Lead Material Control, Coordinator SmartPlant Material (Super User)

Last Updated: 11th August 2017 (over 5 years ago)



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Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

English, Indonesian


Seasoned Lead SmartPlant Material (SPMat) and with +20 years of experience as Lead Material Management (Material Controller)


WorleyParsons - Oman
Lead SmartPlant Material

   Nov 2014
— Apr 2016

Key Achievements:

• Directed the implementation of SmartPlant Materials system (MARIAN) for the project, liaising with Project Management team and advise best practices for project use of the system. Delivered a major improvement over old Purchasing System that catapulted productivity of Procurement team.
• Conceptualised, develop and deployed various Material/Inventory Status Reports.
• Responsible for reporting weekly/monthly of Material status report to Management.
• Responsible for the organizing, monitoring and inputting data into SPM from the assigned requisition engineers.
• Coordinated with engineers, buyers, expeditors and Site peoples to design and develop reports (Requisition, Purchase Order, Expediting, PSR, MRR, OS&D).
• Reduced time spent on raising Engineering Requisition, Expediting Material and Material Receipt.
• Launched the most effective integrated reporting between Project Control, Cost Control, Procurement and Site.
• Trained and supported all users (Engineering, Procurement, Cost Control, Expeditor, Project Control and Site).

Clough - Australia
Lead Material Control

   Jan 2012
— Apr 2014

• Supervised Material Controller (15 peoples) + Warehouse (20 peoples).
• Strategies arrangement of warehouse areas (in-and-outside of warehouse).
• Material Management (Receiving/Inspect/Issued) for all HUBs (HUB 4, HUB5, PCS-01 and Pipelines).
• Communicate inventory management policies and procedures.
• Monitor material status, material movement, inbound and outbound using manual or computerized Material Management System (SmartPlant Material/MARIAN).
• Perform weekly, monthly report of Inventory status to head office at Perth – Australia.
• Responsible for system material status and recordkeeping to Project Management.
• Analyze forecast materials matching against fabrication, assembly and erection priorities to determine materials availability at construction area, drawing, system level and take appropriate action to mitigate shortages.
• Lead, train and manage of Material Control personal and team.
• Perform inventory stock to ensure all material is stocked promptly and accurately
• Coordinate with QA/QC to perform the inspection for the material and raise the OSD if needed.
• Handling Quarantine materials, Stop Work transfer and re-allocation to other Work Packages/Isometrics.
• Ensure all materials are stocked promptly and accurately.
• Introducing Material Management System to Planner regarding how to using Forecast/Reservation function for Materials to be fabricated at shop.
• Coordinates and assists with data input to Material Control System to the Company established standards.
• Checks inputs to Material Control System.

Lead Material Coordinator

   Jan 2011
— Jan 2012

Project: Gorgon – Perth, Australia

Fabrication of 46 modules for PARs and 26 modules for PAUs with the total gross weight ~ 33,000 MT at PT McDermott Indonesia – Batam. These modules will be transported and installed at Gorgon Barrow Island LNG Plant located in North Western Australia

Key Achievements:

• Stock takes, inventory audits, forecasting of materials for fabrication team and site team.
• Liaising with site supervisors and construction manager on a daily basis to meet the materials ROS dates.
• Coordination with Transportation/Logistic (shipping) company (DB Schenker) and Custom regularly.
• Following up with Buyer, Expeditor at home office (London and Perth) and yard to be confident that all shortages are being auctioned to meet the planned completion dates.
• Coordinate with QA/QC to perform the inspection for the material and raise the OSD if needed.
• Following up the status of OSD with the expeditor and buyer. Supervising/Monitoring warehousing team to carry out receiving/Issuing material to site.

Lead Implementation SmartPlant Material

   Jan 2010
— Jan 2011

- Responsible for implementation of SmartPlant Material system for the company.
- Review and Install SmartPlant Material (MARIAN).
- Responsible for creation of material catalogue or material database within SmartPlant Materials for all disciplnes (Piping, Electrical, Instrument, Mechanical and Civil)
- Created end-user manuals for each module of SmartPlant Materials.
- Conduct as a trainer for all users.

Clough - Australia
Lead Material Control

   Jan 2008
— Jan 2010

• Reviewing materials take-off’s for accuracy and ensuring that over ordering does not occur against work pack and Isometric information.
• Co-ordinate with Engineering Manager and Procurement Manager and ensure all Material Requisition and Purchase Order are in place.
• Co-ordinate with QA/QC to perform the inspection for the materials.
• Supervising / Monitoring warehousing / Material control team to carry out receiving and issuing materials to Fabrication and Site.
• Unpacking, Inspection and coordinate with Procurement team for Over, Shortage and Damage materials.
• Identifying shortage of materials against MTO’s, outstanding items on Material Requisition/Purchase Order through to avoid shortfalls on site.
• Following up with Engineering and Procurement team to be confident that all shortages are being actioned to meet the planned completion dates.
• Review status of Receipts and Issues (MRRs, MTRs, OS&D) to ensure they are up to date

Foster Wheller
Material Engineer

   Jan 2007
— Jan 2008

• Identify material requirement and prepare material take-off from Engineering Drawing (P&ID, Plot-plan)
• Responsible for the accuracy of bulk material take-offs and issued isometric drawings.
• Interfaces with Design, Material Engineering and Purchasing to ensure the timeliy delivery of all necessary Piping material to construction site and/or fabrication shop.

Clough - Australia
Snr. Material Control

   Jan 2005
— Jan 2007

• Create Piping Material specification using MARIAN - Module MLCL
• Enter project material specification into the material management system.
• Prepare Project Contingency for requisitioning material
• Prepares requisitions for Piping bulk materials and Specialty Items.
• Responsible for the accuracy of bulk material take-offs and issued isometric drawings.
• Interfaces with Design, Material Engineering and Purchasing to ensure the timely delivery of all necessary Piping Materials to construction site and/or fabrication shops.
• Forecast material requirements throughout a project in conjunction with squad leaders based on model download reports.