Senior Instrument Engineer

Last Updated: 26th December 2017 (over 4 years ago)

Alexandria, Egypt


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Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level
Trade Qualification

Arabic, English


I have more than 20 years of experience, covers various areas mainly Field Instrument, PLC, SCADA, ESD, CMMS (Maximo7.1&SAP) systems, Gas Turbine Power Plant (GTPP), Steam Turbine, Gas Compressors, Tanks' Gauging System and Fire & Gas System.


• Bachelor Degree in Electronic Engineering (Communication Section)

   Sep 1990
— Jun 1995

• Bachelor Degree in Electronic Engineering (Communication Section)
• Graduate from: Banha University- Faculty of Engineering.
• Graduate year: 1995 / Project grade: Excellent.
• Graduation Grade: Very Good, 78.05% (The third of installment)


Senior Instrument Engineer

   Feb 2002
— Nov 2012

Site & Job Title:- Department Manager of I&C at Egyptian Ethylene & Derivatives - ETHYDCO from Jun 2011-Nov.2014
Job Description:-
1- Investigation& dealing with the trouble shooting of instruments failures, Management , EMERSON “ DELTA V”(Digital automation system) Checking trends, graphs, set points, checking ESD matrix and all logics, Checking all instruments via AMS (Asset Management System), modify data, correction, troubleshooting and configuring setting for the relater GE gas turbines model MS6001B and Reciprocating CAMERON Gas Compressors at ETHYDCO site.
Following are details:-
• Performing for all field Instrument calibration & maintenance
• Performing all type of Maintenance (Preventive, Protective and Emergency) for all types’ instrument items for the gas turbines and all utility units Like Water Treatment, Gas Compressor, Air Compressor, Black Start Diesel Generator (BSDG) and F&G systems for Gas Turbine Power Plant GTPP.
• Compressor Controls Corporation (CCC) anti-surge controller maintenance and troubleshooting.
• Dealing with the troubleshooting for the Condition &Vibration Monitoring System Bently Nevada 3500 Series.
• Ability to use and interpret phase testers, multi meter instrument, Meg, ohmmeter, Hand Tools and other testing equipment.
• Expertise and proficiency with basic office computer software, and the ability to learn how to effectively use maintenance software to Input data and research parts.
• Ability to write detailed repair reports as well as good verbal communication
• Maintenance of operated sites and work places in accordance with
Electrical, HSE and fire safety requirements.

Site & Job Title:- Lead Instrument Engineer at General Petroleum Company
GPC at Abo Sanan Plent from Dec.2008-Jun.2011
Job Description:-

1- Investigation &dealing with the trouble shooting of instruments failures during plant commissioning activities and start up this plants for all equipment such as , 10 gas compressors Waukesha, 4 Solar gas turbine (MARS100) type controlled by RS logic 5000 control system, GE Gas Turbine Frame 5 - MS5000 Controlled by a Mark VIe control system at Abo-Sanan plant.
2- Solving the Troubleshooting and maintenance of Field:-
Draft Pressure Transmitters, Differential Pressure Transmitters, Inline Pressure transmitter, Temperature Transmitters, DP Flow Transmitters, Vortex Flow Transmitters, Ultrasonic Flow Transmitters, Gamma Ray Level Transmitters, DP Level Transmitters, Float Type Level Transmitter, Ultrasonic Level Transmitter (Rosemount, Moberly, Honeywell, Foxboro, GE, Masoneilan,BrooksInstrument), Thermocouple, RTD and Multiple Thermo-sensorThermometer(MTT), Pneumatic Controllers (Pressure and Level).
3- Designed and Implemented the Upgraded the control system for the OVER HEAD compressor (RC) at Abo-Sanan plant. To control with PLC system based on SIEMENS redundant S7-412H system connected to ET200M I/O station.
4- Engineering and sizing valve selection for any types of control valves.
5- Engineering and build the control loop and select the field instruments Like, pressure, temperature, level and flow transmitter and switches according to functional and performance specifications.
6- Maintaining the local panels including PLC’S and dealing with the trouble shooting for control system and for PLC’S SIEMENS SIMATIC S5 – 115H, SIMATIC S7 – CPU 300U, 414-5H, Remote I/O ET200M and ALLEN-BRADLEY PLC 5/20C, 5/40C.
Site & Job Title:- Lead Instrument Engineer at Alexandria Oil Mineral
Company AMOC from Feb.2002 – Dec.2008
Job Description:-
Responsible for preparing and achieving the preventive and corrective maintenance work order for all instrumentation items which covers:-

1- Calibration and adjustment the field instruments like pressure, Temperature, level, flow transmitters and switches.
2- Designed and Implemented the Upgraded the program PLC SIEMENS SIMATIC S5 – 115H to Redundant PLC SIMATIC S7 – 412H with ET200M I/O station for the Hydrogen Compressor at AMOC site
3- Testing, calibration and maintenance all types of control valves.
4- Observing the operation of Tanks' gauging system and adjusting the Reading to match the actual tank level dealing with the trouble shooting when required.
7- Performing the I/O check and checking the program logic online and offline using PG 740 portable and making the necessary modifications in the program logics when required.
8- Starting up and downloading the program of the operating panel Siemens OP 17, OP27 using the program software PROTOL.
9- Commissioning, starting up, maintenance and troubleshooting of HANYWELL DCS system.
10- Carrying out the trouble shooting for the sequence machines and solving the problems for automation.
11- Adjusting and programming the AC inverters by setting the parameters.
12- Calibration and adjusting the weight scale for loading arm unit.
13- Maintenance for all types of the protection instruments for the gas turbines like over speed, over temperature, vibration modules and calibrating the Bentley Nevada system 3300Series for vibration.
14- Train the section's team in maintenance principles and troubleshooting techniques.
15- Testing and calibrating some types of analyzers like PH & Conduct.
16- Good knowledge of work safety activities in the plant such as: Work Permit, Equipment Isolation, Working at heights, Chemicals handling, Scaffolds erection, Confined space entry, etc.