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Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level

English, Serbian


An award-winning ICT teacher with 7 years of experience working in the education sector, a native-level English speaker and Cisco certified IT Essentials instructor, in pursuit of a new challenge.


College of Applied Technical Sciences Nis
Professional Engineer of Electrical Engineering and Computing

   Oct 2008
— Nov 2013

-Bachelor's degree
-Field of study: Modern Computer Technologies

- Strong professional knowledge in the field of computer engineering:
Applied informatics
Computer science
Communication devices and computer networks
Electrical circuit design
Digital electronics
Microcomputer systems
Maintenance of computer, information, communication and network equipment
Operating Systems
Algorithms and Data Structures
Programming languages (C, C++, C#, Java, Assembler)
Internet technologies
Internet and web programming (XML, JavaScript, PHP)
Web design (HTML, CSS)
Information systems security
- Strong professional knowledge in the field of electrical engineering
- Communication skills
- Instructional and learning materials development
- Planning and recording in the educational process
- Knowledge of curriculum standards for ICT group of subjects
- Knowledge of standard assessment procedures for ICT group of subjects
- Pedagogy
- Organization and administration of flexible classroom learning environments
- Constant personal and professional self-development and learning
- Information technology and application of IT in the process of teaching
- Practical application of modern technologies in the field of computing:
Installation, adjustment, management and maintenance of computer and network equipment
Troubleshoot advanced hardware and software problems
Connecting and controlling various devices through a computer
Design, creation and maintenance of a database
Design and administration of a computer network
Application programming
Web programming
Multimedia development
Implementation and maintenance of computer systems security and networks security

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Technical High School Pirot
ICT Teacher, Teaching Assistant, IT Support

   Sep 2011
— Jul 2018

From 09/2013 to 07/2018,
ICT Teacher:

- I have taught multiple subjects:
* Computer Science
* Electrical Engineering Practice
* Information Systems Security
* Multimedia Development Software
* Object-Oriented Programming
* Technical English
* Web Design

- Tutored students for Multimedia competitions
* On April 15, 2018 won the first place at the ninth annual Republic Competition of Students of Electrotechnical Schools of Serbia in Belgrade and the "Most Successful Teacher - Mentor" award

- Organized, led and taught the first international class in the school as a part of Cisco Networking Academy program for IT education enhancement in secondary schools in Serbia
* As a native-level English speaker and Cisco certified IT Essentials instructor I taught in English, using English-written materials, curriculum and lesson plans which I have developed myself

- Organized and led students through various forms of assessments and graded their work

- Interpreted/translated during visits by international visitors and delegations from foreign schools, companies and educational centers

- Developed teaching plans

- Developed and translated teaching materials and resources for students

- Developed slide presentations for classroom usage

From 09/2011 to 09/2013,
Teaching Assistant and IT Support:

- Developed teaching plans for teachers
- Translated teaching materials from English to Serbian for teachers and students
- Proofed documents and teaching materials
- Was a substitute teacher for the IT group of subjects, in case of teacher's absence
- Provided support for students in process of their learning
- Organized and gave feedback to student's parents
- Maintained school’s workstations: resolved hardware issues and application problems; installed new hardware and software
- Monitored school's network, diagnosed network issues and was engaged in school's team for network infrastructure improvement planning and implementation
- Maintained and updated school's database and website


On April 15th 2018, I have been awarded the Most Successful Teacher - Mentor commendation by the Association of Electrotechnical Schools of Serbia for winning the first place at the ninth annual Multimedia Competition of Students of Electrotechnical Schools of Serbia. This award is the highest recognition for a teacher in my home country.

- Years of experience using and configuring: MS Office, MS Windows, MS Visual Studio, MATLAB, NetSupport School, TeamViewer, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Dreamweaver, Audacity, Protel, VMware Workstation, MS Windows Server, Linux, EMU8086 Microprocessor Emulator, Cisco Packet Tracer, Eclipse, MySQL, WampServer, phpMyAdmin, Joomla! CMS, WordPress, osCommerce Online Merchant, Mobify, MobilePress, CrypTool, Windows Firewall, Wireshark, iptables

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