Trainee Petroleum Engineer/Floor man

Last Updated: 5th January 2018 (over 5 years ago)



Phone Number


Age Range
18 to 24

Qualification Level

English, Hindi


5 Year of experience in work over rig as a Trainee Petroleum Engineer/Floor Man.
Associated with Drilling Engineer.
Proficient in handling the activities in coordination with the Client / internal / external departments for the smooth business operations.
Understanding of devising solutions, implementing Environmental Health & Safety Management Systems for maintaining sound Environmental and Safety conditions.
Exposure in implementing various Safety methods in an effective manner.
An effective communicator with exceptional interpersonal skills.


Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University

   Jul 2013
— May 2017

Pursued B.Tech in Petroleum Engineering


Deep Industries limited
Trainee Petroleum Engineer / Floor Man

   Aug 2017
— Dec 2017

Supervising the mobilizing work over rig.
Ensuring that the rig is up, testing all equipment to start work, and checking safety items as per the norm OMR 1984.
Ensuring that the 30m3 brine of is prepared.
Ensuring that the buildup pressure in tubing and casing is released slowly, observing for any unwanted activity.
Ensuring that the well is subdue with 1.02 brine and if required increasing the of brine.
Ensuring that X-mass tree and tubing hanger is nipple down.
Ensuring that BOP is ready for its pretest and its function test.
Ensuring that the bottom is tagged with B.B shoe and tubing are added while required, if obstructions is observed, then instructing to clean the same with circulations.
Ensuring that complete pulling out is done with B.B shoe.
Supervising for making ready of scrapper trip with sharp edge nipple and cleaning bottom up to 1404.5m.
Ensuring that the bottom is cleared while circulating brine of 1.02 till NIL sand in return is observed.
Ensuring pulling out tubing with scrapper & sharp edge nipple, after scraper trip in done starting the process of running PC pump in presence of expert PCM Engineer.
Supervising the making of BHA as per instruction of PCM Engineer.
Ensuring PC pump is run in well very slowly and the joints are fully tight.
Ensuring cone is run in single & set the Torque Anchor by PCM expert and shoe is kept at 1412m.
Ensuring nipple down BOP and nipple up well head flange with polish rod BOP.
Ensuring start of 7/8” sucker rod with ROTAR +1 centralizer and followed by the sequence given by the expert.
Ensuring completing the surface fittings of PC pump in presence of expert engineer.
Ensuring that the well fluid is displaced with lease oil.
Familiar with the wire line jobs done in the field.

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