Last Updated: 29th March 2018 (over 4 years ago)

South Africa


Phone Number


Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level
Trade Qualification

Afrikaan, English


I have many skills pertinent to this role gained from the year 2002 to date as a successful professional .
The skills that I have , I believe to be highly relevant to this job and your company including excellent analytical thinking / ability to motivate / troubleshooting and staying calm under pressure .
During my career as a professional person in the mining industry I have experienced in the conventional and trackless mining and in the surface and underground operation of these types of mining .
And I believe my unique blend of skills can offer a great deal .

• I was trained as an electrician by the company named Anglogold Ashanti . The shaft I worked on was established in the mid '70's and they had about 6 000 employees at it's peak . They taught me accuracy , quality workmanship , safety first , and to have a strong eye for detail / neatness and correctness .

• As I have worked conventional and trackless mining and gained experience in underground and surface aspects of these operations I believe my experience in fault finding and problem solving would be an asset to the company I am associate with .

• At Glencore I was introduced to trackless mining and the challenges associated with it . I firstly worked in the underground mining environment and was then moved to the surface experiencing all the aspects of trackless mining .

• As an experienced Multi-Skilled Electrician in the gold and platinum mining industry I have experience in the underground & surface environment and in trackless & conventional mining.

I am confident that I possess the attributes you are looking for that my experiences gained in deep level mining and on trackless mining would provide invaluable insight and capability to your organization