Consultant Engineer - Telecommunication, 21y Experienced

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Age Range
35 to 44

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Arabic, English


Through my service in the Jordanian Public Security Directorate (PSD) as a- Telecommunication Engineer since 1996 till retirement in 2017 (it was Long!), I managed to lead and develop the Management/HR & Technical Supply Branch via supervising (1600+) of experienced engineers and technicians in Telecommunication & IT Department and its sub – departments and managing its procurement affairs.

While working in Procurement Department, I was the head of Tenders along with the Secretary of the Central Tenders Committee (2 positions at the same time!), responsible of the PSD Procurement.

It wasn’t easy at all working in three missions with United Nations as a Technical- Adviser (ICT Consultant) and a Team Leader.

In Addition, I have been assigned (Head & Member) in the following committees and projects: Telecommunication agreements committee, Arbitration Committees, New PSD HQ in Amman/ Imaish Project, Strategic Plan Committee, Procurement Plan Committee, Vision/ Message/ Values Committee, Work Guides Committee, Organizational Structure Committee, Telecommunication Tower and Trenches Committee, Evaluation of Rehabilitation Centers Committee, Radar Control System in Amman Municipality, TETRA Pre – Studies Committee, WiMAX/ TETRA/ Tech. Work Shop projects UN, Shooting Fields Evaluation Committee, Telecommunication and IT main presentation Committee, Specifications, Technical Specifications/ Purchasing/ Acceptance Committees.

I gained the following experiences and skills through my service:
Telecommunication Networking Management (TETRA, DMR, UHF/ VHF/ HF), RF- Planning and Optimization, Leadership, General Management, Project Management, Procurement Management, Strategic Planning, Organizational Planning, HR Administration, Training Management, Supply Chain Management, Communication, United Nations Peace Keeping missions, Technical Documentation, QA/C and TQM, Electronic Security Systems, Power supplies Systems, Renewable Energy Systems, Microwave/ Broadband Systems, ICT Consultancy, Vehicles Radar Systems, Electronic Shooting fields, PBXs/ VoIP Networking, IT Networking, Warehouses Administration.

I completed my Telecommunication Engineering Bachelor’s Degree from Mutah University – Jordan in 1996 and a Consultant Engineer (Profession grade) From Jordan Engineers Association – JEA in 2018, in addition to its Membership since 1996.


MUTAH University
Bachelor of Telecommunication Engineering

   Sep 1992
— Jul 1996

Electrical/ Electronics/ Telecommunication Engineering

MUTAH University
Police Sciences

   Sep 1992
— Jul 1996


Az Zarqa Secondary School
General Secondary Cirtificate

   Aug 1991
— Jul 1992

Scientific Stream


United Nations
Technical Adviser - Telecommunication Consultant & Team Leader

   Aug 2000
— Sep 2012

1. Two Missions in UN - MINUSTAH - Haiti at Technical Services Section at the MHQ/ Delta Camp/ Port au Prince during the periods (2008 - 2009) & (2011 - 2012). Served as Technical Adviser - Telecommunication Consultant in both missions. Main Projects: Technical Work shops Requirements, TETRA Network Proposal, WiMax Connections-PAP Proposal, Telecommunication sites survey & inventory, Haitian police MHQ Requirements.
2. Mission in UN-UNMIBH - Bosnia & Herzegovina at Prijedor IPTF Station, during (2000 - 2001) as a Team Leader of IPTF officers. The main duties were to advise, monitor & evaluate the local police in the AOR.

Telecommunication & IT Dept and Procurement Dept. at Public Security Directorate - PSD
Multi Leading Positions

   Oct 1996
— Jul 2017

Positions held:
1. Chief of Management, HR & Technical Supply.
2. Chief of Logistics & Supplies.
3. Secretary of Central Tenders Committee.
4. Chief of Tenders.
5. Acting Director - Electronic Equip. -EE Dept. (Security Systems).
6. Chief of Maintenance -EE.
7. Chief of Technical Work Shops (Wireless & Wired Networks).
8. Chief of Electric - Mechanical Equipment.
9. Chief of Training & Technical Studies.
10. Chief of Wireless Networks.
11. Chief of Technical Supply & Warehouses.
12. Chief of PBX's & Telephony Networks.
13. Other Positions: CCC as system administrator, Wireless/ Wired telecommunication field engineer and Workshop engineer.

Additional Tasks/ Projects/ Committees:
Telecommunication agreements committee, Procurement & Technical Arbitration Committees, Strategic Plan Committees, Procurement Plans Committee, Vision/ Message/ Values Committees, Work Guides Committee, Organizational Structure Committee, Specifications/ Purchasing/ Acceptance Committees, TETRA Expansion Project, Telecomm./ IT Requirements in PSD Projects, Alarm/ Control/ Monitoring – Telecomm. Sites Project, Amen FM Broadcasting Expansion project, Telecommunication and IT Budget Committees, Inventory Committees, Documentation Committees, National Project for Fiber Optics – MoICT, Special/ Occasional Events Organizing Committees, Telecomm. Towers and Trenches Committee, Evaluation of Rehabilitation Centers Committee, Radar Control System in Amman Municipality, TETRA Pre – Studies Committee, New PSD HQ in Amman/ Imaish & Other Projects, WiMAX/ TETRA/ Technical Work Shop projects - UN, Command & Control Center (CCC) Project/ Bridges/ Tunnels Projects – Amman Municipality, VSAT Project, Amen FM New Building Project, Deputation Criteria & Standards Committee, General Security Committee, Mutual Services with local Providers Committee, PSD Regional HQ, Rehabilitation Centers Projects, Inspection & Personnel Evaluation Committees, Annual Training Plans & Materials Committees.

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