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United Kingdom



Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level

English, Filipino, French, Spanish


I graduated with Distinction from the University of Toronto, obtaining an Honors Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences, as well as from McGill University where I earned my Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy. My extensive education has developed my observational, analytical and interpretive abilities, giving me the ability to plan, develop and implement programs.

In my role as a caseworker, I am responsible for the interviewing and assessing the requirements of families in need of subsidized day care. My customer service skills are evident in my ability to determine clients' issues and seek information about the underlying needs of my clients. I effectively assist the clients by matching their needs to available or customized services, including accommodating clients of di-verse backgrounds. I have also developed a partnership with University of Toronto, taking part in community engagement annually to present to families in the post-secondary institution of our services.

I have developed strong organizational and interpersonal skills, in addition to my ability to deal effectively with client requests and varying situations. I have the ability to identify client needs, make referrals, and link clients to appropriate community resources, including various hostels and shelters in the City of Toronto, Child Care Centers, Children's Aid Society, and Toronto Employment and Social Services.

Throughout my career, I have demonstrated continual expertise in performing high-level risk assessments, leading motivated and productive teams, and driving policy development and implementation to minimize risk.

My excellent analytical and problem-solving skills position me to make a significant impact on your unit. This is evident in my current role as a Business Analyst with Children’s Services, helping to define the business needs of district operations. I help to gather the business’ conditions and capabilities, documenting them in a consistent, complete and useful way in order to design and deliver solutions to the team. I have also collaboratively worked with the Risk Management team to safely deploy new features to Children’s Services computer systems and services to our clients, which includes the deployment of Fair Pass, a City of Toronto initiative to make public transit affordable to Toronto residents, as well as the deployment of document upload through My Child Care Account client portal.

Having acted as a District Supervisor, I have managed four Children’s Services District Offices (South, North, East and West District Offices) which has strengthened my abilities as a leader to deal with conflict, time-management, and resource allocation. I have also demonstrated strong interpersonal skills, evident in my ability to work with staff at all organizational levels and in my ability to manage staff and client concerns and complaints effectively. As a leader, I have the capability of building a high performing team, taking responsibilities as needed and promoting a supportive environment, good morale and cooperation between team members. I also have experience in conducting thorough reviews of client files to ensure compliance with relevant policies, procedures and legislation. As part of my role I guide my colleagues on all related issues and ensure that all work is carried out in accordance with any quality assurance system or service quality standard

I had the opportunity to continuously act as a Supervisor at the Applications and Enquiry Unit, managing the Children’s Services centralized waiting list for child care fee subsidy. The unit is also responsible for handling client inquiries, and I ensure the management of excellent service levels. I take part in meetings with senior management in Children’s Services to provide placement directives and participate in developing strategies to ensure equity targets are met. I also ensured the management of the City’s waiting list for child care fee subsidy is in compliance with the Auditor General’s recommendations on the First-Come, First-Serve policy.

I had been assigned on a special project with Children's Services to work on the District Operation Fee Subsidy Manual, from its inception through to its completion. I was responsible for the revision of the Child Care Fee Subsidy policies, their applications, and procedures to ensure they are in compliance with Municipal and Provincial legislation. I had also been responsible for the training of Children's Services caseworkers in order to successfully implement the revised policies. I continue to contribute to the revisions policies as required.


McGill University
Bachelors of Science in Occupational Therapy

   Sep 1996
— Apr 1999

· Completed five clinical rotations throughout Canada (in Toronto, Ontario, Montréal, Quebec and Vancouver, British Columbia)
· Worked with and implemented programs for some of the indigenous populations in Vancouver, BC during a placement at the Vancouver General Hospital.
· Visited clients in transition housing, as well as clients who were diagnosed as HIV positive and living in specialized residences that catered to their health problems.

University of Toronto
Honours Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences

   Sep 1992
— Apr 1996

· Graduated with Distinction
· Canada and Ontario Scholar


City of Toronto Children's Services
Business Analyst

   Jul 2019
— Oct 2019

• Defined the business needs of district operations
• Helped gather the business’ conditions and capabilities, documenting them in a consistent, complete and useful way in order to design and deliver solutions to the team
• Collaboratively worked with the Risk Management team to safely deploy new features to Children’s Services computer systems and services to our clients
• Involved in the deployment of Fair Pass, a City of Toronto initiative to make public transit affordable to Toronto residents, as well as the deployment of document upload through My Child Care Account client portal.

City of Toronto Children's Services
Access for Indigenous Families Team Member

   May 2016
— Current

· Promote family capacity building and address the unique needs of low-income Aboriginal families with children who have moved to Toronto from more isolated communities
· Advocate on behalf of and help facilitate Aboriginal families' access to family supports and child care services
· Act as a liaison and collaborate with various social service agencies in order to assist the Aboriginal families in navigating access to services, and identifying and speaking to the specific needs of Aboriginal children and families in Toronto
· Help to increase cultural awareness for staff and improve the delivery of appropriate services
· Build and maintain relationships with other workers and agencies working with Indigenous families
· Enhance cultural competency

City of Toronto Children's Services
Acting District Supervisor

   Jul 2013
— Current

· Supervise the Applications & Enquiry Unit and management of the centralized wait list
· Ensuring staff are meeting excellent service levels in handling telephone inquiries
· Professionally supervise the daily operations of Children’s Services District Offices, including professional and support staff
· Management of client intake and placement function
· Ensure services to clients are accessible and are delivered in a timely and friendly manner
· Regularly create and review work schedules for both support assistant staff and caseworkers, assist in coordinating vacation schedules, accumulated days off, managing and inputting attendance in the Staffing System
· Attend Network meetings with Children's Services consultants to give District Operations updates to centre supervisors and other community members, incorporating thorough knowledge of social services, applicable legislation and regulations such as the Day Nursery Act, Human Rights, Occupational Health and Safety, and Collective Agreement
· Represent the department at community events, workshops and public speaking in the community
· Conduct subsidy file reviews of caseworkers for quality assurance purposes, ensuring that policies and legislation are being adhered to
· Resolve conflict situations, including client complaints, by assessing, presenting and implementing solutions
· Manage the assessment of clients with special needs
· Coordinate workflow in situations of reduced staff
· Implement new processes to minimize backlog on client files
· Work independently, as well as organize time and workload in an efficient manner
· Prepare, document, and present case histories to board inquiries

City of Toronto Children's Services

   Aug 2000
— Current

· Assess client eligibility for child care fee subsidy while adhering to legislation and policies
· Complete statistics and monitor day care centre movements and placements according to the Day Care Nursery Act
· Identify and evaluate client needs to develop child care service plans
· Ontario Works Child Care Broker, liaising between Toronto Children's Services and Toronto Employment and Social Services on an as needed basis to share information that builds a stronger relation-ship between the two divisions and to provide better client service in compliance with corporate/departmental policies and practices
· Conduct eligibility assessment, ensuring client data is entered into CSIS (Children’s Services Information System) and establish a client fee for initial and ongoing eligibility
· Complete backlog on client files; maintain and update files; answer day care centre, client and public inquiries
· Provide caseload backup with fellow caseworkers allowing for effective working relationships with clients, staff and various community agencies and organizations
· Develop and maintain relationships with hostels/ shelters in Toronto to ensure priority placement of clients’ children into care
· Appeal and advocate on clients’ behalf for child care

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