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Last Updated: 5th February 2018 (over 4 years ago)

South Africa


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45 to 54

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Trade Qualification



In eight years of extensive experience in the mining, heavy industrial, food, pharmaceutical and construction industries from an SHEQ prospective. Dealing with contract engineers/ SHEQ Managers/ SHE Reps and senior Managers. This has broadened our experience; allowing us to gain vast amounts of first-hand experience such as Health and Safety, QCP’s (quality control procedures) and other contractual requirements. We have a strong work ethic and commitment to clients as well as their budgets, deadlines and teams. Over the past 3 years our focus has been as a consultants; assisting companies to adhere to the OHS Act and MHS Act within the South African legal framework and compliance with their clients requirements. This has also allowed us to cross over between SHEQ and HACCP, ISO 9000, ISO 1801 and a WHO (World Health Organization audit) we feel that this experience has been invaluable to our working knowledge within our industry.


HSE Management

   Sep 2009
— Current

3 year National Diploma


ABC Ventilation South Africa
SHEQ Manager (health & Safety + ISO)

   Jun 2013
— Mar 2017

• OHS Act/MHS Act/SHEQ development of ABC Ventilation Systems policies and set up of proper systems, process and procedures for the future management of the ABC Ventilation Systems OHS Act/MHS Act/SHEQ requirements.
• All Policies and Procedures were co-developed in conjunction with ISO 9000 & ISO 1801 and met with ISO audit standards
• Started the OHS/MHS Act/SHEQ documentation from scratch, full compliance was met
• Multiple SHE Files developed across the whole company six in total
• All Registers and Reports (daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly)
• Creation of Training Manuals, training and SWP training
• Full training and certification requirements for all legal appointments met and maintained
• All new PPE requirements developed and maintained. Controls for budgets on all PPE and product testing on new PPE
• Chaired SHE meetings and SHE Committee meetings
• Incident investigations
• During this time there was a Labour Dept. inspection and full compliance was achieved
• Full staff health care awareness programs development and training
• Meeting site specific SHE File needs and development of new documentation for mine safety officers
• All Policies, Procedures, Management Plans, checklists and other documentation reviewed and revisions made
• Competency testing and certification
• Safety Audits conducted, risk assessments done
• Full communication with upper management
• Budgetary requirements met and surpassed for both years on end
• To manage, maintain and drive the SHEQ Department
• 37 off site SHE Files administered on various mines across southern Africa as part of contractor compliance to the MHS Act and customer requirements
• Managing and maintaining off site relationship with mines safety departments and safety officers.
• All ISO admin management on a daily, weekly and monthly bases.
• Internal ISO audit’s
• Annual ISO audit by SABS

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