Company guidelines.
 Review and evaluate technical submittals and shop drawings prior to submission to consultants and clients according to required project standards.
 Good at meeting deadlines.
 Ability to work individually and as a co-operative team member.
 Creative, self motivated, reliable and dynamic.
 Excellent communication skills.
 Ability to work under pressure.
 Achieve objectives on time.
 Leadership and management skills.
 Communication skills.
 Working under pressure.
 Flexibility.
 Cooperative and team work spirit.


Helwan University in Egypt
Civil Engineering

   Sep 2003
— Jun 2008


Senior Structural Engineer

   Apr 2011
— Current

 Reporting to the Technical Manager.
 Reviewing all concrete structural CLN, DTD and SHD of the buildings for Depot from the designer.
 Coordinating with the designer to produce the structural DTD and SHD and to be approved by ICE
 Managing all the FCRs (Field change request) and the NCRs (Non-conformity request) to be solved and stamped by the ICE.
 Managing all the structural technical issues appearing during construction and solving it.
 Leading a team of draftsmen to produce some reinforcement shop drawings for buildings of depot.
 Coordinating with other departments (MEP & Architect) for any issues during design and construction phases.
 Making the full structural analysis for four typical and two untypical at-grade stations by using SOFISTIK program for finite element analysis.
 Making the full design and calculation notes for the mentioned stations above
By using British standard code.
 Managing two subcontractors from Laos and Greece to produce the reinforcement shop drawings for at grade stations.
 Making the full structural design and calculation notes for the pulling chamber and the foundation of the fans for the gardens of Lusail car park project.
 Reviewing all civil MAFs (Material approval forms)
 Making the full design and structural analysis for the underpass of the at grade station BLC03

Vinci Construction grand project
Structural Engineer

   Aug 2009
— Mar 2011

 Reporting to the Technical Manager.
 Analyse and coordinate the construction methodology, all the design drawings and project specifications transmitted by the clients.
 Use AutoCAD and ArmaCAD software to make some workshop drawings (Concrete dimension & reinforcement).
 Checking the all the workshop drawings (Concrete dimensions & reinforcement).
 Coordinate with clients by Email to achieve his satisfaction for work.
 Familiar with Codes Egyptian code-British standard-French code & EURO CODE Standard.

Cairo Consult
Structural Design Engineer

   Jul 2008
— Aug 2009

 Making the full structural analysis and design for all the reinforcement concrete elements using SAP and Etabs programs

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