Head of Maintenance / Project Manager / Senior SCADA & Telecom Specialist

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Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level

Arabic, English, French


Project Manager and also Telecommunication & SCADA Specialist with extensive experience in Consultancy, Planning, Design, Engineering and Project Management activities for industrial projects in Power, Oil & Gas, Gas pipelines sectors in Tunisia as well as International locations.

The functional areas include:

a) Power plant experience,
b) Power for both transmission & distribution system,
c) Gas pipe line for both transmission & distribution system,
d) Telecommunication Switching & Transmission Systems, Plant Communication Systems, Integration, Networking and Interplant Cabling.
e) Microwave Radio Communication Systems both design and installation,
f) Tetra, VHF & UHF Radio Communication Systems, both design and installation,
g) OFC system and SDH technologies,
h) Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA) for Power Supply and Distribution, for Gas & Oil system
i) Water Supply Distribution, Gas & Heat Supply Distribution networks.


Divers courses and training
Divers courses

   Jan 2000
— Dec 2008


Pathloss 4 & 5, Atoll 3.1, EDX SignalPro 7, ATDI ICS Telecom, Mentum Eclipse 8, Globalmapper
Microsoft Office, Excel and Microsoft Project
Microsoft C++ .Net, Visual Basic, Autocad
Unix / Linux administration and troubleshoot / Microsoft NT server and 2003 Server

 2008 - Over Pole Ground Wired (OPGW) configuration, SDH and PDH conception and installation system training. (KDN / KEPCO – Seoul – South Korea).
 2007 - ABB SPIDER SCADA System factory acceptance test ‘FAT’. (ABB Training Office - Manheim – Germany).
 2007 - ABB SPIDER SCADA System training (ABB Training Office - Manheim – Germany).
 2007 - ABB AVANTI Database training (ABB Training Office - Manheim – Germany).
 2006 - ORACLE Database 10G ‘Administration & User guide’. (ORADIST - TUNISIA).
 2006 - ABB RTU560 Training (ABB Training Office - Manheim – Germany).
 2006 - BRODERSEN RTU32 & RTU850 PLC configuration training ‘Level 1 & 2’.
(BRODERSEN Training Office - Dusseldorf – Germany).
 2005 - BRODERSEN ‘UCW600’ radio training (BRODERSEN - TUNISIA).
 2005 - ABB SPIDER IDES training (ABB Center - Manheim – Germany).
 2004 - Data acquisition and transmission for GDF & EDF SCADA system (GDF & EDF – France).
 2003 - Data acquisition and transmission for PSI SCADA system (PSI – Germany).
 2002 - Data acquisition and transmission for ABB SPIDER Gas SCADA system. (ENAGAS – Madrid –Spain).
 2001– Radio Propagation study, Sites Survey and Radio links Design. (Microwave Data System).
 2000 - Data acquisition and transmission for Foxboro Gas SCADA system (SNAM – Milan – Italy).
 2000 – Data acquisition and transmission for electricity and water SCADA system.
(EFFACEC – Porto - Portugal).
 2000 – Data acquisition and transmission for power transmission SCADA system.
 2000 – Data acquisition and transmission for Gas transmission SCADA system.
 1995 - Professional aptitude in Tunisian National Telecommunication Company.

Higher School of Communication of Tunis

   Sep 1991
— Jul 1996

Telecommunications & Computer Engineering Degree.


Biswal Ltd Nigeria
Head of maintenance

   Jan 2016
— Current

Jan. 2016 - Present: Head of Maintenance – Biswal Ltd Nigeria

Biswal Ltd Nigeria is a Nigerian company providing full power service for more than 3000 Telecom sites across all Nigeria.
In charge of both preventive and curative maintenance of more than 2700 sites. Managing more than 400 staff across all Nigeria.

Sarl FAM Communications
Senior SCADA & Telecom Specialist

   Feb 2012
— Jan 2016

FAM Communications was Consultant to Sonelgaz for detailed design, engineering, procurement, project monitoring, control and implementation of SCADA/ EMS system and its integration with the Telecommunication system to cover the requirements of the augmented power transmission and distribution network.

- Responsible for design, engineering, contracting, procurement, design review, project performance monitoring, control and all project management activities for implementation of the SCADA and Telecommunication System for the new SDO DAS Power system in the west area of Algeria.

Sarl Hayatcom algeria
Project Manager/ ABB/Hayatcom Algérie

   Mar 2009
— Dec 2011

- Responsible for the project management of BCC Constantine DAS Scada system project (ABB). In charge of engineering, system installation, commissioning. The project including 4 Real Time Control Centers, 1030 Power substations were connected by UHF radio system to the radio repeaters and finally to the control centers. 69 electrical substations are connected and using WLL radio system. A Microwave PDH Backbone was deployed between the 4 control centers to synchronize SCADA real time databases, centralize all critical information in the main SCADA system and supply voice services for operation utility everywhere in this area. 31 repeaters was installed and commissioned to cover all the area for MW PDH, UHF and WLL communication services.
- Responsible for ATM Mobilis Construction project. The project consists to supply and construct 300 news GSM tower sites. I was in charge of proposal preparation, client requirement study, Tower vendor’s choice and validation, solution choice, contract negotiation: Contract signed in August 2011.
- Responsible for Sonelgaz Gas SDH/PDH Backbone & Automation System. The project consists to supply an automation and SDH/PDH telecom backbone system for 80 Km, 28” gas pipeline.
- Responsible for Sonatrach SDH/PDH optical fiber project. The project consists to supply and install 6 SDH/PDH nodes.

STEG (www.steg.com.tn)
Senior SCADA & Telecom Engineer

   May 1998
— Feb 2009

- Holds regular review meetings with the client on issues such as Scada Project conformance and commissioning progress as well as meetings with the vendors to resolve any equipment related problems. Provides technical as well as manpower support to client during initial operations as required by contract project terms. Hands over the plant to client in line with the commissioning schedules and client requirements. Review reports generated by Commissioning Engineers and provide support and technical guidance as and when required.
- Responsible for Tunisia national gas dispatching system project, including six Regional Centers (Micro-SCADA) ‘CSR’ and a National Main Control Center ‘CNCG’ located in Tunis. A total of 170 gas sub-stations are being supervised and monitored using radio links, GSM links and VSAT. PLC system was deployed in each gas sub-station.
- In charge to upgrade gas equipment in more than 170 gas substations (Including Byer gas substations [British gas, AGIP]) and power plant around Tunisia. More than 1000 pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters, gas flow measurement system, fire detection system and chromatograph were installed and commissioned with client satisfaction. The main goal was to prepare these entire gas substations to be monitored remotely.
- Responsible for the gas substation DCS system, supplying gas to IPP production power plant.
- Responsible for Tunisia national Power transmission dispatching system project, including one main control and a backup. A total of 95 power transmission sub-stations and power production plants are being supervised and controlled in real time. A local Remote Terminal Unit ‘RTU’ was also required in each electricity transmission sub-station.
- Responsible for Tunisia regional Power distribution dispatching system project, including six control centers. A total of 1400 electricity distribution sub-stations are being supervised and controlled using radio communication links. A local remote terminal unit ‘RTU’ was also supplied and mounted in each electricity distribution sub-station.

May 1998 – June 2001: SCADA & Telecom Engineer - STEG (www.steg.com.tn) / GE Digital Energy

- Responsible of radio propagation system study, sites survey and links design. Planning, design and implementation of Radio & Transmission network projects to extend radio coverage for the entire Tunisian country.

Telecom Engineer

   Sep 1996
— Apr 1998

Team Supervisor of audio & TV equipment design and installation.

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