Social Media Cretor // Media manager FREELANCE. (From 2016 to today) My personal work that is divided into three parts:

Last Updated: 27th November 2020 (over 2 years ago)

United Kingdom


Phone Number


Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level

English, Italian, Spanish


Organize photoshoots, scouting models, choosing makeup artists and hairdressers, creative and directive part.
Manage Instagram accounts and networks (Tw, fb, etc), this includes: answering questions, comments, get followers, prepare banners, organize contests, get likes. I have done it for Editorial Galerna Argentina and an artisan shoe store in ROME. I CLARIFY: that in this field it is only my personal experience and I have no academic experience, although I would like to take a course in the future.
Full-time influencer from 2016 to 2019: this included paid trips to promote regions (45 days in Japanese Alps to encourage tourism in the Shizuoka region), visit 5-star hotels and publicize them (public analysis almost always fresh married), contact with cosmetic and fashion brands where they can advertise, exchange and sell. And when I was younger, I worked as a model in campaigns and parades.

Sales Assistant Campomarzio 70 luxury perfume
December 2019-February 2020 (work by Christmas season) at the PANTHEON
Not just a sale, but also a real opportunity to deepen your senses of smell. Perfumery takes us to the most inhospitable memories.
Learning ingredients, how each one smells, memorizing their aromas. Deposit and download of perfumes and makeup within the business. Stock control and stocking.
Learn about cosmetics and perfume notes.

Promotor e Sales Assistant fashion perfumes and renowned brands at the Buenos Aires Airport FreeShop.
Interbaires Duty Free - Buenos Aires, Argentina November 2014 to July 2017
Promote top-notch brands.
Sales by objective and commissions.
Management of expensive products like Dior, Chanel, Kenzo.

Salesperson and Supervisor -Stone Jeans Buenos Aires 2012 a 2013 (Colegiales)

Work in textile business full time.
Preparation of the mannequins and organization of the window.
Management of cash opening and cash closing.
Always attentive to customer demands.
Advice on clothing, especially jeans and leather articlEs

Secretary receptionist-Studio legale CFGD Buenos Aires March 2010 a September 2010 (Puerto Madero)

Management of telephone interns and lawyers' agenda.
Organization of meetings and events (closing).
Administration of study expenses and client expenses.
International postal packages and envelopes shipping via DHL.
Binding of projects. Translation of memoranda and contracts.


Universitá La Sapienza di Roma 2018-2021 (Italy)
Laurea in Scienze della Moda e del Costume (Bachelor of Science of Fashion and Costume and History of Fashion

   Sep 2017
— Nov 2020

They have adequate basic training in the fashion and clothing sectors, with special reference to the dynamics of design and production, the economy and management of the fashion industry;
They have adequate methodological and critical tools to acquire skills in expressive languages, techniques and contexts of fashion and clothing, acquiring a basic training at a historical-literary, symbolic and cultural level;
They have information on the use of computer tools and telematic communication in the fashion industry, with specific reference to made in Italy;

Fashion producer specialist in visual communication
Argentina School of Fashion 2016 (Argentina)
-Producers "design the image of the brands" through photographic productions, unpublished campaigns, look book or shopping sheets, knowing how to combine current trends with the identity of the business or client.
-Knows to interview a client / brand and learn to justify that the fashion production that the producer prepared is strategically made for that brand and that it is necessary at a competitive level.—Model direction, art direction for scenographies, communication media and fashion journalism to write a work, in virtual or printed editorial media.

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