Power System Engineer

Last Updated: 20th July 2017 (over 5 years ago)



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Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level

English, Spanish


Electrical engineer with outstanding performance in utility’s technical and corporate management.
Extensive experience in power systems analysis and economic evaluation of investment projects applied for planning, conceptual and basic engineering development of power generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure projects.
Expert in strategic and operational planning, investment portfolio formulation and business transformation, corporate budgeting and projects management.

Field of Experience:
Studies related to the power transmission system planning in order to determine the most technical and economic network infrastructure expansion plan to better fit the short, medium and long term power service requirements.

Power system performance assessment in order to evaluate the power grid adequacy throughout steady state and dynamic power system analysis.

Transmission and distribution infrastructure development plan formulation
Power system reliability analysis.

Conceptualizing and basic engineering development for low, medium and high voltage facilities.

On-site technical project advance evaluation and electromechanical works assessment.

Technical and economic power supply feasibility analysis using renewable energy (wind and solar) and conventional sources.

Experience designing and preparing tender documents, like technical specifications, cost estimation, bidding evaluation rules and decision making process for electro-mechanical projects.

Investment portfolio management

Voltage sags and swells analyses

Arc flash risk assessment and mitigation

Network transient analysis

Harmonics levels and their control

Integration of distributed generation in power systems

Voltage control and VAR flow optimization

Dictate courses in power system analysis and renewable energy related topics.


Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain)
Master in Renewable Energies

   Apr 2005
— Jan 2007

Universidad Simón Bolívar (Venezuela)
Specialist in Electrical Installations

   Jan 2004
— Dec 2005

General Electric Co.(USA)
Power System Engineering Course

   Sep 2002
— Apr 2003

IESA (Venezuela)
Corporate Management

   Jan 2002
— Aug 2002

IESA (Venezuela)
76th Management for Engineer

   Jun 2000
— Nov 2000

Universidad Simón Bolívar (Venezuela)
Studies in Specialist in Power Distribution

   Sep 1991
— Sep 1993

Universidad Simón Bolívar (Venezuela)
Electrical Engineer

   Sep 1982
— Mar 1989


Chief Business Developer Officer / Independent Consultant

   Oct 2015
— Current

Led the growth business strategy to consolidate the national and international positioning. Managed the conceptualization, supplier evaluation and procurement guiding the tender design, bidding process evaluation and business proposal. Led the conceptual and basic engineering design.

Independent Consultant:
Strategic planning proposal design for Seguros Previsora y Bancoex.

Rehabilitation projects prefeasibility evaluation for mini hydroelectric power plants in Puerto Rico (PRICH LLC)

Conceptual design for the modernization of the electrical installations of the Nestlé Plant in Santa Cruz de Aragua.

Panamanian power system evaluation with the incorporation of Martano power plant -450 MW- .

Freelance Consultant
Power System Consultant

   Sep 2015
— Current

Economic feasibility analysis for the ARCO SOLAR, solar PV project in Panamá (2017)
Panamanian power system evaluation with the incorporation of Martano power plant -450 MW- (2017).
Rehabilitation projects prefeasibility evaluation for mini hydroelectric power plants in Puerto Rico (PRICH LLC 2016)
Conceptual design for the modernization of the electrical installations of the Nestlé Plant in Santa Cruz de Aragua (2015)

Chief Transmission Engineering Officer

   Jan 2015
— Sep 2015

Commanded the investment policies for national transmission infrastructures’ rehabilitation and modernization. Managed contracting and bidding processes for engineering, procurement and construction related with the project portfolio. Coordination of policies for assets maximization usage.

Operational Planning Manager

   Mar 2010
— Dec 2014

Managed the operational planning model and design the structure of corporate budget. Defined the guidelines for organizational budget formulation (aprox. 3.000 MMUS$) during 2011-2014.
Conceptualized the information system to integrate the corporate planning and budgeting processes. Led the formulation of the draft 2015 budget using a macroeconomic model and business intelligence estimation.

EDELCA (merged into CORPOELEC in 2010)
Corporate Planning Manager

   Jun 2008
— Feb 2010

Corporate advisor team member for the national electricity sector reorganization, coordinating strategic analysis to adapt the company to the new regulatory scheme. Led the design of guidelines for corporate restoration during 2008 the global financial crisis. Managed the lobby team to impulse the initiative of a hydroelectric expansion on Tayucay (2.160 MW). Lead the strategic and operational planning process.

Chief Transmission Planning Officer

   Jun 2005
— Jun 2008

Lead the technical and economic feasibility evaluations of transmission investment projects (115 kV to 765 kV) and distribution (13.8 to 115 kV) and the formulation of the company's transmission expansion plan. Coordinate studies to determine the feasibility of inter-company energy exchanges. Develop technical and economic feasibility analyses for a wind farm proposal in Margarita Island (50 MW).

Power System Technical Support Manager

   Jun 1995
— Jun 2005

Led the bi-national technical team to design the interconnection between Venezuela – Brazil. Commanded studies for the power distribution and transmission system upgrading in Ciudad Guayana (13.8 kV, 34.5 kV and 115 kV). Managed the definition of design criteria for distribution systems 115 / 13.8 kV. Led the technical and economic studies in order to incorporate a HVDC transmission system into the national power network. Network studies to support the conceptualizing and basic engineering for infrastructure project. Member of the management team that designed the corporate reorganization under the 2000 electrical regulation.

Electrical Engineer

   May 1989
— Jun 1995

Responsible for the conceptualizing and basic engineering support studies for power transmission projects. Set up the Ciudad Guayana’s power transmission and distribution expansion plan for short, medium and long term horizon (load around 3.500 MW) including the power facilities design for aluminum, iron and steelmaker manufacturers in the industrial area of Ciudad Guayana (2.600 MW).