Electrical engineer

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Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level
Other Post Graduate

English, Romanian


Over 30 years’ experience in the electrical industry which includes Power generation facilities and Onshore Oil &Gas facilities in commissioning and operation positions.
Commissioning and operation experience up to 220kV of switchyards, transformers up to 250MVA, generators up to 200MW by steam driven turbines and 150MW on gas driven turbines, various voltage switchgear from 35kV systems to 380V MCC’s. I’m conversant with DC battery systems and UPS systems. In depth knowledge of protection systems and static and dynamic testing of equipment, from primary and secondary injection, to open circuit and short circuit testing of large generators, PDCS (Power Distribution Control System ) and LMS (Load Management Systems).
Troubleshooting of electrical systems and equipment on both operational facilities and new installations. Mentoring of local and expat engineers and workforce under my control in all the above.
Handling of department budgets including staffing requirements, procurement of equipment and cost estimates, and have been responsible for teams of electrical engineers and supervisors, both expat and national, on various projects.
On the job safety being of paramount priority always in all work environments.


University of Bucharest
Post graduate Industrial Power Managemnt

   Oct 1998
— Sep 2000

Technical University Iasi Romania
MS Electrical Engineering

   Oct 1982
— Jun 1987


OTT/ Commissioning/ Ops Maintenance Electrical advisor

   Jul 2012
— Current

Responsible almost 20 months from the beginning to set up the OTT-Ops Electrical team, hiring and training personnel, developing all required SOPs, Operating Philosophies, Narratives and ORDs for safe operation of the Project Power Distribution System, liaising permanently with CPE / CDB Engineering to correct/improve existing design, coordinating with Local Electricity Providers the first energy process of CDB main facilities like 35KV, 10KV OHLs and all Substations in NGP, SP and Off-Sites.
Managing loads, load forecasting, relay coordination and studies, arc flash studies on 35kV, 10kV and 400V power distribution systems.
Ensured State Regulatory Compliance of electrical organization, personnel certification and licensing and operational procedures
Creating, conducting, and evaluating electrical emergency response drills mainly before first energy of facilities

Next step I was responsible to Co-ordinate and supervise commissioning activities of Chevron Electrical facilities in Chuandongbei Gas Project Phase ODP1 – China: 35KV and 10KV Overhead lines, Step down transformers, HV and LV Switchgears, field equipments.
Coordinated the Electrical Commissioning team to prepare Electrical Commissionable Systems and Sub-system, ensuring all sub-contractor testing is carried out to local and project specifications, organizing detailed commissioning schedules, interviewing candidates for internal electrical positions, writing and reviewing Commissioning procedures.
Completion of all B/C Commissioning check-sheets for electrical facilities, package preparation including test documentation, as-built drawings, Commissioning red line marked up drawings for Custody Transfer to Ops.
SERP (Site Electrical Responsible Person) during Commissioning phase for whole project and ensured State Regulatory Compliance of electrical organization, personnel certification and licensing, and operational procedures.

Last year after Commissioning completion I was transferred to Ops-Maintenance team being involved in coordinating electrical operation and maintenance team in daily activities and supporting Turnaround team.

Electrical Commissioning Superintendent

   Apr 2007
— Jul 2012

CAT (Integrated Commissioning & Acceptance Team) Electrical Superintendent – Working for AGIPKCO on the Kashagan Experimental Project Onshore plant. Responsible for all electrical generation and distribution, which includes GE Frame 6 turbine generators x 4, Nuovo Pignone Steam turbine generators x 2, 110/35/10kV plant distribution, 15 substations and LV systems. Ensuring all sub-contractor testing is carried out to local and project specifications. Organizing detailed commissioning schedules, interviewing candidates for internal electrical positions, writing and reviewing procedures. REP (Responsible Electrical Person) and SAEP (Senior Authorized Electrical Person) on site. Completion package preparation including test documentation, as-built drawings, material passports etc for commissioning dossiers for handover to Client.

Power generation and distribution Electrical Supervisor

   Apr 2004
— Mar 2007

Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning, Start-up and Operations on a major Gas Plant Power Generation and Distribution Facilities. Responsible for all aspects of the Commissioning including, Pre-Commissioning, testing, Start-up and Operations of 12 major Substations, two Wellhead Offshore Platforms, Frame 6 Gas Turbines, Procedure writing, Planning, Permit to Work and Isolations, Training, Power DCS Controls, etc. Later during Operations took over the role of advisor to the Plant Supt. for one year.

Equipment Included: - Step-Up Transformers and Power Transformers: 11/33 KV, 33/11 KV; 33/6 KV; 6/0.4KV, Gas Turbine Generators: 11.5KV/ 45 MVA, Auxiliary Equipment, Battery Chargers, Invertors, 11KV; 6KV; 0.4KV – Motors, UPS and DCP System, Cathodic Protection Rectifiers, EIS -Emergency Isolating System, LDS -Load Shedding System, PDCS- Power Distribution Control System-ABB, ESD – Emergency Shutdown System-HIMA, PMS – Power Management System-ALSTHOM.

Enel Power
I&E Commissioning Engineer

   Oct 2003
— Mar 2004

Responsible for Commissioning, Start-up and Operations on a major Power Plant Electrical Equipments and loops & logic checks for DCS (Westinghouse-Ovation) of gas turbines and boilers (heat recovery steam generation), DCS - Bailey / INFI-90 for steam turbines, PLC- ABB 800 F and Symatic S7 PLC’s for demineralization plant, oily and waste water system.

Thermoelectrica Borzesti Power Plant Romania
Production and Operation Manager

   Mar 1999
— Jan 2002

I was in charge of the Operations Department - Boilers; Steam-Turbines; Electrical Generation and Distribution; Black Oil Discharging (Black oil tanks- 80.000 tones capacity); Gas Let-down Station (consumption 150.000Nm3/h); Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance Sections; Technical Investments and Budget. I coordinated all operation and maintenance activities for 8x50 MW power units (5 units was functioning with black oil and gas and 3 units was functioning with coal) and 2x200 MW power units (gas and black oil).
I was Project Manager for the following investments:
Replacement of the process control equipment with D.C.S. (distributed control system) - ADVANT POWER ABB (special design for 200 MW turbines).
Replacement of the old electric protections for Generator –Transformer 200MW Block with digital protections type ABB.
Replacement of the rotating Exciter System of 50MW and 200MW units with a Static Shunt Field Excitation System ABB.

Thermoelectrica Borzesti Powe Plant Romania
Electrical Superintendant, Operation Shif tSuperintendent, Operation Manager

   Oct 1987
— Mar 1999

Started in the Instrument and Electrical Maintenance Dept, Electrical Maintenance Superintendent, Shift Superintendent after and finished as the Operations Manager in charge of plant operations (Boilers, Turbines and Electrical Departments); ensured the Electrical Power for the Romanian Electrical National Network and coordinated and ensured the Power Distribution & Steam Distribution for the Borzesti-Petrochemical Platform (Refinery, Rubber Plant and Chemical Plant), running 50 MW and 200 MW Power Units.

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