Repairs Coordinator

Last Updated: 16th January 2020 (over 3 years ago)

United Kingdom


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Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level
Other Post Graduate



Sap super user, materials management expert and inventory planner with over 10 years experience working in the oil and gas sector.

Held positions at management level working for service companies, developing strong working relationships with employees from different backgrounds and disciplines.

My key strengths include, dedication, commitment, integrity, attention to detail, strong communication and I value strong work ethics.

I finally gained employment within a large operating organisation conducting a full supply chain review from both onshore and offshore, implementing new processes, introducing improved training guidelines and focused on participating in the clear up of material master data.


Anderson High, Lerwick, Shetland Isles
Standard Grades

   Nov 1998
— Jun 2003

Had a good education, however from a very young age I was very ambitious and wanted to succeed. I started a career in Logistics as I was curious and passionate about the supply chain movement.

Below are my standard grade results.

Standard Grades - Grade 1 highest mark. Grade 6 lowest

Maths Grade 2
English Grade 1
French Grade 3
Accounting Grade 2
Geography Grade 3
Science Grade 3
Computing Grade 1

Left School at the age of 16 to gain employment in the oil and gas sector.


Total E&P
Repairs Coordinator

   Jul 2014
— Current

Total E&P July 2014 - Present
Repairs coordinator.
Inventory focal point for 2 offshore assets based in the North Sea. Responsible for all material movements, cost control, critical spares and forecasting stock for our 28 day look ahead. My main target is to ensure we have the correct equipment available, preventing major shutdowns which may result in a loss of production. Train all new starts on SAP. Review monthly stock reports by prioritising the reduction of dead stock. Encouraging slow moving stock to be issued to outstanding work orders. Analyse reports on a daily basis amending any discrepancies. Provide assistance to offshore personnel regarding outstanding repairs. Update material masters to align with physical components.

Senior Materials Controller

   Aug 2009
— Jul 2014

Team lead responsible for the warehouse operations function. Engaging with customers providing a first class service, working to tight deadlines within a high pressured environment. Recording all savings and utilising stock worldwide fulfilling all plan and demand orders. Participated in global projects relating to the introduction of a new material redeployment scheme. Delegated quarterly stock counts striving for 100 percent accuracy. Reduce value of dead stock on a monthly basis. Engage heavily with budget holders regarding critical spares, disposals and forecasting.

Stores coordinator

   Jan 2007
— Aug 2009

Goods receipt all incoming orders for services and stock. Prepare all outward shipments, local deliveries and inspection. General forklifting duties, mandatory housekeeping in the store combined with washing company vehicles. Provide engineers with correct materials and equipment. Engage with customers ensuring all testing completed accordingly. Stock counting every quarter. Issue out all materials assigned to work orders. Correcting all discrepancies.

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