Turbine Engineer

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Phone Number


Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level

Arabic, English, German


8 years experience in the commissioning, start up , operation and maintenance of gas and steam turbine in both power generation and oil and gas fields


Shobra Faculty of Engineering
Power Mechanical engineering

   Sep 2004
— May 2009

Grade : 74.83%

Graduation Project Grade : Excellent


Qarun Petroleum Co.
Gas Turbine Engineer

   Aug 2015
— Current

- Solar Centaur 50 Gas Turbine operation, maintenance ,modification and overhauling .
- Gas Turbine inspection.
- Medium and low voltage switch-gear (3.3 kv - 400 v).
- Power plant auxiliary ( Air Compressors - Emergency Diesel Generators - Diesel Fuel Pumps).
- Instrumentation and control troubleshooting.
- Perform the required weekly tests.

Giza North Power Plant Project
Commissioning & Operation Engineer

   Feb 2013
— Jul 2015

Responsible for the safe and efficient operation of 6*250 GE 9FA gas turbine gas and liquid fuel fired.
* Involved in the maintenance activities that related to gas turbine operation.
*Heat Recovery steam Generator (HRSG) steam blowing, commissioning and start up.
*Ansaldo Energia 3*250 MW steam turbine commissioning and start up testing .
*Balance of Plant [BOP] commissioning and operation
*400V Low Voltage and 6.3KV Medium Voltage Switchgear and Emergency Diesel Generators testing.
*220KV and 500KV GIS.
*Issuing the work permits for maintenance department and project contractors for maintenance, construction and commissioning activities in the project field.
*Leading a team of 9 power plant engineers.
*Responsible for training of the fresh engineers that joined the team to make them familiar with the work environment.

Cairo North Power Plant
Operation Engineer

   Aug 2010
— Jan 2013


-2*250 MW General Electric MS-9001FA Gas Turbine.
-Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) manufactured by Dutch NEM
- 1*250MW ALSTOM steam turbine
- BOP controlled by DCS controller (mark VIe General Electric control)
-GIS 220KV.
-6.3 KV and 400 V switchgear
- Perform the required weekly and monthly tests.
- Cooperate with maintenance departments for troubleshooting.
- Prepare the daily performance reports.
- Issuing the work permits for maintenance to ensure the safety for personnel
and equipment.
- Advise the maintenance department of any dysfunctional equipment or
operating parameters at variance with normal levels.

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