PMC Lead SCADA Engineer

Last Updated: 14th February 2019 (over 3 years ago)

cairo, Egypt


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Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level

Arabic, English


1- My Brief profile
- Work Area: Natural gas pipeline/Network / Grid transportation and distribution
- Experience: 20 years extensive technical experience of integrated Multi-discipline mega scale EPC project - based for critical real time SCADA , ICT systems for Natural Gas networks .
- Current post: Lead SCADA & ICT projects Engineer
currently Leading the technical team of implementing the second phase of SCADA, information security and GIS development and replacement project of Egyptian unified Gas Grid
- Management Style: Leading and managing project teams to deliver professional services using Tools, techniques and procedures typically as per PMI project management framework.
- Business attitude: result oriented professional with responsible commitment and active attitude to accomplish business goals relying on the deployment of State – Of-The-Art technologies.
2- Objectives:
Achieve classified success as a SCADA & ICT expert in the oil &Gas industry as well as renewable energy (solar –wind).
3- Remarkable achievements:
- Mega scale SCADA and ICT system of Egyptian unified Gas Grid Phase 1
- SCADA and Telecommunication system of Arab Gas pipeline : phase 1 (cross country gas pipeline)
- SCADA and Telecommunication system of Arab Gas pipeline : phase 2
- SCADA and Telecommunication system of longest gas pipeline in Egypt (upper Egypt gas pipeline : 850 km).

4- Technical profile
As a SCADA and ICT projects Lead engineer, I can describe my experience as a wealth mix of integrated multi discipline systems, procedures, tools and techniques correlated together to serve the mega scale gas pipeline and GAS networks needs.
Such systems like infrastructure real time information systems, automatic control systems, Relational and real time databases, telecommunication systems , computer networking and hierarchical multi tier computing of servers, workstations, disaster recovery systems, backup and restore, information security , telemetry and measurements , Gas modeling software , standard interfacing, all deployed within well engineered architectures complying to standards and procedures - HSE, ISO 9001, PMI project management framework - to deliver world class SMART GAS process management system.


ain sham university
BSc electrical engineering

   Sep 1991
— Jun 1996

telecommunication and electronics


Egyptian Gas regulatory authority - GasReg
technical planning G.M

   Mar 2018
— Current

providing SME and PMC for GasReg in its starteup to design the gas market from technical perspectives.

ILF consulting Engineers " Kazakhstan office"

   Mar 2016
— Aug 2016

project management consulting and technical engineering lead for cross country gas pipeline "china - Kazakhstan: 2500 km" SCADA system, Gas modelling and simulation system , interface to telecom systems "FO, Microwave, VSAT"

Egyptian natural gas company " Egyptian grid TSO"
Projects and engineering SCADA G.M executive

   Sep 1999
— Current

project management - Engineering - consulting for EPCM based gas pipeline/ gas network and national gas grid projects for multi discipline SCADA systems:
SCADA H/W: server farms, computing systems
SCADA Networking
SCADA Security
RTUs- PLCs and Data sources " Serial, Ethernet TCP"
SCADA Operation and control commanding hierarchy philosophy
SCADA Dispatching
Interfacing to Telecommunication systems
Multi tier Data modelling " real time, historian"

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