Technical manager, Account manager, Recruitment consultant, Team Leader

Last Updated: 18th June 2017 (over 5 years ago)



Phone Number


Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level
Trade Qualification

Dutch, English


Who am I:

I am a communicative ‘multipotentialite’ with more than 20 years of experience in different fields of work.
Fascinated by storytelling, marketing, interpersonal communication, psychology and technical elements I try to implement what I learn into life and business.

What can I do:

Recruitment, consultancy, project engineering, lead teams, optimize communication, connect people, relation management, account management, IT and storytelling/marketing.

What do I bring:

An extensive technical background in electronics, mechanics, IT and communication equipment.
Experience and talent in recruitment, coaching, leading teams, managing projects, communication and teaching,
Very strong communicative skills in both Dutch (native) and English.
Savviness in IT, Storytelling and Marketing/Branding
A good network in different fields of expertise.
And last but not least: Energy, ideas and feedback!


Multiple studies and courses

   Jun 2017
— Jun 2017

Diverse military, civilian and specialist educations.
Technical, IT and Coaching. safety etc.


Oceansat / Satservices
Technical manager

   Feb 2017
— Current

Oceansat is a hardware and airtime dealer for VSAT, TVRO and IT solutions on board of maritime vessels that joins forces with sister-company Satservices which installs and services these systems. VSAT is a satellite communication system supplying internet while TVRO is a television antenna system (designed for seagoing vessels).

- Bring structure to the service department which had no structure, set workflow or heading;
- Coach the service team (average age 20) and the Sr. Technician (28yr) in performing service, technical skills, troubleshooting, personal development, commercial awareness and customer support/friendliness;
- Research and integrate a service (ticket) system, a time management system and instructing the service team on both systems;
- Design a 24/7 365 day a year support service including the design of relevant quotations, yearly service plans and subscriptions for this service;
- Explore the market for new technical solutions that can be incorporated in the current systems or as a separate package;
- Test feasibility of a new internet over power system for maritime vessels;
- Design work procedures and implement service documentation;
- Attend and setup meetings (Sales) to introduce Satservices and the Augmented Reality Tool to existing and potential customers;
- Attend seminars, fairs, events and congresses in a technical consultancy/sales role;
- Customer relations: building, maintaining and repairing relations (warm/cold);
- Liaise with the Augmented Reality Development company for future solutions;
- Communication with (key) suppliers on a global level;
- Research and test new IT solutions.
- Social media / Marketing

Middle Point
Recruitment Consultant

   May 2016
— Feb 2017

Middle Point is an international recruitment office in the Yacht building, Ship building, Maritime and Offshore/Renewables industry. They mediate Engineers, Consultants, Project managers and other specialists in these fields.

- Represent the organization within the area of responsibility (Offshore/Renewables) at meetings and events;
- Building, maintaining and expanding an active and diverse network of prospect candidates;
- Independently plan and organize activities, work and meetings;
- Cooperate in setting up recruitment strategies and the deployment of recruitment tools, especially in new fields;
- Responsible for the building of attractive and optimal findable vacancy texts (SEO), incl. placement on different channels (Social media, job boards etc.)
- Recruit, select and enthuse candidates for vacancies;
- Collect and draft the needed information about candidates for the purpose of an introduction at the client (optimization CV’s and introduction texts);
- Preparation of candidates for interviews at the client (telephone & face to face);
- Introduce, advise and support the selected candidates before and during the selection process;
- Preparation of documents and support on contract drafting;
- Guidance and support during the employment incl. evaluation interviews;
- Collect and discuss general/specific market information for the purpose of future campaigns and/or strategies;
- Acquisition (warm & cold) for existing and new areas within the scope of work;
- Administrational tasks and working with confidential information in the recruitment system and network environment;
- Support Team leads, colleagues and other teams with advice and actions.

- First employment realized within my trainee period (company record);
- Asked and accepted to write and/or check vacancies and introductions of the shipbuilding team as well as my own team due to my writing style and SEO results.
- High response from potential candidates due to my open communication and technical background;
- Advise and support the Process Coordinator and Service Desk team regarding offshore documents, courses and work methods;
- Saved an important key account and made them a long-term partner.

Royal Boskalis
Project Engineer

   May 2015
— May 2016

Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. is an international organization that provides solutions for the dredging, infrastructure, maritime and offshore energy industries. The E&I Services department is a sub division of the Central Fleet Support and is responsible for survey equipment and electronics and instrumentation on ships and on/offshore projects.

- Communication with the client, R&D, Software Development and Survey departments;
- Design custom build systems/solutions (client specific);
- Instruct and supervise the workforce consisting of Engineers (small teams);
- Research (new) work procedures and equipment;
- Making project reports and evaluate (old) projects;
- Maintain contact with and acquisition at suppliers and production companies;
- Making quotations fitting the budget;
- Monitor project progress and testing (technical, financial and safety);
- Testing of systems before implementation.
- Making new procedures for the new project team, management and work center;
- Optimizing the communication between the project team, management and work center;
- Structuring the workflow within the project team;
- Monitor, correct, and document procedures, checklists and manuals;
- Coaching the workforce and other members of the project team;
- Advising the management in the area of communication and policy.
- The communication between management, project team and work center was improved significantly;
- Improved workflow and teamwork within the project team;
- Better deployable work force due to coaching and stimulation;
- Redundancy plan for personnel was activated;
- Management changed procedures and their communication;
- Implemented and optimized documentation and reporting;
- Multiple successful projects.

System responsible operator / supervisor

   Dec 2013
— May 2015

Ampelmann Operations (Offshore motion compensating gangway).
The Ampelmann systems are deployed globally in the offshore-industry for safe transport of personnel and cargo from a ship to a static structure at sea (Wind farms, Oil &Gas platforms and Distribution platforms).

- Provide optimal deployment of the system;
- Safety of the system, personnel and equipment;
- Mobilize and demobilize the Ampelmann on diverse vessels;
- Operation van het system in a client environment while applying client specific procedures and rules;
- Implement procedures and safety rules with operators and clients;
- Advise captains and clients with regards to deployment, usability and safety;
- Coaching (training, motivate, evaluate) new personnel;
- Maintenance/repairs on hydraulic, mechanic and electric equipment as well as IT related cases.

- Eleven successful projects (for Shell, BAM, Chevron, Siemens, BARD, OWS);
- Maximal deployment of the Ampelmann system;
- Zero safety incidents during more than ten thousand transfers.

Royal Netherlands Airforce
Specialist communication and information systems

   Apr 2007
— Dec 2013

The department Communication- and Information Systems (CIS) at the Royal Netherlands Airforce is responsible for the communication infrastructure at the air force bases as well as mission areas.
Telephone communication, ICT, Radio communication, encryption/decryption and information security are the working field of the CIS.

- Support personnel, with (secure) equipment and (confidential) knowledge, before and during exercises and missions worldwide;
- Rebuild a five-person team that delivers material technical and logistic support on (confidential) radio/satellite communication equipment.
- Correct use of equipment and space according to safety and confidentiality, as well as ordering and stock monitoring (work center supervisor);
-NATO screening (Top Secret) for the purpose of working with secure systems and codes;
- Planning and deployment of vehicle park;
- Organize and manage (confidential) publications;
- Instructing and giving refreshments on radio communication equipment to clients varying from soldiers to officers (pilots);
- Support own personnel and clients (Army, Air force and Navy) on the area of radio communication and IT (software and hardware) before and during exercises and missions worldwide;
- Maintenance and diagnostics on radio communication-, network- and computer equipment during exercises and missions worldwide;
- Act as deputy of my chief/section head.

- Multiple mission worldwide for the EU, NATO and UN;
- More than 25 supported exercises a year;
- Askes and accepted as instructor and deputy chief/section head;
- Trained CIS personnel;
- NATO Top Secret screening due to my extra tasks as an instructor and (deputy) crypto custodian/handler.

Ministry of Defense
Substitute Head of Candidate Supervisor Department / Supervisor

   May 2005
— May 2007

Institute for selection DOD personnel (Defensie Personele Diensten).
The candidate supervision department is responsible for the registration, support and wellbeing of candidates during their selection process.

- Register candidates, guide them through the selection process and provide them with all the needed information;
- Making rosters for continuous shifts;
- Advise candidates as well as the diverse departments involved;
- Responsible for the department due to absence of the official head of department;
- Serve as a linking pin between all involved departments (psychology, medical, fitness);
- Support and guide VIP’s during events.

- Asked to substitute for the head of the department;
- Asked to join the participation committee to advise the board;
- Happy customers (Airforce, Navy, Army and Military Police);

Royal Netherlands Navy and Royal Netherlands Airforce
Melectrician/Mechanic/Specialist communication and information systems

   Mar 1996
— May 2005

Multiple roles.

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