Sr. Inspection Engineer

Last Updated: 2nd October 2019 (over 3 years ago)



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Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

Arabic, English


I have 13 + years’ experience in field of Oil and Gas in particular in Refinery, Oil & gas production , Fertilizer& Petrochemicals plants, familiar with international codes, standards and specifications like API, ASME, ASTM, AWS, ANSI, DIN, ISO etc. Started as Junior and promoted to senior level in the following main areas:
• Plant Inspection & Asset Integrity Management.
• Risk Based Inspection, Fitness for Service & Remaining Life Assessment.
• Integrity related Contracts Management as follows: Work scoping & Budget Estimate, Resourcing &Vendors Pre-qualifications, Bids analysis, Technical Evaluation, Contract execution follow-up & Cost Control.
• Quality Assurance & Quality Control.
• Welding Inspection and heat treatment.
• Conventional & Advanced Non-destructive Testing.
• Risk Assessment for hazard locations.
• Mentoring Egyptian junior inspection Engineers.


API (American Petroleum Institute)
API 653 : Certified Above Ground Storage Tanks Inspector.

   Apr 2019
— Apr 2022

Certificate no. 88715

AWS (American Welding Society)
CWI : Certified Welding Inspector.

   Apr 2019
— Apr 2022

Certificate no. 19040901

Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University
Mechanical Engineer

   Sep 2000
— Jun 2006

graduated as mechanical engineer.

API (American Petroleum Institute)
API 510 : Certified Pressure Vessel Inspector.

Certificate no. 40988


Sigma Oil Services
Sr. Inspection Engineer

   Jun 2010
— Current

- Carrying out the Plant Inspection activities on stream and during annual shutdowns, according to plant asset integrity management system, for plants equipment such as ,columns , heat-exchangers, pressure vessels ,boilers, heaters, reactors, strippers, scrapper, storage tanks , piping & pipelines , offshore structure, Separators, slug catcher , etc. , as following:
1- Developing & implementing inspection plan, & procedures.
2- Internal and External Inspection for plant static equipment, piping, and storage tanks.
3- Evaluate equipment condition as per inspection findings and give the necessary warnings and recommendations with respect to equipment remaining life time, equipment isolation from service, spare ordering, temporary and permanent repairs and modifications.
4- Preparing inspection reports and record for equipment performances.
5- Calculating equipment remaining wall thickness, retiring thickness and recommend FFS & RLA as appropriate.
6- Inspection and witnessing testing of Pressure Safety Valves and mechanical valves.
7- Inspect in site received critical new plant equipment and review related inspection test certificates for acceptance.
8- Participating in the process of preparing Scope of Work and Managing NDT (Conventional and Advanced) contractor’s activities like IRIS, eddy current, pulsed eddy current (PEC), Long Range ultrasonic (LRUT), and Storage tanks In-services robotic inspection.
9- Participating in preparation/implementation of AIM systems, & RBI assessment.

Massa Consulting
Sr. QA/QC engineer

   Aug 2006
— May 2010

- Carrying out the inspection and QA/QC activities in accordance with client specifications & International codes during construction and/or fabrication of plants equipment such as ,columns , heat-exchangers, pressure vessels ,boilers, heaters, reactors, strippers, scrapper, storage tanks , piping & pipelines , offshore structure, Separators, slug catcher , etc. , as following:
1- Review / develop projects ITP's, and welding documents(WPS, PQR & WPQ), heat treatment and NDT procedures for different metals such carbon steel, stainless steel and non -ferrous as well as solving problems related to the welding and materials.
2- Witness mechanical testing(Tensile Test, Bending, Impact test), and reviewing results according to international codes & standards.
3- Qualification of Welding Procedures, Welders, & Welding operators according to international codes & standards.
4- Material inspection: reviewing mill test certificate according to client specification & material specification, visual & lamination check for sheet plates, visual check for piping , fittings & flanges, and preparing/reviewing of traceability sheets.
5- Pre welding inspection, including material check, fit up check(root gap, tack welds, bevel angle), alignment check(for piping, fittings, and flanges), offset check(for sheet plates), & dimensional check.
6- Visual inspection for welding during welding & after finish pass.
7- Witness/Monitoring and evaluation of NDT.
8- Witness/Monitoring heat treatment process.
9- Follow up NCRs.
10- Monitoring/Witness Hydrostatic testing.
11- Preparing inspection reports.

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