Production supervisor, Team leader, Manager

Last Updated: 8th August 2018 (over 4 years ago)

Hatrbeespoort dam, South Africa


Phone Number


Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

Afrikaan, English


Dear Hiring Manager:

I would like to apply for the position which was advertised by your Company. I am confident that I would be a perfect candidate for this position as my experience and abilities match your requirements.

I have excellent Time Management and Communication Skills. I can manage a Team in an efficient and productive manner as to ensure that the Company meets its obligations. I have a pleasant personality and great Interpersonal Skills needed for a Managerial role. I gained International work exposure when I joined the FLSmidth Team in Angola employed firstly as a Team Leader for the Cement Grinding division and then filled a role as Deputy Manager. My core strengths and experience include, but is not limited to the following:

• Comprehensive knowledge of the processes and materials used in handling tasks in the Cement Industry.
• Well versed in modern and large scale high capacity Cement Grinding Production.
• Extensive knowledge of cement process, emissions controls and in-plant design.
• Writing and implementing Standard Operational Procedures (SOP).
• Delegating tasks and setting clear targets.
• Quality Assurance knowledge.
• Mill inspections and reporting.
• Management of Operational Processes and effects.

At this juncture in my career I am seeking the opportunity to transition my practical experience into a high growth Corporation in need of strong leadership. An opportunity to personally meet with you as to discuss my experience and candidacy, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your consideration.


Mark Areington


CTU Training soulutions
Generic Management leadership NQF4

   Apr 2011
— Jun 2013

Tswane south - Pretoria west campus
Electrical trade theory N2

   Jan 1999
— Apr 1999


HTS Pretoria Tuine
Grade 11

   Jan 1994
— Nov 1998

Subjects: English grade 12
Afrikaans grade 12
Technical drawing
Motor trade theory
Engineering science


Sandton Plant Hire
Site Administrator

   Jun 2016
— Current

• Support site management with day to day running with workshop activities.
• Performing routine system audits
• Management of procurement procedures
• Monitoring and updating procurement database accurately
• Effective communication in order to keep site team updated with regards to parts procurement.
• Ensuring timeous reception of invoices and delivery notes on the database
• Ensuring parts are correctly supplied and parts for repairs are dispatched according to procedures.
• Updating daily backorder report and follow-up with buyer and suppliers..
• Managing parts store in order to maintain critical parts on site.
• Running plant (Machine) oil management program in order to maintain sufficient oil levels on site.
• Management of daily scheduled services and wear-checks (Oil sampling of components) of Trackless mobile equipment and ensuring tasks are completed and wear-checks are sent for analysis.
• Any other work deemed necessary to carry out role and responsibilities

Inventory Controller

   Nov 2015
— Current

• Monitoring of inventory levels and inventory movement with the use of computerized inventory systems - Prodalia
• Plan, organize, direct, manage and evaluate the inventory management activities
• Compiled inventory reports (quantity, type and value of
Materials and stock on hand)
• Conduct investigations into inventory management incidents
• Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) – ISO 22000
• Organising, planning and co-ordinating all inventory management activities
• Manage and maintain finished products and raw materials inventory including stock profiles and stock locations
• Ensure inventory is receipted and managed appropriatelyaccording to company procedure (Raw material and finished products intake, batch identification, labelling, sampling and storage allocation)
• Ensure materials are ready and available for production as and when required.
• Responsible for managing and running planned stock takes
• Provide assistance and direction to colleagues and subordinates as required
• Prepare and submit inventory control reports to management daily, weekly and monthly
• Attend to inquiries concerning products and inventories
• Preparing and maintaining records of all inventory
• Management of “Out of date”, “Rework” and “Non-conform” inventory (Labelling , storage allocation and update on system)
• Ensure maintenance of optimal levels of stock for availability as the need arises. Daily “Raw materials needs” report send to head office for purchasing
• Managing and implementing storage policies and procedures
• Oversee the consistent flow of stocks in and out of company’s warehouse facility
• Implementing OHS policies and standard operating procedures
• Performing cyclic stock checks
• Ensure integrity and accuracy of the stock management system

Other: I planned and designed the layout of the shelving, shelf designation , product allocation per “species”, “Non-conform”, “Expired stock” and ‘Rework” for the new warehouse(On the same premises) that was constructed for the finished products. Current warehouse used for both “Raw materials” and Finished products” but will only be used for “Raw materials”, therefore I also planned and designed the layout, shelf designation, product allocation per “Quantity”, “Controlled substances”, “Vitamins”, “Minerals” etc., moving the inventory for both “Raw materials” and “Finished products”, creating new shelve designations and removing former shelve designations on system.

FLSmidth - NLSupervision
Deputy Manager

   Mar 2014
— Mar 2015

• Recruited and trained Forklift handlers, Equipment operators, Truck loaders, Contractors.
• Knowledge gained in Packers and Palletisers, Bocedi Plastic Wrapping Machine, Process Flow Equipment and Fault Finding.
• Developed and managed Subordinates which included 67 Employees.
• Wrote and implemented Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
• Conducted Equipment Risk Assessments.
• Implemented LOTO Procedures.
• Conducted standby duties.
• Was responsible for disciplining, planning Maintenance Tasks, chairing daily Technical Meetings
• Implemented Housekeeping Procedures.
• Relieved the Cement Storage and Dispatch Manager when needed.
• Captured daily Sales Data, attended Managers’ Meetings, Managed Cement Storage and dispatch processes.
• Prepare and submit daily sales and operational reports to management
• Implementing OHS policies
• Adjust the production schedule as required and communicate any change accordingly
• Monitor & review production progress against targets to ensure on time delivery.
• KPI evaluation and setting improvement targets
• Implementing and managing general Housekeeping procedures.
• Monitor production activity to ensure that the appropriate manufacturing methods are employed
• Communicating packaging related issues to Packaging manufacturing department – Packaging quality, size and availability.

FLSmidth - NLSupervision
Cement grinding team leader

   Nov 2013
— Mar 2014

• Manage Operational Processes.
• Monitored and established Mill conditions and administered corrective actions
• Managed and delegated daily tasks to subordinates.
• Ensured procedures are followed for product change to prevent contamination.
• Reporting and isolation of non-conforming products
• Continuous Quality Assurance and product conformity.
• Attended and assessed equipment related to process (Bucket Elevators, Conveyor Belts, and Screw Conveyers etc.)
• Reported equipment related issues for planned Maintenance.
• Ball mill inspections, detailed reporting on findings and planning maintenance tasks
• KPI evaluation and setting improvement targets.
• Implementing and managing general Housekeeping procedures.
• Ensuring that products are manufactured correctly, cost effectively and delivered on time in accordance to specification and quality requirements
• Planning, scheduling and reviewing workload to ensure production output and on time delivery
• Ensuring necessary manpower, competence, skill, knowledge, plant and tooling required in order to achieve production targets

Vesuvius S.A
Site foreman

   Jan 2011
— Oct 2013

• Managed Operational Process effects.
• KPI evaluation and setting improvement targets
• Managing subordinates daily functions.
• Organising and overseeing Kiln relines .
• Quality Assurance monitoring (LOI).
• Was responsible for disciplining Subordinates.
• Attended to and assessed Kilns related Equipment and reported on maintenance related issues.
• Attended to the Scubbers (Kiln off-gas System).
• Conducted plant Inspections.
• Shift Work.
• Daily shift report to manager.
• Conducted LOTO Procedures.
• Health, Safety and Environmental Representative.
• Level 3 First Aider. Cleared Kiln build-up using industrial shot gun.
• General duties which included reporting on Cartridge usage, Overtime, gas usage
• Managing and updating monthly time sheets, annual leave and sick leave.
• Updating “Standard operating procedures” (every 2 years).

Vesuvius S.A
Technical Controller (Rotary kilns)

   May 2007
— Jan 2011

• Monitored Rotary Kilns and adjusted the Parameters accordingly.
• Conducting plant Inspections and reported on Equipment issues that were scheduled for maintenance.
• Quality assurance monitoring
• Logging equipment conditions hourly
• Attended, assessed, and reported on process Equipment breakdowns.
• Cleared Kiln build-up using industrial shot gun.
• Shift Work.
• Daily shift reporting.
• Managing shift subordinates(11)
• HSE representative
• Level 2 First Aider.

PPC Cement - Hercules
Process Operator (Planetary Kiln)

   Jan 2004
— Apr 2007

• Managing operational process effects
• Monitoring Rotary kiln and Raw mill conditions and adjusting parameters accordingly
• Quality assurance monitoring (Litre weights)
• Conducting plant inspections and reporting equipment issues for planned maintenance
• Logging Kiln And raw mill condition 2 Hourly
• Kiln reline (bricklaying and casting Kiln and preheater)
• Attending to/assessing Kiln and Raw mill related equipment issues and daily reporting
• Kiln and Raw Mill equipment inspections
• Alternate INVOCOM(Daily shift meeting) facilitator and responsible for keeping INVOCOM file updated
• Shift work
• HSE representative
• First aider (L2)
• Housekeeping responsibilities

PPC Cement - Hercules
Process Operator (FLS Ball mills)

   Jan 2002
— Dec 2003

• Managing operational process effects
• Attended to ball mill auxiliary equipment to produce cement
• Conducted plant and Mill inspection
• Quality assurance monitoring-Blane/Surface area
• Daily reports on process and equipment issues
• Overseeing Ball mill maintenance and yearly mill shut downs
• Monitoring and adjusting Ball mill parameters to meet quality standards
• Logging Ball mill conditions Hourly
• Ensured procedures are followed for product change to prevent contamination
• Attended to/assessing equipment issues related to process (Bucket elevators, conveyor belts, screw conveyors etc.)
• Reporting equipment related issues for planned maintenance
• Housekeeping responsibilities
• Managing shift subordinates
• Shift work
• HSE representative

PPC Cement - Hercules
Operator Support (FLS Ball mills)

   Jan 2001
— Jan 2002

• Conducted plant inspections
• Conducted LOTO procedures
• Ensuring feed bin level repletion in liaison with Overhead crane driver
• Ensuring Mill feeding consistency
• Attending to/assessing equipment issues related to process (Bucket elevators, conveyor belts, screw conveyors etc.), reporting equipment related issues for planned maintenance
• Assisting maintenance department in opening and closing Mill doors
• Conducted Mill inspections, Mill diaphragm cleaning, charge and discharges of Mill charge, sorting Mill charge
• Daily stock level monitoring
• Shift work
• Housekeeping responsibilities

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