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25 to 34

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English, French, Italian, Spanish


My name is Martina Locatelli, I'm italian and I started to study flute at eight years old.

I had my first degree in Brescia with M° Luigi Arciuli ,then I decided to do a Master in flute soloist repertoire with M° Claudio Montafia.

I finished my two-years Master with the highest marks (110/110 cum laude).

On December 2017 I started a Piccolo Master with M° Nicola Mazzanti and I concluded it with the highest marks (110/110 cum laude).

I won a Scholarship for Working With Music Project and I played for one year in Ruse State Opera and Philharmonia. After this year the Orchestra decided to renovate my contract for one year.

From April I started a new job in Sofia Philharmonia Chamber Orchestra as First Flute and also I cover the position of Piccolo player in State Opera of Varna.

In January 2019 I started a collaboration with Sinfonietta as piccolo player.
I had a lot of chamber music experience, one of the most important I had a contract from May 2018 with Sofia National Orchestra as Flute Soloist in Trio Sapienza (flute trumpet and piano).
I have also a lot of teaching experience, in private school as individual lessons but also in classroom.
I started teaching at 17 years old and at 23 I took a Yamaha Teacher Degree.

I taught in different private schools in Bergamo, Milano and Padova ( Cantarte, Mondo della Musica, Main woodwind orchestras in Ponte San Pietro, Locate, Medolago).

I taught also in Public Scholar institutions for many years Sofeggio and Music History.


Conservatorio of music G. Verdi, Milan
Master of piccolo

   Dec 2017
— Dec 2018

Master in piccolo orchestral and solo repertoire with M° Nicola Mazzanti

Conservatorio of music C. Pollini, Padua
Master of flute

   Sep 2015
— Sep 2016

Soloist repertoire with M° Claudio Montafia

Hight School
Liceo classico Paolo Sarpi

   Sep 2005
— Jul 2010

Degree in humanistic field(ancient Latin and Greek)

Conservatorio of music L.Marenzio Brescia, Italy
Post graduate

   Jan 2005
— Feb 2013

Post graduated in flute


Varna opera theatre
Flute and piccolo

   Mar 2019
— Jul 2019

Sinfonietta orchestra in sofia

   Jan 2019
— Mar 2019

Piccolo player And flute

Sofia National Orchestra
Flute Soloist

   May 2018
— Mar 2019

Soloist flute for chamber music

Rousse opera and Philharmonia

   Nov 2016
— Nov 2017

First flute and tutti

Orchestra san Marco
Flute tutti

   Oct 2016
— Oct 2016

Orchestra delle Venezie

   Apr 2016
— May 2016

Public schools
Classroom teacher

   Jan 2013
— Jan 2014

Music Teacher for groups of 25/30 children during the school hours.
Schools of Cavenago Brianza, Bonate Sopra, Locate, Ponte San Pietro, Arcene Murano, Filago, Albano S. Alessandro, Sorisole.

Private academies
Private teacher

   Jul 2011
— Current

Individual lessons in different schools in Italy (nel mondo della musica, 7th course Summer Masterclass for Wind instrument, music academy in Ponte San Pietro, Sotto il Monte, Medolago, CantArte in Padua)

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