Last Updated: 12th April 2018 (over 4 years ago)



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Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level

English, Russian, Turkish


I have worked at the Foreign Affairs Department of Justice and Development Party, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, at the Turkish Prime Ministry Office of Public Diplomacy. I have been working as a Chief Ministerial Advisor at the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism since 2013. After July 15, 2016 I spent two years on secondment to the Turkish Presidency.

I have experience especially in regional and international relations, public diplomacy, culture, tourism and advertisement. I write analyses on regional developments and on football Moreover, I can speak fluent English and have knowledge of Russian.


Anadolu University
Associate's Degree on Sports Management

   Sep 2017
— Current

Middle East Technical University
Master of Arts on Social Sciences

   Aug 2009
— Jan 2012

Eurasia Studies

Gazi University
Bachelor's Degree on International Relations

   Sep 2004
— Jun 2008


Turkish Presidency / Turkey

   Aug 2016
— Apr 2018

● Assisted the Spokesperson on regional and international issues.

● Participated in official visits of the President.

● Prepared Presidential Spokesperson’s speeches.

● Worked with national and international media.

● Handled daily routines of Spokesperson’s office.

Ministry of Culture and Tourism / Turkey
Ministerial Advisor

   Feb 2013
— Current

● Took part in the Minister’s delegation in various programs both inside and outside the country and contributed to the smooth conduct of the organizations.

● Participated in the Minister’s programs regarding the parliament.

● Solved several problems within the Ministry’s tasks and activities.

● Assisted the Minister in carrying out electoral work in 2 elections.

● Wrote numerous articles and analyses on local and international politics.

● Responded demands from the Minister’s constituency.

● Carried out works regarding the Minister’s and the Ministry’s social media accounts.

● Wrote the Minister’s speeches, foreword texts, revised already written ones.

● Followed latest internal and external developments, kept the Minister updated.

● Attended a variety of domestic and international congresses and conferences, gave speeches and represented the Ministry.

● Contributed domestic and international promotion of the Ministry and all its’ works.

● Carried out other duties given by the Minister.

Turkish Prime Ministry Office of Public Diplomacy

   Aug 2011
— Feb 2013

● Helped the coordinator in conducting public diplomacy activities on behalf of the Republic of Turkey.

● Contributed to the promotion of Turkey's domestic and international reputation.

● Wrote and published refutations to inaccurate, incomplete or false news pieces regarding Turkey.

● Prepared analysis about the latest developments in regional and international affairs.

● Participated in the foreign visits of the Deputy Undersecretary of the Prime Ministry

● Assisted the Deputy Undersecretary of the Prime Ministry in several other areas.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Turkey
Third Secretary

   Dec 2010
— Aug 2011

● Organized the Prime Minister’s visits abroad.

● Arranged the visits of foreign delegations from abroad.

● Served in the protocol department on national holidays and official ceremonies.

● Represented the Republic of Turkey abroad as a diplomat