General Management, Consultant & Coach, FMCG

Last Updated: 24th July 2018 (over 4 years ago)

Beirut, Lebanon


Phone Number


Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level

Arabic, Armenian, English, French


• Having experience in start-up operations. Managing start-up Telecommunications Company in Sudan and start-up IT distribution in Ethiopia to have multimillion USD yearly sales.
• Having also a good reputation for integrity, focus and results.
• Top performing Channel of distribution Sales manager in the Middle East for Canon products. Proven track record of exceeding annual sales targets by as much as 230%.
Winning 4 times in a row Canon Middle East Best Sales Manager awards and several incentive trips.
• Expert in hiring, training, coaching, practicing, and motivating regional sales teams.


Social Media Marketing

   Feb 2017
— Nov 2017

Sales Management Fundamentals

   Jan 2017
— Feb 2017

Products Management Fundamentals

   Jan 2017
— Jan 2017

Lebanese American University

   May 1993
— Sep 1995


FMCG Retail Management & Wholesale Distribution Consultant for Cosmetics, Perfumes, Luxe products & Para pharmaceutical.

   Sep 2014
— Current

Freelance Consultant for several Companies in Several Industries.

The Consultancy's main tasks are:
• To improve the operations to achieve the yearly business target for all Brands and Stores within all Lebanon by 20% in the first 6 months.
• Designed and implemented several KPI’s regarding Sales, Coverage and Margins.
• To achieve the yearly Sales Targets & Key Performance Indicators (KPI) as a minimum for all Brand Managers and Division Heads.
• To reach the yearly Sales Targets by studying current products lines, add Hero items with high shelf rotation including enhancing the products placements.
• In addition, the Brand Manager will be responsible to achieve Sell through Rate for each store, as well as improving the Average Transaction Value (ATV) and Items Per Customer (IPC) and Sales Per Square Meter (SSM).
• Increased sales 17% within the first 3 months by enhancing the routing for customers visits.
• Reduced operational costs by 27% just by restructuring and eliminating redundant or unproductive employees and negotiating better prices / terms with both suppliers & customers.
• Following up on Divisions’ P&L to achieve the Company’s Targets in profits and sales
• In direct meetings with the Financial Controller to improve margins, cashflow and short-term borrowing.
• Ensure effective operational Brand and Visual standards, as well as compliance monitoring to company’s practice of asset protection is met.
• The BM will be responsible for the continual development of staff knowledge and their skill set and actively contributes to the development of business initiatives and promotions.
• Created a list of different types of reports just to deliver timely reporting (Daily – Weekly – Monthly) of all matters relating to the business mostly sales activities and figures and gathering daily marketing intelligence to position operations competitively.
• Created a CRM strategy either by using current CRM or upgrading into Microsoft Dynamics CRM for unify Microsoft Ecosystem especially Microsoft office & Cloud applications.
• Finally, to create a Social Media Strategy to improve awareness and sales by using the appropriate Social Media Platforms including Bloggers and celebrities.

Samsung - Lebanon
Business Unit Manager

   Jan 2013
— Aug 2014

Business Unit Manager IT (IT Distribution - Samsung laptops – Mobiles to CE Retailers – Tablets – Printers -Cameras – Monitors TV)

Managing the day-to day activities in addition to full responsibility of the P&L of the department.
Some of the Duties:
• Setting the New Vision of the department including Tactics to be used for changing the previous BUM’s directions and activities to increase MASH – Consumer awareness – Channels of Distribution – Profit Margins.
• Involved directly in recruiting new department staff (Sales people – Sales coordinators), coaching and setting monthly targets.
• Managed to increase the profit of IT department from -14% to 3% in the first 3 months.
• Negotiated the supplier Samsung Levant to reduce cost prices by 15% and increasing the marketing rebate from 4% to 6% (50% increase in marketing money wise) while continued serving the market and the customers without interruption.
• Follow up the KPI’s set by me and approved by the board for 1 year & 2 years operations to increase sales, gross profits, marketing rebates from vendor and increasing availability in the market shelves.
• In charge for Sales management whether to dealers – Distributors – Channel or governmental bids.
• Enhancing availability and market shelf of Samsung IT products at major CE retailers.
• Pushing major CE retailers like Carrefour – Khoury Home – Abed Tahan to have dedicated Samsung mobiles stands from CTC with 1-year warranty and not buying from Parallel Import and to continue business with CTC after IMEI block canceling from MOT.
• Preparing nationwide marketing campaigns for a specific product (ATL) or going tactical with a major CE Retailer to enhance sales turnover / Mash or certain item in his premises.
• Planning for continuous marketing activities on specific products for own Samsung showrooms different than the whole market to stimulate walk thru customers to these specialized Samsung only products showrooms.
• Responsible for all marketing activities regarding regular sales and liquidation of EOL products.
• Used heavily the Social Media Especially competitions on Facebook to create awareness for Samsung IT products mostly for individuals.
• Enhancing the distribution channel by retaining existing customers and bringing new ones.
• Created a new collection and customers’ credit limits system to enhance efficiency which led to extending the payment terms by additional 30 days or 100% extra.

Quantum Computer Supplies
General Manager

   May 2008
— Oct 2012

General Manager (IT Distribution- Toshiba laptops – Dell Desktops)
Responsible for the day-to day running of the START-UP with a emphasis on sales and business development to maintain targets in sales & profits set by the board.
• Creating a start-up company in a country where bureaucracy is high, and locals prefers not to work with foreigners.
• I prepared the feasibility study with the Break Even, 1-2-3 years operations plans and followed it on daily basis.
• Hiring all the staff after thorough screening, coaching and preparing probation tasks.
• Identifying, developing and directing the implementation of business strategy.
• In charge of the P&L of the company and making sure that all targets are reached.
• To increase gross profit to 25%, I introduced refurbished Laptops to Ethiopian market which was an instant Hit therefore I managed to increase net profit to the target of 12%.
• Following up on daily basis the Financial Dashboard from the accounting system to take either immediate actions or to plan for the future.
• Preparing all the official documents to begin business and directly begun the actual work.
• Purchasing the products and choosing the products lines that we must work in was an important challenge for me.
• Conducting market visits and discussing with actual customers or potential ones to make sure that the feedback from my sales and marketing team was correct 100%. In this area, I oversaw the big accounts and I was following them for all their sales and support needs.
• Building client relationships that result in revenue and profitability growth.
• Develop high-performance channel sales organization.
• Manage multi-disciplined teams and resolving any conflicting priorities.
• Responsible for making an extensive training for sales people to bolster their abilities to reach the company’s set goals.
• Developing business plans and preparing comprehensive business reports.
• Improving margins and maintaining a high-quality service to clients.
• Reviewing, refining and developing the strategy and direction of the company.
• Creating a big business connection of IT and accessories suppliers in USA – China and Dubai which gave them a confidence in our company and the services we provide locally.
• Liaising with officials of government departments and regulatory bodies.

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