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45 to 54

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English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu


Sometimes, I smile at myself when I look back to see the way I lived my life. However, the comforting aspect of my profile is that I lived the life the way I liked, changed the track where I was stuck or blocked and always took my heart and soul with me every new turn and really enjoyed every new situation in my life. That’s the way I earned the knowledge and experience of multiple professions and never knew that I am being equipped with versatility of skills that will help me in any new situation in future or at any new role in my further career development.
I studied Science in the secondary school (Matric Science:1980) and first two year of my college (F.Sc Pre-medical:1982-84), art subjects (Psychology & Social Work 1984-86) in BA, incomplete MA English Literature(1988-89), Teacher’s Training from Bradford University (198/99) and PGC (Business Administration) in 2010 & MBA in 2012 Full Time courses from Anglia Ruskin University UK. What a wonderful orientation in the world of knowledge but I have a regret that the life is too short and I have explored not even a tiny part of it.
I have the same feelings about my job history & career map/ profile. Four years experience of business development of family business of Books & Sports (1986-90), eight years plus role of a teacher (English,Social Studies, History & Geography) and at the same time administrative role in school (Primary & Secondary) as a Deputy Head of the school (1997-2005). One year experience of secondary school Headship (Principal) was full of learning to develop my confidence to manage a secondary school successfully with maximum power and authority in your hands but a big responsibility on your shoulders. Then the latest 12 years 2006-2018) management experience in the hospitality industry in London was such a big learning that I have met almost all the nationals of the world community and developed the multicultural skills of dealing the multidimensional behaviours of global clients with different cultural, racial, linguistic, religious, political and geographical backgrounds. My life long hobbies of reading the books on religion, world history, tourism and literature....I never knew one day it will help me so much during the Hotel Management job for so long successfully and I will make so many friends in all over the world, it had been lovely and such a beautiful experience. I always listened to my heart (not the mind) and the most adventurous decision of my life was to permanently wind up everything in UK and taking flight to China to live here with my family.

Really, I have no idea what will be my future adventure in further career development but one thing I am sure about myself that I will enjoy my future job either in the Education or Hospitality Sector. Provided with the syllabus & guideline I am too confident to lead or to teach Hospitality & Tourism, General Business Studies, HRM, English Language & Literature, Social Studies, Psychology, General Science, History & Geography. I can teach multiple subjects at Primary, Secondary, College or University Levels from making my lasson plans, gathering the resources and conducting the lessons in the activity/discussion/research based classroom environment. However, my apologies for Maths, Accounting and Finance.....I can not teach these subjects because I never fell in love with these subjects of calculations and formulas.
Yes, I have to be more Techi to learn the use of IT tools in the classrooms.
My first love was teaching, love forever, but I would be very happy to get a job offer from the hospitality industry too as it’s my second love but very strong one & the latest one on my profile. I am equally good at an independent managerial role or a team member/part of bigger admin network. Thank you so much.
Kind Regards,

Mirza Dildar Hussain


Anglia Ruskin University UK
Masters of Business Administration International (MBA)

   Sep 2010
— Feb 2012

It was my great wish to do MBA from the UK to strengthen my 20 years of management experience on my CV. However, I made a sensible decision to go for PGC first with 4 modules (Global Economics, Global Marketing, HRM and International Business Environment). I started my 18 months Full Time MBA course on the top of PGC I had completed with Anglia Ruskin University.
During MBA course study, I had the opportunity to go through the subjects / modules of Financial Management, Corporate Governance, International Operations Management, Global Business Strategy, Leadership..Power and Morality, Project Management and the last one double module of Postgraduate Major Project (Integrated Case Study).
When I started my PGC with Business School is f Anglia Ruskin University In 2009, I was not sure that I would be able to fulfil my dream to complete my MBA successfully. So, I had amazing feelings on this achievement for n my life. Today, I am so confident that I can teach all the modules of Business School (except Accounting & Finance) to Secondary & a College Levels.


Beaconhouse School System Gujrat Pakistan
Deputy Head

   Mar 1997
— Apr 2005

Along with my administrative duties and responsibilities as a Deputy Head, I had to take half teaching load as a teacher as well. The details of my subject teaching, classes and duration are as under:
*1997-98 English Class 4 & 5
*1998-99 English & Social Studies Class 3
............... Geography Class 6
1999-2000 Social Studies Class 3
................ Geography Class 6 & 7
................ History Class 6 & 7
2000-2001 Geography Class 6, 7 & 8
2001-2005 History & Geography of Pakistan 9 & 10

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