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Age Range
25 to 34

Qualification Level
Other Post Graduate

Arabic, English, French


Good experience in Oil & Gas operations, Onshore with high established and excellent
networking in the HSE and operations resources locally and globally, good interpersonal and
relationship-building skills:
 Ability to form an open and productive relationship.
 Have a good management and interpersonal team building skills.
 Good personal commitment to good safety and environmental work practices in E&P
 Including onshore environments equipment’s and plant.
 Good and high team player.
 Have a strong operation experience.
 Excellent helpful and assistant for the operations side.
 Good on HSE MS developments and implementations.
 Good on problems and issues solving HSE and operations.
 Good on working under pressure.
Throughout my career I have established a very good experience in
 E&P Health, Safety and Environment Managements and operations.
 Drilling operations with high level of H2S Gas.
 Onshore simultaneous Operations.
 Onshore project development.
 Knowledge of HSE management systems, HSE tools and techniques.
 HSE Management System Development and Implementation.
 HAZOP/ HAZID/ Safety Cases.
 Training Program Development.


Nebosh Course Provider Interface on Behalf of s3d HSE Ecole (634)
Nebosh Course

   Jan 2015
— Jan 2015

Vocational Training Centre
Qualification certificate in HSE supervisor

   May 2011
— Dec 2011

Ibn Khaldoun Tiaret
Industrial maintenance

   Sep 1996
— Jul 2002


Company HSE manager

   Jan 2016
— Current

About This Job:
 Provide HSE Management Consultancy for onshore construction projects.
 Develop and implements bridging documents
 Lead and provide functional management of HSE personnel under their control.
Develop and maintain Project HSE Management System.
 Management Client HSE interface.
 Monitor and report on the effectiveness of the HSE management system and progress against the
company HSE Performance Standards.
 Make recommendations for improvement where appropriate.
 Provide assistance and advice to the Project Manager/Location Manager with responsibility for
 Contribute towards developing HSE objectives for Project/Location.
 Monitor and report on the implementation and effectiveness.
 Assist with the identification of HSE training needs and monitor delivery and recording.
 Monitor and report on the implementation of the approved HSE objectives.
 Produce HSE performance reports as required.
 Promptly alert line and functional management to significant accidents and incidents.
 Where appropriate be involved in the investigation and ensure that the findings are reported and
appropriately shared.
 Review accident and incident reports.
 Identify any trends and ensure that there is appropriate response to prevent future occurrence

Baker Hughes
HSE specialist

   Apr 2013
— Sep 2014

 Apply HS&E ‘Best Practice’ at all project sites, in line with Client, BHI and BHIO Management
Systems. Ensure coherent HS&E approach by all contracted parties operating in the project –
manage application of the Project HS&E interface.
 Key Responsibilities: perform work in accordance to Baker Hughes HS&E policies and procedures.
Manage, apply and ensure adherence to Project policies, procedures and the specific Interface
 Act as the BHIO focal point between HSE personnel of all contracted parties at Project level. Assist
the Project Team to implement and monitor HS&E systems.
 Promote, with management, a safety culture within the workplace.
 Support HS&E initiatives as requested by the BHIO HSE Manager.
 Ensure that site (rig and facilities) inspections and risk / impacts assessments are carried out on a
regular basis for HSE issues and that remedial action is taken on any non-compliance, or
improvement opportunity, by the relevant individuals.
 Perform and facilitate technical safety-based rig site inspections and ensure validity of drilling
equipment certification, and safety status of that equipment.
 Perform project level risk assessments and coach others to complete and update task risk
assessments on a continual basis.
 Monitor and ensure all rig site H2S contingency provisions are continuously applied to standard.
 Perform external audit of Project subcontractors and suppliers where required.
 Ensure that all incidents, accidents and near misses are reported immediately, and full technical
investigation is performed, actions identified assigned and completed. Assist with training in
accordance with hazards identified via the risk assessments carried out and to comply with
legislative, client and internal requirements.
 Recommend activities and changes to; promote Best Practice, eliminate or reduce actual and
potential losses. Compile formal reports for project activities and preventive safety measures,
analyze information and effectively communicate findings.
 Demonstrate continual performance improvement through analysis of system outputs.
 Further responsibilities as may be defined by the BHIO Management System procedures. Other
duties as deemed required by the BHIO HSE Manager and Project Manager. Perform duties at
various project related locations where requested.

ABB Congo
Site HSE engineer

   Apr 2012
— Mar 2013

Ensuring compliance with:
 Local regulations
 CLIENT HSE requirements
 CONTRACTOR HSE Management System.
 Develops for the site activities, the Site H.S.E.&S plan. Defines, in accordance with this plan the:
 Safety program (instructions, training, meetings, inspections, incentive) Health and medical program
environmental program Check that subcontractor has issued their H.S.E. plans and procedures
before the beginning of work.
 Organizes safety awareness campaigns
 Promotes communication on all HSE matters (awards, incentives,
meeting/inspections/audits reports)
 Checks conformance of equipment to technical requirements and regulations
 Issues and address both to Site Promotes everybody's best efforts to keep accident frequency and
severity ratios at their lowest level.
 Promotes a proper and continuous housekeeping of plant and temporary facilities in order to create
the most suitable conditions for workers to work and to be encouraged to follow HSE requirements.
 Promotes a Waste Management Plan including Construction Wastes and Packing Wastes.
 Conducts worksite HSE walks with all subcontractors, and directs appropriate corrective actions.
 Performs all other miscellaneous work relating to traffic control, fire prevention, environmental
protection and sanitary matters.
 Monitors that all factors likely to improve health and safety are taken into consideration.
 In case of accident, takes the necessary actions.
 Investigate to identify the root causes of all incident and near misses.
 Responsible for the implementation of the site internal regulations defined by the Site Manager,
proposes discipline measures when necessary.

ABB algeria
HSE supervisor

   Feb 2011
— Feb 2012

working as a safety supervisor or in within a similar role in the construction
industry (CPF construction)
 Ensure training, tool box meetings that all workers and supervisor provide suitable PPE.
 assist and advise the various Construction Supervisors in the safe operation of all construction
activities so as to remove the risk of accidents.
 Incidents and near misses on client construction and production sites.
 Reviews the contractor’s maintenance, training and inspection programs
 Inspect facilities, machinery, and safety equipment to identify and correct potential hazards, to
ensure safety regulation compliance.
 Ensures the health, safety and welfare of all personnel working within the facilities.
 Manages the daily coordination of the Operations HSE organization in their support for the CPF
 Develops and maintains the HSE Operations Team to ensure ongoing value and aligned HSE
 HSE Supervisor construction for the Operations for the central processing facility
 Assist with developing HSE plans that comply with Company policies and procedures
 Provide HSE aspects of Company Bid Submissions as requested
 Assisted contractors in developing fall arrest systems when working at heights.
 Assist in the development of project specific HSE procedures.
 Participates in the pre-start up safety review process.
 Conduct HSE trainings and orientation to all new employees.
 Ensure all worksites are HSE compliant with Company policies and safety standards.
 Provide training and induction/awareness courses on HSE and related areas.
 Member of rescue team.

JGC Algeria
HSE supervisor

   Apr 2010
— Dec 2010

working as a safety supervisor in the construction industry (CTH construction)
Apply HS&E ‘Best Practice’ at all project sites, in line with Client, ensure coherent HS&E approach
by all contracted parties
operating in the project – manage application of the Project HS&E interface.
Key Responsibilities: perform work in accordance to JGC HS&E policies and procedures. Manage,
apply and ensure adherence to project policies, procedures and the specific Interface
documentation. Act as the JGC focal point between HSE personnel of all contracted parties at
project level. Assist the Project Team to implement and monitor HS&E systems.

Repsol ypf
HSE advisor

   Nov 2007
— Nov 2008

Provide technical and supervisory assistance to the Field Manager.
 Identify training requirements, organize, coordinate and supervise HSE Training.
 Conduct HSE internal audits and define corresponding action and monitor for implementation and
report to management as required.
 Conduct in-house training (IR Reporting and Management, RA, HSE audits, Emergency Response,
and various other HSE related topics) as required and frequently.
 Conduct HSE awareness campaigns in the form of presentations, safety talks directing HSE staff
to this objective.
 Monitor and maintain HSE performance, propose performance enhancement measures and
report to management as required.
 Facilitate, conduct HSE Risk Assessment on the various subjects of concern in liaison with the
concerned disciplines (operations, engineering, logistics & marine, etc)
 Ensure compliance of Company personnel with HSE policies procedures and standards.
 Monitor contractor performance and report management deviations.
 Prepare HSE reports and statistical reviews for management reports.
 Introduce new HSE procedures and guidelines as relevant and update exiting ones.
 Ensure implementation of Company Incident/Accident Management System (reporting analysis,
recommendations, development of action plans and monitoring for its implementation).
 Conduct and participate in incident/accident investigation in liaison with concerned internal
disciplines and external authorities as required and directed by Field Manager and HSE
 Maintain in database HSE training records for all personnel.
 Manage Field security team and ensure that the Company's security guidelines are adhered
to by all personnel.
 Implement the Company's security policies, guidelines and standards mainly with respect to:
Drug & Alcohol abuse; Camp regulation violations
 All forms of aggression and attempts to harm Company personnel or assets reporting for the
purpose violators and taking the required disciplinary measures.
 Act as authorized signatory authority for the purpose of Permits to Work, HSE Procedures,
Guidelines, disciplinary mandates… etc.

HSE supervisor

   Nov 2006
— Nov 2007

Act as an advisor to Seismic Contractor party manager and Company on HSE issues and
 Set an example by personal application of HSE principles and practices.
 Conduct weekly and random inspections of each work unit using an approved checklist.
 Participate in development of action plans to address identified hazards. Report Inspection
results in writing to Seismic Contractor party manager and Company on a weekly basis.
 Conduct pre-use equipment HSE inspections of major equipment using an approved
 Supervise critical procedures where timing and access allows.
 Participate in reporting of hazards, coordinates hazard reporting and development of action
 Take immediate corrective action in situations where imminent serious or major unsafe acts or
conditions exist.
 Monitor the compliance by Seismic Contractor of Planning and control of daily HSE
meetings, Feasibility and validity of Emergency Plan.
 Compliance with all training activities, drills, safety programs, etc., programmed in the HSE Plan
 Participate and report in investigation of accidents / incidents, analysis of causes and
development of action plans using the Company format.
 Require the Seismic Contractor to investigate also incidents and accidents applying his own
 Maintain and report accident/incident statistics on a monthly basis
 Participate in and assist in coordination and evaluation of various emergency drills.
 Participate in development of action plans resulting from evaluation of drills.
 Monitor action plans resulting from inspections, hazard reporting, emergency drills, and accident
/ incident investigations.
 Participate in safety meetings and document attendance and topics.
 Monitor compliance to regulatory agency, ENAGEO HSE requirements, policies, and
 Report deviation from same to Company and Seismic Contractor party manager.
 Monitor personal protective equipment usage and advise management when
replacements are needed.
 Contractor’s HSE performance on completion of project.
 The report should document all reportable incidents or near misses, mention the steps taken to
improve HSE performance, problems encountered which prevented any of the operation’s HSE
objectives from being realized; and should be supported by photographs.
 Review all aspects of the field operation, including vehicles, to ensure that local, national and
international (international association of geochemistry IAGC and International Association of oil
and gas producers OGP) industry standards are met, along with agreed contractual
specifications. This will include vehicle certification, and safety of all personnel.
 Review the performance of the Vehicles driven monitory devices (Drive Right or similar) and
verify the weekly performance report delivery by ENAGEO.
 Conduct audits in an open and constructive manner, in co-operation with all involved parties
including the seismic contractor's management and safety representatives, to find practical solutions for each problem encountered.

Schlumberger well services (Algeria)
HSE officer

   Nov 2003
— Nov 2005

Act as the company’s HSE coordinator to ensure that all health and safety procedures are carried
out correctly according to local, national and international legislation. This role usually involves
attending external HSE meetings as the company’s representative.
 Responsible for all documentation in relation to health and safety and keep all documentation
and safety manuals up to date and distribute appropriately within the organization.
 Responsible for ensuring all safety training is carried out and induction programs for new
employees includes a thorough HSE element.
 Part of emergency response team or disaster recovery team in the event of an incident.
 Attend internal meetings regarding the company’s safety policies and procedures as well as
ensure continuity of the quality and manpower requirements of policies in the interests of the
 Responsible for the liaising with third party ship manager and join venture vessel operators to ensure
standards are maintained, sharing experiences and coordination of HSE matters.
 Responsible for carrying out all audits and preparing regular HSE reports for the
management team.

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