Maintenance Manager / Maintenance Planner

Last Updated: 2nd August 2017 (over 5 years ago)

United States



Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level
Trade Qualification



Professional Framework

Throughout my career as an experienced and highly competent Mechanical Fitter I have progressed to positions with increasing levels of responsibility. I demonstrate capabilities in leadership roles which include extensive experience in maintenance management of a wide range of defence specific and heavy industry equipment. I have previously been employed in roles and have extensive experience at maintenance management and maintenance planning.

Maintenance Planning

• Demonstrated successful ability to schedule, coordinate and manage the delivery of maintenance services within remote and challenging environments.
• Experience in utilising a range of CMMS software packages such as Ellipse (MILIS),MIMS and Oracle/Viziya (EAM) .
• Successful ability to coordinate personnel and resources to respond to scheduled, unscheduled and breakdown maintenance requirements.
• Experience in reorganising and managing service delivery to respond to emergency situations and breakdowns.
• Demonstrated leadership in the coordination of staff, allocation of duties and management of standards within statutory guidelines.
• Proven skills in forecasting and planning maintenance activities including lead times with procuring parts, costing, assessment of maintenance requirements and compliance within operational needs.
• Ability to interpret and provide Maintenance Planning reports to the Maintenance Manager.
• Create, implement and manage annual budget forecasts.
• Create, manage, modify and implement asset activities to maximise equipment reliability.
• Facilitate weekly planning meetings with key management staff.
• Build detailed work packs & standard work instructions with all required information to complete the task.

Trade / Technical Capability

• Extensive experience and technical knowledge in the management of maintenance fitting to a wide range of fixed and mobile plant.
• Experience in the management of maintenance works to specialist tools, machine tools, weapons systems, compressors, pumping equipment, pressure vessels, Small engines, hydraulics, pneumatics, tanks, piping and electrical equipment.
• Advanced problem-solving skills and capabilities to identify issues and provide appropriate engineering solutions especially in remote and challenging locations.
• Proven capacity to compile and maintain maintenance documentation, registers, asset activities and standard work instructions.
• Capacity to deploy with operational teams and deliver maintenance fitting services in the field.

Professional and Personal Qualities

• Advanced ability to communicate effectively with a broad range of stakeholders internal and external to the workplace.
• Proven capacity to perform as part of a multidisciplinary team.
• Demonstrated leadership skills as a maintenance supervisor which included a capacity to make decisions on the management of maintenance in both mechanical and electrical trades.
• Ability to perform under pressure and make decisions quickly.
• Willingness to undertake further training and professional development.
• Demonstrated initiative, motivation and focus on achieving planning objectives.
• Commitment to professionalism as shown through integrity, accountability and reliability.
• Willingness to travel away from home and work in remote locations.


Australian Army
Mechanical Fitter Certificate III & IV

   Apr 2004
— Apr 2007

Mechanical Fitter Certificate III & IV

General list of qualifications

   Apr 2004
— Apr 2017

• Trade Certificate (Certificate III and IV in Mechanical Engineering Fitting and turning)
• Certificate IV in Training and Assessment – (TAE40110)
• Certificate III in Business Frontline Management
• Dogging
• Construction Safety White Card
• Working Safely At Heights
• Confined Spaces
• Gantry Crane Certificate
• Certificate II in Information Technology
• Human Performance Advocate
• Competent in numerous CMMS
• Watercraft Maintainer Course (diesel fitting, advanced hydraulics, Turbochargers and pump systems)
• Year 12 High School Certificate
• Helicopter Underwater Escape Training
• Promotion course - planning, leadership, business management, staff writing
• Promotion course - training, interpersonal skills, communication skills
• Promotion course - resource management, OHS, risk management
• Promotion course - coaching, performance appraisal, counselling
• Responsible Service of Alcohol
• Responsible Conduct of Gambling

Licences and Tickets

• Open Class Western Australia Drivers Licence (manual)


Maintenance Planner / Site Relief Planner

   Sep 2013
— Apr 2017

2013-2017 Maintenance Planner / Site Relief Planner / Clarification Planner
Alcoa Wagerup Refinery

• Develop the weekly plan and Facilitate weekly planning meetings with key management staff.
• Develop and maintain equipment management registers.
• Train and assist others to ensure they understand and can effectively use both current and new systems.
• Responsible for daily management of new work requests and work orders.
• Create, implement and manage annual and monthly budget forecasts.
• Create, manage, modify and implement asset activities to maximise equipment reliability.
• Parts identification and bill of material development
• Successfully perform the role of Wagerup relief planner which involves filling in for other planners in their Operation centres whilst they are on leave.
• Regularly Liaise with external contractors to book cranes, high pressure water, sand blasting, NDT testing, scaffolding, trucks and additional resources.
• Obtain quotes and create Purchase orders for external resources and non stocked materials.
• Review and follow up materials issues to expedite parts or align work to parts availability date.
• Managed and significantly improved management metrics (KPI’S) within the areas of planned work complete, churn, unplanned work, material churn and resource hours planning efficiency.
• Investigated potential high risk jobs and plan accordingly to minimise or remove the risk.
• Build detailed work packs & standard work instructions with all required information to complete the task.
• Conduct regular safety audits of ongoing tasks.
• Successfully prioritize and manage large quantities of emails.

Awards and certificates:
• October 2015 Wagerup Employee of the month
• August 2014 Wagerup Suggestion of the month
• June 2014 Wagerup problem solver of the month
• 2014 WAO Excellence award nominated for business improvement
• 2014 WAO Excellence award nominated for Wagerup suggestion of the year
• 2014 WAO Excellence award Nominated for implementation of Reliability Excellence

Australian Army
Maintenance Fitter / Maintenence Planner / Maintenance Manager

   Apr 2004
— May 2013

2012 -2013 Maintenance Supervisor / Maintenance Planner
10 Force Support Battalion Workshop

• Deliver trade related works as a leader of the team contributing to maintenance planning and the supervision of tradespeople.
• Deliver training and toolbox talks.
• Undertake extensive maintenance planning and scheduling to meet operational and customer requirements.
• Coordinate and adjust services based on the delivery of heavy level maintenance and additional timeframes for required works.
• Order and maintain all materials and parts.
• Update computerised maintenance systems, MILIS.
• Undertake inspections to determine the viability and nature of repairs.
• Maintain all standards in relation to safety and quality.
• Work with other departments in the workshop to ensure the consistent delivery of services within forecasted timeframes.
• Deliver training to apprentices and trainees according to expected competencies.
• Complete all records and documentation on training and development.
• Participate in forecasting of maintenance activities.
• Ensure the delivery of heavy level maintenance on all equipment.
• Ensure the achievement of competency based training requirements.
• Performance managed both tradespeople and apprentices.
• Undertake fault finding, diagnosis and overhaul of hydraulic rams/systems.

2009 -2012 Maintenance Supervisor / Maintenance Planner
1st Battalion Workshop

• Deliver and coordinate maintenance activities for a team of tradespeople.
• Order materials and ensure the availability of resources and equipment.
• Schedule maintenance in accordance with available personnel and resources.
• Deliver unscheduled and breakdown maintenance to equipment to support operations.
• Develop inspection schedules to ensure the accurate and efficient allocation of resources, tradespeople and workshop facilities.
• Deliver training and toolbox talks.
• Work with the procurement cell to secure appropriate resources and parts.
• Update computerised maintenance systems, MILIS.
• Manage the delivery of maintenance for a wide range of equipment and materials to support Defence operations.
• Manage the performance of tradespeople including compliance within defence standards and professional development within statutory guidelines.
• Undertake regular quality checks on maintenance tasks to ensure work is conducted safely and to a high standard.
• Responsible for the development and implementation of safety practices and procedures.
• Monitor and manage the delivery of training to apprentices and trainees according to expected competencies.

2006 – 2008 Mechanical Fitter
Combat Services Support Battalion

• Undertake training, general engineering, maintenance and fabrication within the workplace on Defence plant and equipment including:
o Service, repair, modify & rebuild all types of small engines, compressors, pumping equipment and other minor equipment.
o Service, repair, modification and rebuilding of mechanical and hydraulic equipment.
o General Machining
o GMAW, MMAW, Oxy Welding/Cutting
o Undertake fault finding and diagnosis.
o Conduct regular servicing and yearly technical inspections.
o Sheet metal work
o Maintenance and inspection of recovery equipment.
• Providing technical inspections and advice to supported units and personnel.
• Compile maintenance documentation associated with technical inspections and repair.
• Diagnose and repair faults in all in-service weapon systems.
• Providing advanced fitting, machining and welding maintenance support tasks.
• Perform duties as an armourer on a live firing range.
• Deploy as a member of a Forward Repair Team.
• Maintain equipment to ensure operational capability.
• Apply and follow OHS principles and procedures.
• Conduct workshops and field activities.

2004 – 2006 Apprentice Fitter and Turner

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