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Last Updated: 2nd November 2017 (over 4 years ago)

United Kingdom


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Age Range
55 to 64

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Other Post Graduate



An accomplished, Training Management Consultant, Training Design Practitioner and Trainer with a vast breadth of knowledge and experience using the Systems Approach to Training (SAT) process and Quality Standards (QS) that has been developed over many years. Highly motivated individual with the ability to solve training management issues and provide solutions, who can adapt to changing circumstances seamlessly. Possessing excellent interpersonal, written, and presentational skills, enthusiastic and forward-looking with the ability to plan and organise work effectively. Having spent a decorated 29 years of exemplary service in the Royal Marine Commandos, 7 years working for the UAE Armed Forces followed by the Nuclear Industry and MoD Defence Contractors now seeks a fresh challenge.

Specialist Skills

Thorough knowledge and understanding of the ‘System Approach to Training’ (SAT) using processes such as DSAT (JSP822) and ADDIE. Conducting Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to ensure that any new training is required and if so is cost effective, Training Analysis to identify current and future training requirements, design of training courses, production of effective assessment strategies and organising and conducting internal and external training audits against quality standards to ensure that the training delivered is both efficient and effective. Conduct Quality Assurance reviews of training documentation against agreed standards, templates and policies. Manage the process of change through mentoring and coaching.


BAE Maritime Services
Training Design Consultant

   May 2017
— Aug 2017

Conducting Training Needs Analysis for the Royal Navy’s latest Type 26 Global Combat Ship

• Conducted TNA Scoping Studies to determine training requirement
• Organised and prepared meetings with equipment engineers and Manufacturers
• Briefed Senior/Project Management as required on the progress of Scoping Studies
• Identified the level of effort required for the TNA phase 2
• Developed a Type 26 target audience (complement) spreadsheet detailing primary and secondary roles for each member of the crew.

BAE Maritime Services
Training Design Consultant

   May 2016
— May 2017

Designing instructor led training for BAE Systems technical engineers for the Queen Elizabeth Class Carrier (QEC)

• Conducted partial TNA to confirm initial analysis done approximately 2 years before starting
• Conducted Job and Task Analysis (JTA) to identify the scope of the training activities
• Liaised with SME’s, Project Managers, Original Equipment Manufacturers and the Royal Navy
• Briefed Senior/Project Management as required on the status of training documentation delivery
• Determined Training/Enabling Objectives
• Produced Instructional Scalars
• Produced Learning Specifications and supporting media
• Development of bespoke training solutions to meet the needs of the business
• Assisting in the development of a 3D walkthrough media solution with BMT defence to develop spatial awareness and the ability to operate safely onboard for BAE industrial staff
• Saved the project money and lost man hours by identifying unnecessary/out of date Training Objectives early
• All contracted deliverables completed and handed over on time and within budget
• As a result of the work done on the 3D Walkthrough the team has been nominated for a BAE Chairman’s Award, results of which won’t be known until early 2018.

Babcock Defence and Security (Sea)
Training Design Consultant – Quality Assurance Manager

   Aug 2015
— May 2016

• Provided advice and support to Training Designers as required
• Managed the Quality Assurance department mentored and coached new members of staff
• Involved with the design and development of Quality Standards regarding Training Design Documentation
• Reviewed all Training Documentation and some Media produced by Training Designers before it was submitted to the RN (customer)
• Reviewed all Training Documentation against accepted templates and amended as required
• Managed the Quality Assurance change log
• Checked the flow of Training Activities/Evolutions (does it work)
• Liaised with and briefed Training Designers on any issues with training documentation
• Liaised with the customer and SME’s as required
• Attended Executive Board Training Review meetings
• Briefed Senior/Project Management as required on the status of training documentation delivery.

Sellafield Nuclear Decommissioning
Associate Consultant - Training Designer

   Oct 2014
— Apr 2015

• Participated in Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to determine appropriate cost effective training solutions
• Conducted Job and Task Analysis (JTA) to identify the scope of the training activities required
• Production of Tasks and Task Elements to meet the customers’ requirements
• Determined Training/Terminal Objectives to achieve the tasks in a training environment
• Development of the training solution
• Produced Assessment plans, question banks and test papers
• Production of courseware: Self Study guides (SSG), Work books, On Job Training, lesson plans and briefing notes etc
• Liaised with Project Managers and SME’s as appropriate.

UAE Armed Forces (UAE AF)
Training Management Consultant

   Aug 2007
— Aug 2014

• Managed a small Training Design department of 6 individuals of mixed nationalities
• Advised senior management on the implementation of SAT within a training organisation
• Provided advice on the implementation and management of a course schedule
• Provided briefs and wrote reports for Commanders and Senior Officers on Course Design (CD) issues
• Designed Model Course Programmes for the UAE AF Male/Female Officer, Command and Recruit courses. Ran and Validated a17 week Pilot course for male recruits
• Provided advice on the management of change resulting from the implementation of new processes
• Provided advice on Resource Management in order to deliver cost effective and efficient training
• Mentored and coached CD, Quality Control (QC) and the Testing and Assessment staff
• Developed soft copy IT solutions to overcome training management problems
• Provided advice on the planning and conduct of internal training audits.

Royal Marine Commandos
Training Development Manager

   Sep 1978
— Oct 2007

• Managed a department of 40 Military and Civilian staff
• Created a system for managing the training documentation for 120+ courses
• Managed the output from the Course Design, QC and Exam Production departments
• Designed and implemented a new strategy to overcome the problems of bringing in a new Learning Management System (LMS) including the management of change associated with new procedures
• Managed the production of all training documentation IAW: the ‘Systems Approach to Training’ (SAT)
• Conducted regular mapping exercises to redefine training procedures and to determine best working practice
• Delivered SAT presentations to Courses and members of staff
• Delivered periods of instruction for Train the Trainer Courses
• Evaluated training data to determine trends both good and bad and produced reports
• Conducted Internal Validation on all Training and carried out Instructor assessments
• Conducted internal Training Audits on systems and processes
• Produced annual performance reports for all members of staff
• Managed a training support budget of £50k
• Liaised with foreign embassy’s regarding administration for foreign students on courses.