Wastewater Treatment Plant Operation Manager

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Saudi Arabia


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Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level
Other Post Graduate

Arabic, English, German


An enthusiastic skilled wastewater operation engineer with a Doctorate degree in wastewater & environmental engineering. Strong background in environmental, waste and wastewater engineering. Posses strong leadership, decision making, problem solving and time management skills. Ability to communicate effectively at all levels; interact supportively within a team environment; cope well under pressure and stressful situations and adapt readily to the demands of the job.


Hamburg University of Technology – Germany
Ph.D-Wastewater Engineering

   Oct 2002
— Aug 2006

• Holding lectures and exercises in the area of wastewater and environmental engineering
• Preparing research proposals to National and International Donors
• Presentations and publications in International environmental conferences and magazines
• Supervising Master students and laboratory technicians
• Acquisition of industrial research partners
• Developing decentralised sustainable wastewater concepts for developing countries
• Research on wastewater sludge treatment using Composting / Vermicomposting
• Chemical, biological, physical and hygienic analysis of waste and wastewater sludge
• Planning, constructing and operating laboratory scale experiments and pilot scale wastewater treatment plants

Hamburg University of Technology – Germany
Master of Science (Environmental Engineering)

   Aug 2000
— Oct 2002

Areas of study

• Process modelling in wastewater treatment
• Biological wastewater treatment
• Physical-chemical water treatment
• Sustainable water management and water supply
• Remediation of contaminated sites
• Solid waste management
• Thermal waste treatment
• Sanitary landfilling
• Microbiological degradation of pollutants
• Environmental Management

Higher Technological Institute – Egypt
Bachelor of Science (Process Engineering)

   Oct 1993
— Aug 1998

Areas of study

• Heat transfer • Transport phenomena
• Reactor design • Organic and inorganic chemistry
• Process control • Polymer engineering
• Unit operations • Fluid mechanics


Marafiq Saur Operation & Maintenance
Plant Manager - Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant-TP8

   May 2014
— Current

• Coordinate and integrate wastewater treatment plant operation and maintenance functions
• Direct, coordinate and review the work plan for assigned plant operation & maintenance services and activities. Assign work activities and projects, monitor work flow, review and evaluate work products, methods and procedures. Meet with staff to identify & resolve problems
• Develop, implement and administer on-going aggressive system for preventive maintenance. Inspects operations frequently to assure all equipment is operating at top efficiency. Assures proper maintenance and servicing is performed on all machinery and processing system equipment. Ensures proper records of corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance and equipment manuals…etc.
• Select, train, motivate and evaluate plant operation, maintenance and laboratory personnel. Provide or coordinate staff training, work with employees to correct deficiencies, implement discipline and termination procedures
• Develop and administer the assigned program budget, forecast funds needed for staffing, equipment, materials and supplies, monitor and approve expenditures, recommend adjustments as necessary. Regularly analyse the annual operating costs and makes recommendations for cost optimization. Purchase all chemicals used in wastewater treatment process, set up annual contracts with chemical suppliers.
• Review and approve purchase requisition for material and equipment; develop bid specification, evaluates bids. Prepares and manages the capital improvement budget (CIP Plan) for long range goals. Assists in evaluating wastewater fees.
• Maintain sufficient inventory of equipment and supplies and establishes inventory controls
• Improve and create value in the treatment plant through the efficient and effective use of chemicals and energy and overall functionality of facilities. Work with subordinate supervisors to develop monitoring tools and procedures to ensure effective evaluation and use of power, chemicals, time and material in the treatment process.
• Coordinate and control the daily operation of laboratory service unit’s ongoing wastewater quality testing program that supports wastewater treatment process. Review, monitor and approve “Daily Monitoring Reports” to attest to the accuracy of the test data and observe the consequence data trend with process changes made by the treatment plant operators
• Continuously monitor plant operations. Review and assess operational logs, records and reports. Inspects plant facilities and operations on a regular basis.
• Evaluate wastewater process trends and discuss findings with subordinate supervisors, set process control parameters to ensure treatment of effluent meets the regulatory permit requirement
• Establish and maintain appropriate procedures for treatment plant processes, tests and analysis, including when and how plant process adjustments should be made based on analyzed data
• Environmental sampling and or assessment, investigation of alleged environmental violations, emergency response, disaster response….etc with other divisions, departments. Ensure that all regulatory requirements are met, documented and submitted to the appropriate regulatory agencies
• Develop and review plant bio-solids management and hauling programs to ensure compliance with output and equipment capability. Direct plant processing adjustments where necessary
• Maintain awareness of proper safety procedures and guidelines and apply these to daily activities. Conduct training classes for staff assuring they are kept updated with the latest safety requirements
• Work with other managers to evaluate the wastewater treatment plant safety training program, plant standard operating procedures (SOPs) and equipment maintenance procedures to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and safety and efficient plant operations
• Attend and participate in professional group meetings, stay abreast of new trends and innovations in the field of wastewater treatment operation

GIZ – German Development Cooperation
Senior Advisor – National Sustainable Sanitation Strategy Development

   Apr 2010
— May 2014

• Analysis and assessment of the national situation in the water supply and wastewater sector in the twenty two governorates (water production and treatment capacities, wastewater treatment capacities, planned investments, physical conditions of water and wastewater facilities)
• Monitoring energy consumption of wastewater treatment plants and pumping stations and suggesting measures to reduce energy consumption.
• Introducing sustainable innovative low energy consumption wastewater technologies
• Identifying sustainable waste sludge reuse options aiming in energy production like incineration, digestion, co-fermentation.
• Testing the applicability of waste sludge reuse options in energy intensive industries like iron & steel, fertilizers and ceramics
• Analysis and assessment of water consumption, consumer groups and the respective share of supply and consumption levels (connection rates, consumption p.c. etc.), verification of the statistics on service coverage and assessment of adequacy of delivered services
• Inventory and evaluation of the water sector’s existing public and private technical infrastructure for water supply and sanitation
• Identification of the main deficits and bottlenecks for a sufficient and efficient provision of services
• Estimation of water losses (technical and non-technical) and analysis of their main reasons
• Assessment of the water related health problems, hygiene and environmental situation, notably the impact of the discharge of untreated wastewater from households and industries (sanitation related diseases, water quality)
• Demand forecast for water supply and sanitation services (urban and rural) based on assessments of individual consumer groups (household, industrial and public consumption). This is to be based on - but not limited to - the latest update of Egypt’s National Water Resources Plan 2005-2017
• Preparation of a baseline environmental profile per governorate, analysis of environmental constraints and review, verification and assessment of Iimnological, hydrogeological, agricultural and economic conditions; prerequisites for wastewater disposal in the environment
• Assessment of the priority needs for urban and rural water supply, sanitation, rehabilitation and new investments
• Identification of priority measures in the envisaged programme areas
• Comprehensive analysis of existing asset management procedures (existing cartography, GIS, regular up-date of information of networks especially for the update of their respective Master Plans, etc.)
• Assessment of operating costs (personnel, energy, M&E, consumables, etc)
• Commercial and financial analysis of the governorate water companies (balance sheets and cash-flow analysis for the last 5 years and forecast for the next 10 years; budget provision for new investments / provisions for depreciation/ O&M activities - past and future planned; planned subsidies if any)
• Analysis and assessment of tariff structures and policies (water and sewage tariffs per level of consumption and income, connection charges, impact on consumption)
• Comprehensive cost estimate for the investment component, broken down per governorate. The cost estimates distinguish between foreign and local cost
• Provide comprehensive list of technological options (wastewater treatment processes) appropriate for about 20 decentralized treatment systems
• Support for delegated community management of decentralized sanitation systems
• Capacity building for social mobilization, hygiene education and communication in rural sanitation
• Participatory local results based monitoring and evaluation and public disclosure system
• Develop a pilot for decentralized private sector management model

Wilo SE – Egypt
Country Manager

   Apr 2010
— Feb 2011

• Preparing of annual sales performance objectives for representatives and distributors. Semi-annual notification of performance versus expectation. Annual evaluation of representatives and distributors performance, making recommendations to the Area Manager for change when necessary
• Training and sales support for the representatives and distributors assigned to the country
• Participate with representatives and distributors at key industry events and trade shows
• Administer pricing policies, systems, and procedures to ensure that pricing information for distributor/rep accounts is within company guidelines. Price management within business system, nonstandard pricing, discounting, pricing for credits/warranty and price metrics
• Coordinate the launch of new products with all related training, documentation and marketing activities
• Participate and liaise with the large municipalities, project institutes, large treatment plant contractors, key customers and dedicated partners
• Development and execution of selling strategies for assigned accounts within the country.
• Obtains competitive and industry related information necessary for formulation of sales and marketing programs, and competitive response
• Identifying and recommending new market or product opportunities that conform to the objective of sales growth and service to direct accounts, representatives, distributors and mutual end-customers
• Promoting sales within the industrial, municipal, building trades, and construction markets. Responsible for overall Branch sales and service
• Assisting in the preparation of bids, proposals and submittals and maintaining all records necessary for a successful conclusion
• Strategic business development planning and execution, including annual budgeting and ongoing sales growth planning
• Produces adhoc report on competitor monitoring, market trends, marketing opportunities

Oeko-Tex – International Oeko-Tex Association
Managing Director (Egypt & Middle East Branch)

   Apr 2007
— Mar 2010

• Consulting Textile companies to observe stringent limit values relating to wastewater, exhaust air, optimise energy consumption, ensure low noise and dust pollution, and introduce measures to ensure safety at work
• Assessing and developing high quality textile testing standards and the required laboratory facilities for the Egyptian Industry
• Enhancing knowledge transfer and research cooperation between the institute and local textile technology and research centres
• Development of the OEKO-Tex 100/1000 market in Egypt and other countries in the region (Syria, Jordan and the Gulf area) among private sector manufacturing firms
• Industrial consulting on OEKO Tex 100/1000 for new and existing clients
• Developing of new services and projects for the Egyptian textile industries
• Identifying of project partners for textile industry development projects
• Manage a portfolio of existing accounts and identification of new account opportunities to produce the required turnover and necessary growth for the business
• Identification of potential new clients and convert them to long-term customers of the company’s Products and Services
• Delivery of seminars to clients and participate in regional and National promotional events

Holding Company for Water and Wastewater
National Rural Sanitation Plan Manager

   Sep 2006
— Mar 2007

• Reviewing Environmental and social impact assessments outlining the adverse environmental effects of the wastewater treatment plants
• Developing linkages and information exchange mechanisms with other organizations in the field of sanitation and solid waste research
• Ensuring updated information regarding environmental, regulatory and other water sectors issues are passed to the subsidiary rural sanitation units
• Maintaining a master plan and publishing to stakeholders
• Preparing and publishing statistics on project plans, achievements
• Preparing tender documents, evaluating of bids and contracts awarding
• Preparing operation & maintenance cost estimates
• On-going performance monitoring of collection & treatment systems and maintenance contractors
• Training community leaders in operation & maintenance
• Developing, implementing and setting targets for key performance indicators of the project and the effectiveness of the rural sanitation units
• Assisting in conducting community surveys, information gathering and awareness campaigns
• Advising communities on future plant refurbishment/replacement options & costing

Hamburg University of Technology – Germany
Research Project Manager

   Nov 2002
— Aug 2006

• Holding lectures and exercises in the area of wastewater and environmental engineering
• Preparing research proposals to National and International Donors
• Presentations and publications in International environmental conferences and magazines
• Supervising Master students and laboratory technicians
• Acquisition of industrial research partners
• Developing decentralised sustainable wastewater concepts for developing countries
• Research on wastewater sludge treatment using Composting / Vermicomposting
• Chemical, biological, physical and hygienic analysis of waste and wastewater sludge
• Planning, constructing and operating laboratory scale experiments and pilot scale wastewater treatment plants

Egyptian Pollution Abatement Project
Environmental Expert

   Sep 1999
— Aug 2000

• Identifying nation-wide environmentally non complying industrial sectors
• Suggesting alternative cleaner production technologies or end of pipe solutions
• Assisting in the tendering and contracting process of the equipments
• Preparing economic analysis and feasibility studies for the proposed projects
• Preparing self-monitoring scheme for the projects
• Organizing training workshops and seminars for the industrial managers and the environmental inspectors

Environics, Management of Environmental Systems
Industrial Specialist

   Sep 1998
— Aug 1999

• Performing environmental impact assessments dealing with industrial waste, wastewater, and air quality for various industrial sectors
• Investigating pollution abatement alternatives and preparing pollution compliance action plans for these industries

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