Senior QS Engineer

Last Updated: 19th June 2017 (over 5 years ago)



Phone Number


Age Range
55 to 64

Qualification Level

English, French


I managed teams numbering from 40 to more than 180 people of different cultures and social levels.
Good organisational skills gained during the years spent as QA manager, general manager and sales manager.
The design, implementation and monitoring of civil construction projects.
Coordinating teams from various specialties to complete the work within the time and planned costs.
Elaboration and monitoring procedures A.Q. to ensure quality in accordance with the standards used.
Programming, preparation and monitoring the requests for inspections (works and materials).
Periodic updating of the personal library of technical standards.
Project management:
Preparation of necessary materials, material and labor, in correlation with the unit price of each item, provided by the BOQ .
Preparation of weekly and monthly reports on the work advances.
Coordinating meetings Client - Contractor - Subcontractor, in order to optimize the site activities. Coordinating meetings Contractor - Engineer, to harmonize the different viewpoints.
Monitoring and archiving (by batches, by problematic) all correspondence, whatever letters or e -mails.
Coordinating of the various interdisciplinary teams to achieve timely completion.
Preparation, sending and tracking invoices, compared to cash flow and in accordance with all contractual documents of the project.
Of executions or consolidation of various types of structures.
The realization of various types of buildings in residential areas.
Construction of the main supply systems for drinking water for cities and agricultural projects.
The execution in accordance with: the Contract, the Specification sheet, with approved plans, Procedures and Technical Specifications.
The design of the plan of measures to minimize the number of accidents.
Preparing regular monthly reports.


TAISEI CORPORATION (COJAAL), West-East Algerian Motorway, Constantine / El Harrouch (Algeria)
Senior QS Engineer - CONTROL PROJECT

   Jul 2007
— Sep 2016

• Organizing and coordinating of a team of 12 surveyors for the three sections of the project (Road, Tunnel and Structure).
• Monthly control of quantities executed by the contractor and its subcontractors and updating of cumulative quantities for each item of the BOQ.
• Checking all documents required for regular submission of Monthly Statement, according to typical specifications of the contract.
• Negotiations with the Engineer (based on its evaluations) to secure the final monthly quantities.
• Updated monthly record of all amounts executed / approved for payment by sections and articles of the BOQ.
• Weekly monitoring of progress for the three lots.(Structure lot: piles’ drilling, foundation’s execution, piers’ / abutments’ elevation, beams’ installation, concrete slab, etc. Tunnel lot: Excavation of the calotte, stross and invert, temporary supports, drainage system execution, waterproofing, final concreting, installation of equipment. Lot road: realizing the layer components of the road, drainage, parapets, signs and road markings, etc.)
• Preparation of all additional amounts, to be introduced on various additional contracts.
• Proposed new articles (including the definition of the new items with their own unit price).
• Preparation of variation orders.
• Preparation of subcontractor contract according to FIDIC manner (in French and English).

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