Device/System Engineer (Firmware)

Last Updated: 13th October 2020 (over 2 years ago)

United Kingdom


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Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

English, Hindi


Looking for research & development opportunities in (firmware) embedded domain. I define myself as innovative, self motivated and capable of developing new solutions.


GLA Institute Technology (now GLA University)
Bachelors of Technology

   Aug 2003
— Apr 2007

Electronics and Communication


Staff Engineer

   Jun 2013
— Current

• NPU manager [client & server] development for supporting multiple apps/models to run. Used DS like hashmap to optimize client side code to cache values of set/get api’s for same network, glist (linked list) to organize and manage the data efficiently etc. during the development of project.
• Software development for different Products like Soundbars, Wifi Speakers, Set-top-box [multiple model versions of each product]
o Soundbar: Made platform app to handle user scenarios of soundbar like smooth switching between HDMI, ARC, WiFi, BT modes. Also worked on Audio Control to handle volume & mute scenarios. Used analyzer to check the waveform of HDMI signals during Hot Plug Detection (HPD)
 Design & Development: State Machine, queue implementation
 Debugging and critical bugs fixing reported by testing team during QA phase.
o WiFi Speakers: Worked on proprietary discovery protocol and IPC (Socket). Added features capi interface [Wifi connection related api’s]. Added features like Keep-Alive, Add-Remove of nodes in mesh network. Wireshark was used as network protocol analyzer to analyze the wifi packets for issue debugging.
o STB: Developed command line multithreaded diagnostic tool to support system engineering team to validate STB. Bug fixing (reported by SQA & PE team), and software release responsibility.

Cube Software Pvt. Ltd
Astt R&D engineer

   Aug 2007
— Oct 2009

• Product development [end to end] – Hardware designing [2-layer PCB designing], software development for device, schematics.
• Enf-to-end projects handled: Token management system [Atmel’s Atmega 8], LED based clock, Coach display, platform display.

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