Electrical Engineer

Last Updated: 16th May 2018 (over 4 years ago)

United Arab Emirates


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Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level

English, Tagalog


More than 8 years experience in electrical engineering construction, project inspection and execution, electrical design and site supervision of building electrical services.


Electrical Engineer

   Jun 2015
— Current

Duties and Responsibilities:
 Prepare shop drawings for all electrical works complying Regulation & Supervision
Bureau (based on general principles defined in British Standards BS 7671).
 Preparation of main equipment layouts, 11kV switchgear load calculation, cable sizing,
voltage drop calculations and single line diagram.
 Inspect and supervise on-going projects and making sure that all approved plans by the
consultant and local authority are strictly implemented.
 Coordinate with other trades e.g. Architectural, Structural, Mechanical and Plumbing Etc.
with regards to design and project execution prior to eliminate conflicts that leads to
rectification/ re-works which may affect project schedule.
 Prepare substation design, equipment layout, electrical load calculations, cable sizing,
cable routing, as per service reservation drawings approved by ADM.
 Prepare telecom infrastructure network design prior for Etisalat approval.
 Procure material needed on project site which complies vendor list.
 Prepare all low current system design (SMATV, P.A. system, structured cabling, fire alarm
with voice evacuation, CCTV, access control, intercom, etc.)
 Organize technical meetings with contractor and manufacturers on various technical issues
pertaining to the design, supply, and installation of equipment.
 Ensure that the project and project schedule are synchronized.
 Attend weekly Technical and Coordination meeting.

Electrical Engineer

   Mar 2014
— Jun 2014

Duties and Responsibilities:
 Preparing tender and contract documents, including bill of quantities.
 Procure materials that are needed for on-going and tender projects.
 Deal with sub-contractors/ suppliers regarding implementation of works in projects and
make sure that the project schedule is followed accordingly.
 Inspect all Electrical Works (Power, Lighting, ELV System etc.) and make sure that the
plans and specification are very well executed.
 Propose/ present to the consultant any equivalent materials that is more economical (Value
 Endorse projects progress accomplishment to Project Manager prior for billing.
 Coordinate with Consultant with regards to changes in the plans (additive/ deductive) for
execution on site.
 Coordinate with other trades (architectural, mechanical, plumbing, sanitary, etc.) for any
revised plans to be implemented.
 Prepare material comparison sheet base on latest approved drawing versus tender
drawings prior for variation claims.
 Attend weekly technical meeting.

Electrical Engineer

   Aug 2011
— Aug 2013

Duties and Responsibilities:
 Prepare Shop drawings for Electrical works prior for Approval of the Client/ Consultant.
 Preparing extra low voltage shop drawings such as telephone (Voice and Data), fire alarm
with voice evacuation, security, CCTV, and SMATV System.
 Calculate schedule of loads and coordinate with all trades to make sure that all demands
are considered.
 Provide Bill of Quantities according to approved shop drawings.
 Inspect and supervise all Electrical works prior to execute Construction Drawings.
 Implement any changes on the plan and make sure that changes are well coordinated with
other trades.
 Prepare “Request for Inspection” for every accomplished works prior to consultant’s
inspection and approval.
 Prepare site monitoring and weekly progress inspection reports.
 Prepare snag list/ punchlist prior to rectification.
 Attend weekly technical meeting.

Electrical Engineer

   Jul 2008
— Aug 2011

Duties and Responsibilities:
 Monitor on-going project and make sure that all plans and specifications are followed.
 Ensures that all Materials / Equipments installed and used in the project comply with the
plans and specifications.
 Inspection of Electrical works in every unit of the project that I handle.
 Preparing a punch list report that needs rectification.
 Preparing progress inspection report.
 Preparing monthly Progress Billing.
 Inspection of Electrical layout prior to concrete pouring of Slab, Shear wall, RC wall, and
 Monitoring the delivery of materials.
 Preparing weekly and monthly accomplishment report.
 Implementing any revised plan.
 Preparing “Request for Information” for consultant regarding omitted detail in
construction plans.
 Witnessing high potential testing (HI-POT), megger, continuity, live testing and
 Coordinates with other trades and related persons.
 Attend weekly management meeting.

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