Spanish and arts teacher with 4+ years of experience.

Last Updated: 19th January 2021 (about 1 year ago)

United Kingdom



Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level

English, Spanish


¡Hola! I’m Maria, Spanish and arts teacher with 4+ years of experience, specialized in child and youth education. I’m creative, resourceful and passionate about teaching.

For me it’s very important to generate a solid bond with my students, understand their needs and interests in order to offer them a lesson with the best possible content. My main objective is to help my students to achieve their goals in a flexible, fun and effective way.

I consider myself as a person with great capacity of learning. Honest, calm and efficient. I’m passionate about getting involved in new projects, being in constant movement and taking on challenges.

My major degree is in Arts, and I’m also certified as a Spanish teacher by Miguel de Cervantes European University (in Spain).


ELE internacional

   Jul 2020
— Nov 2020

Specialization course in “TEACHING SPANISH AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE”. certificate expedited by Miguel de Cervantes European University.

Ponfiticia Javeriana University
Degree in Visual Arts with graphic emphasis.

   Feb 2006
— Mar 2012


Spanish and Arts Teacher.

   Feb 2020
— Current

Main duties and responsibilities:
- Planning, preparing and delivering On-Line lessons.
- Preparing teaching materials.
- Checking and assessing students work.
- Organizing and running specialist courses.
- Helping students to improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills (Spanish Classes).

Achievements in this role:
- Remarkable Student Progress, by motivate and encourage students to progress in their studies.

IBOBI International Interactive Center
Arts Teacher.

   Jul 2017
— Dec 2019

main duties and responsibilities:
- Planning, preparing and delivering lessons.
- Preparing teaching materials.
- Showing students how to use materials and techniques, encouraging students to create art work, evaluating class activity, and organizing student exhibitions.
- Attending social events.

Achievements in this role:
- Successful development and expansion of the curriculum into a creative, multidimensional and multicultural program that introduced students to a wide variety of art experiences and encouraged an interest in and ability for creative expression.

La Salle, Training Center
English and Arts Teacher.

   Apr 2015
— Dec 2016

Prepare and provide the best resources (worksheets, flashcards, craft sheets) for teaching English and Arts to children Between 5-11 years old.

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