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55 to 64

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Afrikaan, English



A senior project / contract manager in the civil and building construction industry having more than 30+ years of diverse construction experience leading projects with varied disciplines in 18 countries throughout Africa and the Middle East.

Executing projects at increasing levels of responsibility from site to director using high levels of safety and quality controls to produce satisfactory outcomes for clients whilst delivering beneficial financial outcomes by utilisation of different methods of project management through direct resources, subcontracts, material supply, plant and labour mechanisms.

Participant in numerous joint ventures as a project manager or support to a project director being conversant in all aspect of project management including quality, safety and design procedures for the delivery of design and build works with differing nationalities and disciplines integrating all personnel.

Knowledgeable in contract and project management with specific exposure to the FIDIC suite of documents with the associated production of variations, claims, risk management, negotiations and arbitration for multi-million US$ projects with required knowledge of cost control, budgets, proposals and risk management.

Using my experience and technical background has allowed me the ability to assess and support all projects from both the operational construction requirements including a contractual assessment both in directing personnel and assisting colleagues in building, civil, infrastructure, marine and other projects.

Executed contract management from 2008 to 2017 using the basis of 20+ years of experience managing projects at various levels of seniority.

Experienced in project or contract management roles to address and direct multicultural teams to achieve team performance and efficiency.


Qualifications : Bachelor of Engineering, Civil, Liverpool University, U.K., 1980;
Year of Birth : 1958;
Nationality : British;
Mob number : [In Dial Code] 971 [0] 50 559 5815;
Alt number : [In Dial Code] 971 [0] 50 464 8799; [General Manager BMS - Venita Botha]
Current Location : United Arab Emirates;
Contact email :;
Notice : Two weeks;
Partner in : Binya Management Solutions;
Current location : United Arab Emirates;
Other : PADI Scuba Dive Master


2018 to Current: Partner; Binya Management Solutions: United Arab Emirates; Contract Specialist to Tekken Corporation [short term 6 months]

2008 to 2018: Regional Contracts Manager, Commercial Manger, Contract Manager; Rizzani de Eccher; Middle East

2003 to 2008: Senior Project Manager; Overseas AST; United Arab Emirates

2001 to 2003: FIDIC Engineer / Construction Manager; Bi-water International: Seychelles

1999 to 2001: Civil and Building Group Manager; United Concrete Products Seychelles: Seychelles; Mauritius, Papua New Guinea

1997 to 1999: Contract Manager / Senior Project Manager; Coalfields Construction: South Africa - Natal, Mozambique

1990 to 1997: Managing Director; Swaziland Builders: Swaziland; Mozambique

1987 to 1990: Director; Fani Roberts Construction; South Africa

1981 to 1987: Alternative Director; Gly en Toring Annemers: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana

1980 to 1981: Site Agent; Murray and Roberts; South Africa


Commercial / Contracts Manager
• advising project managers, project directors and international managers
• manage and direct the commercial / contracts team directly or indirectly
• creation of proposal requests, subcontract documents, purchase orders, quotation comparisons
• negotiated contract agreements
• created and resolved variations, entitlements, claims, settlements
• management of purchasing, accounts, auditing
• cost reporting and analysis
• arbitration and dispute resolution
• training of personnel in quantity surveying, standard method of measurement, negotiation and settlements
• liaison, participation and direction to legal counsel plus specialist consultants regarding claims
• risk assessment
• resolved final accounts
• created and managed budgets
• create / maintain logs / registers for notifications, reports
• budgeting, tender and proposals
• certification and payments

• quotation comparison assessments
• negotiation with vendors, supplier’s subcontractors and consultants
• creation of process and protocols for purchasing
• monitoring of supply chains
• assessment risks
• cost control

• knowledge of programme systems [Primavera, Microsoft Project]
• use of Microsoft office

• alternative director at 25
• director at 29
• general manager at 32 requested to expand a “C” grade company into “A” [top rank] competing with international companies
• achieved an increased margin from 18% to 38% after creating the bid for the Al Marjan project [2009] by direct purchase and management of material with subcontractor labour selection
• appointed the Engineer under a FIDIC contract in Seychelles for sewerage treatment plants
• advising on reverse osmosis treatment operations
• achieved reasonable outcomes on projects through project and contractual control
• managed projects in excess of 1,500 personnel
• integral to the operations of projects in excess of 500 million US$


Rock revetments, breakwaters on and off shore, pre-cast protection [Stabits / Accropods], cofferdams, sheet piling, off-shore pipe lines, marine intake / out falls, navigation beacons, dredging, desalination

Potable water systems, lighting, high voltage 33 kV, 11 kV, telephone systems, road construction, storm water, sewage systems

Reservoirs, post stressing, bridges, earthworks, viaducts, cooling towers, railways, pre-cast concrete, sliding operations, dewatering systems, sewage treatment plants, piling, shoring, oil-based power station, blast and arc furnaces, sheet metal plants, continuous casting machines,

Medium rise towers, warehouses, villas, hospitals, shopping centres, interior finishing, curtain walls, offices, prisons, MEP associated work, hotels,


Feb 2018 to Current:
Company: Binya Management Solutions: United Arab Emirates;
I registered a company in the United Arab Emirates free zone for management assistance, consultation and work execution solutions for companies operating in the construction arena commencing in 2018.
The first few months of 2018 occupied company registration and relocating from Qatar to the U.A.E. with constraints of the border closure imposed on Qatar by the G.C.C.

April to September 2018; Short Term; Tekken Corporation
Contract Specialist for Tekken Corporation [Japanese registered company] on their Bangladesh joint venture projects to facilitate and create standardised systems for contract management for all international projects.
Two [2] multi-million projects [estimated value 450 million US$ in total] for a portion of the Bangladeshi metro and a four-lane road bridge over river all on a rotational basis between Bangladesh from U.A.E.

Nov 2008 to Jan 2018:
Company: Rizzani de Eccher; Middle East Area;
Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates; Qatar
Key Personnel Appointment; Regional Contacts Manager; Commercial Manager; Contracts Manager
 Joint Venture; Design and build for the Red Line North Elevated and At-Grade: Metro; Qatar;
US$ 670,000,000.00
a. Reporting to – project director + international operations manager
b. Reporting from – 4 direct + 4 document assistants
c. Liaison – client counter-part and team, all internal managers, legal counsel
d. Title - Commercial manager [including regional contract manager]
e. Construction:
i. 7.2 km of two-way railway system
ii. two stations [one elevated and one at grade level]
iii. a stabling yard
iv. 3.2 km of elevated pre-cast concrete viaduct / bridges [span by span erection]
v. piling, de-watering, post-stressing, shoring, tunnel, mechanical, electrical and plumbing with associated infrastructure installation or diversion on behalf of government utility providers

 Joint Venture; Jamal Abu-Al-Nasser Road; Kuwait; road viaduct, roads, services, infrastructure;
US$ 892,000,000.00
a. Reporting to – Project Director + International Operations Manager
b. Reporting from – 3 direct + 6 clerical assistants
c. Liaison – client counter-part and team, all internal managers, legal counsel
d. Title - Commercial manager [still carrying out duties of regional contract manager]
e. Construction:
i. elevated pre-cast concrete road [viaduct / bridges], piling, de-watering, roads, under-passes, post-stressing, shoring, mechanical, electrical, plumbing with all necessary infrastructure installation or diversions required for and on behalf of Kuwait government plus utility providers.
ii. approved by the client as one of the mandatory 19 key personnel.

 Joint Venture; Al-Kharj Flour Mill; Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; US$ 15,000,000.00
a. Advising and reviewing contractual matters

 Design and Build: Al-Udeid Air Base; USACE. Qatar; Aircraft hangars, facilities and billets: US$ 78,000,000.00
a. Advising and reviewing contractual matters including letters, notifications, subcontract agreements and dispute

 Construct: Al Marjan Island #3 + #4 Infrastructure and bridges: U.A.E.: US$ 105,000,000.00
a. Reporting to – Area Project Director
b. Reporting from – 2 direct + 4 clerical assistants
c. Liaison – client counter-part and team, all internal managers, head office, legal counsel
d. Title - Commercial manager [still carrying out duties of regional contract manager]
e. Construction:
i. infrastructure for the two [2] man made islands with bridges, multi-lane roads, storm water, sewerage, pump stations, rising mains, potable water, fire-fighting systems, telephone reticulation, street lighting, transformers, electrical 11 kVA distribution, road construction and other associated facilities.
ii. Tendered and managed project with key responsibility all contractual and commercial matters
iii. Creation of F.I.D.I.C. based contract and subcontracts
iv. ensured fiscal and contractual control by implementing documentation, discussion, budget and records whilst assisting other departments in:
v. achieved a 38% margin [bid 18%] using subcontracts with free issue material;

 Design and Build: Financial City Towers; RAK., UAE: US$ 550,000,000.00
a. Reporting to – Area Project Director
b. Reporting from – 2 direct + 4 clerical assistants
c. Liaison – client counter-part and team, all internal managers, head office, legal counsel
d. Title - Commercial manager [still carrying out duties of regional contract manager]
e. Construction:
i. awarded the construction of a twin high rise tower project with 53 floors and podium.
ii. contract was cancelled due financial aspects in 2009 after the international financial collapse of 2008
iii. executed and managed all initial contracts and completed the final account, including loss of benefit, with the consultants of the client in an amicable manner to resolve all financial issues and concluded the agreement.

 General
a. Actively executed tenders during the period of employment including creation or rates, analysis of bid documents, review of contractual obligations, liaison with head office, meetings with clients, submission of bids
b. Executed compilation of evidence and records to support variations, claims, entitlements and processed to the clients with supporting documents
c. Created and managed programmes
d. Assisted and guided HSE, purchasing and quality in the execution of their duties

2003 to 2008:
Company: Overseas AST;
United Arab Emirates
Senior Project Manager
 Design and build; Several tubular pedestrian bridges: Road and Transport Authority, Dubai; UAE:
US$ 11,000,000.00
a. Reporting to – General Manager and the joint venture board
b. Direct from – 15 staff + 150 work force + subcontractors
c. Liaison – client counter-part, team, head office
d. Construction:
i. seven enclosed tubular pedestrian bridges with concrete abutments and steel bridges of various spans with elevators, escalators, MEP and all design for various parts of old Dubai with all associated risks of traffic constriction, unknown services, utility provider liaison and limited work areas.
ii. Preparatory work executed off site with steel main spans up to 45 m long constructed off site from structural steel with all glazing, finishing work and transported to location then lifted into position by tandem crane lift at night with all road closures.

 Joint Venture: Jumeirah Beach; Phase I; Demolition, construction of breakwaters, beach creation, facilities;
US$ 17,000,000.00
a. Reporting to – General Manager
b. Reporting from – 35 staff + 280 direct + subcontractors
c. Liaison – client counter-part and team, head office
d. Construction - Marine:
i. de-construction of existing breakwaters, construction of two new breakwaters from existing and new rock material including stabits;
ii. refurbishment of the existing beach [imported and dredged material];
iii. associated water and power reticulation, architectural construction of pre-cast concrete barriers for creation overtopping with walkway all for beautification of the beach for tourism purposes;
iv. off shore navigation pile extraction and refurbishment;
v. fully independent Site operation as an independent joint venture company;
vi. all matters from subcontracts managed directly from the Site with a junior Q.S. and accountant;
vii. variations and claims compiled on Site by the team, pursued as the works proceeded;
viii. construction operation whilst maintaining access to the beach with higher safety risk factor.

 Joint Venture: Jebel Ali Desalination and Power Station ‘L’ Phase 1; On and off-shore works:
US $ 18,100,000.00
a. Reporting to – General Manager
b. Reporting from – 30 staff + 250 direct + subcontractors
c. Liaison – client counter-part and team, head office
d. Construction - Marine:
i. Off and on shore marine civil construction including:
ii. construction of three offshore breakwaters using barges, tugs and marine vessels
iii. onshore intake channel constructed in the dry on the beach including concrete lining, de-watering;
iv. construction of a trash rack 45 m long 13 m high and 10 m wide;
v. sheet pile coffer dam;
vi. dredging off shore channel;
vii. outfall;
viii. access roads and all infrastructure;
ix. The project was the first joint venture between the companies listed and led to further joint ventures with D.E.W.A. adding Overseas AST to their list of recommended contractors.
x. The project achieved a high quality, safety, health and environment record including increase of revenue for the joint venture.

 General
a. Ensured all record keeping creating claims for cost and extension of time including resolution of all variations.
b. Participated in tender compilation, assessment, pricing from basic resources, collation and submission of supporting documents
c. Creation of variations, claims and entitlements resulting in the award of extension of time submission with or without cost
d. Created all programmes including monitoring, setting tasks, assessment of risks and mitigation of delays

2001 to 2003:
Company: Bi-water International:
FIDIC Engineer / Construction Project Manager; project contract 2 years
 Design and Build; Beauvalon Bay 4 ML sewage treatment plant; on and offshore;
US $ 18,000,000.00

 Design and Build; Victoria 4 ML sewage treatment plant;
US $ 16,000,000.00

 Design and Build; Five (5) reverse osmosis plants;
US $ 20,000,000.00

a. Reporting to – General Manager
b. Reporting from – 5 staff + 5 direct + subcontractors
c. Liaison – client and team, head office, specialist MEP suppliers
d. Construction - Marine:
i. Appointed as the Project Construction Manager (PCM) for the Beauvallon Sewerage Treatment Project in the Seychelles.
ii. The project entails the design, construction and process validation of a 3ML Sewage Treatment Plant along with 14.5 km of sewer network piping and the installation of an Out-Fall pipe with 1.4 km of piping on land and 1.2 km of piping being sunk in the sea to a depth of 32m, worth US$ 15,000,000.00
iii. Completion of commissioning and maintenance of the Victoria 3 ML Sewage Treatment Plant
iv. Participated in the reverse osmosis plants in directing the project manager
v. As the PCM I was an integral person involved in the following:
1) Engineer under FIDIC terms of contract
2) Checking of the detailed design drawings issued from the consulting team, commenting and revising to suit local conditions.
3) The organization and preparation of the separate tender bids for the construction parcels (including pump stations and rising mains), main treatment plant and out fall pipe on land
4) Execution of out fall pipe line in the sea
5) The formulation of a quality control system
6) Control of subcontractors local and international
7) Program compilation and interfacing of subcontractors
8) Testing and commissioning
9) Quantity surveying, measurement and certification of payment applications and cost control including budgeting
10) Claims evaluations
11) Managed all logistics of importation of materials, customs clearance, shipping [most material imported]

 General
a. Created record recording documentation
b. Creation of variations, claims and entitlements for discussion with the client resolved during the project
c. Assessed and adjudicated all subcontractor claim or variations
d. Created all programmes including monitoring, milestones, risks assessments and mitigation of delays

1999 to 2001:
Company: United Concrete Products Seychelles:
Seychelles; Mauritius, Papua New Guinea
Civil and Building Group Manager; 2-year contract
 Multiple Projects; +/- US $ 55,000,000.00 – 2 years
 Reporting to – General Manager
 Roads concrete and pre-cast paved roads
 Factories upgrading and completion of the Indian Ocean Tuna Factory
 Rock revetment protection of man-made islands by shaping of bunds created from dredging, placement of geo-textile, rock filter layer, under layer and 1 – 3 T rock selection and placing in two layers with placement by excavator
 Hotel Complex construction of 40 chalets, roads, all utility reticulation for the complete operation of a hotel
 Housing constructed villas and housing blocks (six storeys high);
 Marine works intakes, accropods pre-cast, transportation and placement, logistics and execution of all works on the other islands, groynes construction for beach protection
a. Reporting from – 5 staff + 180 direct + subcontractors
b. Liaison – client and team, head office, specialist MEP suppliers
c. Construction - Roads, factories, marine, rock revetment, hotel complexes, oil fuel power station for Wartsila, housing complexes
i. All management of existing and new construction
ii. Formulation, pricing and submitting of tender bids from drawings or bid documents
iii. Quantification and estimating
iv. Certification and payments
v. Creation of quality control, cost and site procedures
vi. Cost control and financial reporting
vii. Procurement of material
viii. Importation of labour
ix. Labour accommodation
x. Local recruitment and training
xi. Plant control and usage
xii. Management of government entities for permits and licenses
xiii. Control of the carpentry / joinery workshop, pre-casting yard and stores
xiv. Liaison with clients
xv. Creation of tenders, adjudication and management for subcontractors
xvi. Development of the U.C.P.S. properties and upgrading of the operation of U.C.P.S.
xvii. Maintenance of U.C.P.S. crusher facilities
xviii. Representation of U.C.P.S. internationally on all transactions or projects
xix. Compiled and approved all programmes of work

1997 to 1999:
Company: Coalfields Construction:
South Africa - Natal, Mozambique
Contract Manager / Senior Project Manager
 Building; Murchison Hospital [refurbishment of five ward, construction of four new wards, construction of two operating theatres, electrical, special, gasses, plumbing, new incinerator, new laundry – general refurbishment and updating whilst the hospital continued to operate constructed in phases]
 Civil; QWA QWA Sewage Works [complete refurbishment of intake, digesters, piping, mechanical systems, whilst extending evaporation dams and in general full renovation to upgrade the sewage works]
 Civil; Carbochem Chemical Works [construction of all civil and building works for the chemical factory]
a. Reporting from – 3 construction managers, 35 staff + 480 direct + subcontractors
b. Liaison – clients, consultants, head office, subcontractors, suppliers
i. Appointed with full authority for the simultaneous management of the projects below with distance between the projects of 500 Km
ii. Controlled and supervise all aspects from planning, HSE, QA, measurement, certification, claims, variation evaluation, appointment and management of subcontractors and any other item necessary to deliver the projects on time
iii. Reporting from – 3 construction managers [each project], 25 staff + 390 direct + subcontractors
iv. Liaison – client, team, head office, subcontractors
v. Contractors representative
vi. Created claims for extension of time, variations and entitlements narrating and processing to clients

1990 to 1997
Company: Swaziland Builders
Swaziland; Mozambique
Managing Director
 Building; multi-level buildings US$ 3,500,000.00
 Building; army headquarters building; +/- US$ 8,000,000.00
 Building; 3; prisons; +/- US$ 2,500,000.00
 Building; 2; fire stations; +/- US$ 2,000,000.00
 Building; 2; shopping centres; +/- US$ 2,750,000.00
 Building; 4; multiple housing sugar plantation industry villages; US$ 3,350,000.00
 Civil; multiple projects consisting of precast bridges, roads, elevated walkways
 Building; other smaller buildings. Housing projects, villas
a. Reporting from – 3 project managers, 30 staff + 750 direct + subcontractors
b. Liaison – clients, consultants, subcontractors, suppliers
i. Appointed with full authority for the simultaneous management of the projects below with distance between
ii. Took over existing works creating claims with cost and time implications which the client upheld awarding compensation and release penalties
iii. Commenced as project manager and completed as the Managing Director as a class I contractor in Swaziland (Main Contactor) able to bid and execute any type of work or project.
iv. Diversified the company into all spheres of construction work in Swaziland [civil and building] regularised purchasing, created a carpentry workshop, steel fabrication workshop, pre-cast yard and similar aspects to supply construction and external sources;
v. Created all contractual documents for subcontractors and suppliers
vi. Analysed and submitted bids on all projects in the Swaziland extending to projects in Mozambique
vii. Controlled all accounting and audits;
viii. Managed all activities of purchasing
ix. Bid on all new projects from basic cost principles

1987 to 1990
Company: Fani Roberts Construction
South Africa
 Civil and building; Tin Free Line all civil and building works; +/- US$ 6,500,000.00
 Civil and building; Refurbishment of Blast Furnace (Shut Down); +/- US$ 2,500,000.00
 Civil and building; Refurbishment of Arc Furnace (Shut Down); +/- US$ 2,500,000.00
 Civil and building; Seamless Tube Mill all civil and building work; +/- US$ 4,500,000.00
a. Reporting from – 3 project managers, 30 staff + 650 direct + subcontractors
b. Liaison – clients, consultants, subcontractors, suppliers
i. Fani Roberts Construction purchased the complete operation in the area from GTA to expand its earthworks plus plant-hire operation into civil and building contractor
ii. Conditions set that the complete unit with personnel would be taken over to obtain at commencement a complete operational company with current work load
iii. Work consisted of heavy civil construction for the industrial area (steel mills, chemical plants and the like).
iv. I was the alternative director in the area for G.T.A. controlling the operation and therefore was requested to take the position of director as part of the execution of further work
v. Given authority of complete control reporting to the owner;
vi. Created a tender unit, with claims, arbitration facilities, variations and contractual abilities to facilitate contracting
vii. Managed appointment and assessment of all subcontractors
viii. Liaison with client
ix. All contractual or commercial decisions taken by me
x. Responsible for health and safety

1981 to 1987:
Company: Gly en Toring Annemers:
South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana
Alternative Director
 Civil; R H Degasser plant; +/- US 4,500,000.00
 Civil and building; Continuous Casting Machine +/- US$ 9,000,000.00
 Civil; Tapered natural draught cooling tower; +/- US$ 1,500,000.00
 Civil; two number 4 Ml water reservoir post stressed construction, pre-cast driven piles; +/- US$ 2,300,000.00
 Building; Sasol Hospital; +/- US$ 3,500,000.00
 Civil; Bourkes Luck Sewerage Treatment Plant; +/- US$ 2,100,000.00
 Civil and building; grain silo complexes; green field / additions; 11 projects; US$ 20,900,000.00
a. Reporting from – 6 site / construction managers, 45 staff + 1450 direct + subcontractors
b. Liaison – clients, consultants, subcontractors, suppliers
i. Joined G T A at the request of a director as a site agent and promoted to alternative direct after three years
ii. Involved in all aspects from tendering – won first tender in 1984 [R H Degasser]
iii. Controlled all subcontractors, purchasing
iv. Responsible for all operational aspects including progress, final accounts, variations, claims, arbitrations (2 no)
v. Commenced bidding for projects with the R H Degasser being the first project won
vi. Executed budgets and financial controls
vii. Formulate and created programmes for execution of the work
viii. Responsible for fiscal control, budget achievement and profit margins

1980 to 1981:
Company: Murray and Roberts;
South Africa
Site Agent
 Africana Leases uranium mine and process plant
a. Working with 1 foreman + 55 direct + subcontractors
b. Attended meetings
i. Responsible for the execution of civil works working with the foreman and executing all documentation as well as learning [by doing] concrete, formwork, reinforcing fixing and similar items


Liverpool University
Bachelor of Engineering

   Sep 1977
— Sep 1980

Civil Engineering


Binya Management Solutions
project and contract management

   Jan 2018
— Current

To supply to clients project and contract management skills and knowledge educating and directing personnel regarding contractual implications and especially with FIDIC contracts.

Rizzani de Eccher S.p.A.
Regional Contracts Manager - Commercial Manager

   Nov 2008
— Jan 2018

I was headhunted by Rizzani de Eccher S.p.A. in 2008 by the then project director responsible for the U.A.E. after completing successfully a project with Overseas AST for Fisia Italimpianti.

My employment scope was to execute all matters contractually and commercially, including being the second in command to the project director, authorised to act on his behalf.

The list below indicates a number of projects I executed in roles as regional contract manager, commercial manager and contract manager over the period of employment with Rizzani de Eccher S.p.A. that is an international contractor.

As part of my responsibilities I have discussed and participated in all items relating to contractual matters including liaison with legal counsel of the company or external legal parties.

Please review CV for particular details.

Overseas AST, Dubai
Senior Project Manager

   Jun 2003
— Nov 2008

the Execution of joint venture construction projects for marine, civil, infrastructure and building works as the contractors representative and responsible for the deliverable of the project including margins.

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