Sr.Electrical Engineer

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Saudi Arabia


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Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level

Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu


 A dynamic EPC professional with over 7+ years(Including 6+Years Gulf) of rich Overseas & Domestic experience in Design, Engineering, construction, Refineries, Power plants.
 Presently associated with Alfanar Construction Company, Saudi Arabia as a Project Engineer.
 Worked with Arabian Bemco , since 2011 to 2012.
 A project planner with expertise in planning, executing and spearheading various design & development, erection, projects in compliance to International quality standards.
 Proficient in managing design, Engineeering & development related operations involving resource planning, in-process inspection, team building and co-ordination with internal / external departments.
 An effective communicator with excellent relationship building & interpersonal skills. Strong analytical, problem solving & organizational abilities. Possess a flexible & detail oriented attitude.
 Awareness of safety standards & regulations in Substations,Plants & refineries.


Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University
Electrical & Electronics Engineer

   Jun 2007
— May 2011


Alfanar Constructions
Site Manager

   Mar 2012
— Current

• 380 KV GIS; double bus bar, one and half breaker scheme, 39 bays for PS-1 + 12 bays for PS-2 substations including all indoor equipment; DS/ES, CTs, VTs, SA ....etc ; Siemens- Make.
• 132 KV GIS; double busbar; single breaker scheme, 30 bays for PS-1 substation + 8 bays for MPS substations including all indoor equipment; DS/ES, CTs, VTs, SA ....etc. Siemens- Make.
• Outdoor equipment such as Surge Arresters,Bushing; GIBs, Gantry steel structures, line hard ware,…etc.
• 3 X 502/ 402/ 302 MVA Power transformers @ PS-1 substation; 380/132/13.8 KV to feed the 132 KV GIS and then the pumping station constructed by Sinopec Oil and Gas Company ; Siemens- Make.
• 3 X 125/ 62.5/ 62.5 MVA power transformers; 380/ 13.8/ 13.8 KV @ PS-2 substation to feed the substation auxiliaries and the pumping station constructed by Sinopec Oil and Gas Company Siemens- Make.
• 3 X 21.7/ 16.7 MVA power transformers; 132/ 13.8 KV @ MPS substation to feed the substation auxiliaries and the pumping station constructed by Sinopec Oil and Gas Company through 13.8 KV SWGR system ; Siemens- Make.
• 2 X 120 MVAR Power Reactors @ PS-1 380/132/13.8 KV substation; Haundai- Make.
• 3 X 60 MVAR Power Reactors @ PS-1 380/132/13.8 KV substation; Haundai- Make.
• 3 X Neutral Grounding Reactors (NGR) installed on the neutral of the line reactors.
• 13. 8 KV SWGR system @ PS-1 380/132/13.8 KV substation; Siemens- Make.
• 13. 8 KV SWGR system @ PS-2 380/13.8 /13.8 KV substation; Siemens - Make.
• 13.8 KV SWGR system @ 132/ 13.8 KV @ MPS substation; Siemens - Make.
• Power cables, 132 KV with all accessories, CSE and terminations; Riyadh Cable Make.
• Meduim voltage; 13. 8 KV cables with all accessories and terminations; Alfaanr Make.
• Substation Automation System; SAS for the entire three substations as per IEC 61850; Siemens Germany Make.
• Tele-protection and telecommunication system along with the 48 V DC power systems complete for the three substations and involved remote ends; ABB- Make.
• Substation Service Transformers; 2 X 2000 KVA @ PS-1 + 2 X 1500 KVA 2 PS-2 and 2 X 500 KVA @ MPS S/S ; all 13.8/ 0.4 KV; Alfanar Make.
• Control and Protection panels compatible with SAS and IEC 61850; Siemens - Make.
• Digital Fault Recorder and DSM; AMATEC- Make.
• Auxiliary AC Power System (400/230 V AC) with the entire main and sub distribution boards; Alfanar -Make.
• Auxiliary DC power system consisting of Battery and chargers; Benning -Make.
• AMR panels and energy metering panels; Siemens Make.
• LV, control and instrumentation cables for the entire substation; Alfanar- Make.
• Grounding and shielding systems complete; Alfanar and Furse -Make.
• Indoor, outdoor and security lighting compete; National Lighting -Make.
• Related works @ 380 KV and 132 KV existing substations to connect the new constructed substations by SWCC to the existing SEC National Grid.
• Supervion of preparation of the Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports to the company.
• Supervision of preparation and submission of the weekly and Bi-weekly reports to the client.
• Managing of preparation and submission of the Technical Documents for the material site inspection and checking compliance to client requirements.
• Review and updating the project master plans and schedules as per site conditions and for the financial invoicing.
• Variation Orders calculations and preparations due to change of scope of work.
• Managing of the field mark-up and As- Built drawings, Operation and Maintenance Manuals and snag clearances with the client.
• Managing of the overall progress through the meetings with client and suppliers.
• Managing how to achieve a competent team work at office/ site.
• Full compliance to client QA/QC plans as per contractual documents and as per Alfanar QMS processes and procedures.
• Full compliance to the Safety and loss of prevention plans as per client requirements.

Arabian Bemco Contracting Co.Ltd
Site Engineer( Electrical)

   Feb 2011
— Jan 2012

 Site co-ordination, Work front availability preparation, As-built drawing preparation.
 Close awareness & Understanding of IEC Standards & Procedures for Electricals.
 All electrical equipments vendor co-ordination such as Power Transformer, Switchgears, UPS, Battery charger, Cable trays, Cables, DG set and Vendor works inspection, Follow up until delivery within project schedule.
 QA-QC punch list & NCR clearance
 Familiarization with international standards like IEC, IEEE, NEC, IP, NEMA, IS and NFPA.
 Detail engineering co-ordination with counterpart companies,Design Consulties and vendors
 Providing Co-ordination, Technical Support & material delivering assurance to construction team as per the requirements of the project.
 Provide Material Requisition(MR) review and Technical Evaluvations support to Procurement dept. for the equipments like Transformer,D.G Set,Switch gears,cables,grounding system,electrical bulk materials etc.
 Electrical Part of Mechanical systems like HVAC, Fire Detection, Fire Fighting and other utilities.
 To interact with Client representatives (PMTs & PIDs) and Vendors for all the technical topics and Design review meetings impacting on the project both in time and costs
 Raising Interface queries (IQ), Technical queries (TQ) and Waiver Requests to client in order to clarify technical aspects of contract.
 Preparation of Quality related documents as per client’s requirement such as Quality control plan, ITP, Method statement and related work instructions and liaison with the client for the approvals.
 Responsible for incoming materials Inspection with respect to approved quality plan.
 Responsible for maintaining IMTE in the project site, coordination with laboratory for arranging calibration of the instruments and responsible for calibrating in- house equipments such as Welding Machines, Quivers, Electrode Holding Ovens, Pressure Gauges & Recorders etc.,
 Monitoring the installation and testing of various panels, such as synchronizing panels, generator control panel etc., as per the approved procedures
 Monitoring the installation and testing of Circuit breakers, Current transformers, Capacitance voltage transformers, surge arrestors and Isolators as per the Quality plan.
 Verification and testing of Motors and preparation of testing reports.
 Inspection for the Installation and commissioning of UPS and Battery chargers (AC & DC) along with the Client as per approved Procedure.
 Responsible for resolving quality related issues in site, as per the approved Procedures.
 Taking preventive and predictive actions for the non conformities observed in site.
 Responsible for monitoring of electrical items storage as per the contract requirements .

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