Senior Contract Administrator

Last Updated: 24th February 2019 (over 3 years ago)




Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level

English, French, Romanian


Extremely proficient contract specialist with wide experience in the field of contracts management, I am looking for a job position where my knowledge and experience will have complete utilization for contracts implementation.

I am aspiring for a management job post as a Contracts Manager/Specialist where my demonstrated project and operational management skills, technical knowledge, and communication, verbal, written and leadership abilities can be used to achieve decided targets.
I am specialized in large scale EPC, EPCI, O&M projects with wide experience in full cycle contract management and administration from pre and post award through close out contracts, i.e. lump sum, call-off, and unit rate contracts
I have international experience, both in Europe, Asia, Middle East and in Africa.
I am fluent in Romanian, English and French, with strong communication skills (both verbal and in writing).
I have experience in Oil and Gas onshore/offshore (brownfield area) and infrastructure projects (including FIDIC contracts).


Universitatea Petrol si Gaze, Ploiesti, Romania
Inginer Petrol si Gaze

   Sep 1984
— Jul 1990

Petroleum Engineer, MSc 1984-1990, (UPG Ploiesti, Romania)


Senior Contract Administrator

   Sep 2017
— Dec 2018

Project: Green Line & Red Line Elevated and At Grade, GRN EAG - QAR 980M; RLN EAG - QAR 680M

CONTRACT MANAGEMENT: Monitor the work of the awarded contractors, to ensure compliance with the contract and take actions / escalate when the contact is not being adhered to;

CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION: Instructions/variations/claims as per D&B FIDIC;

CONTRACT CLOSE OUTS: Fact Finding and Contract Amendment & Settlement Agreement;

Contract Administrator

   Dec 2016
— Current

Project: Marine XII Block -Litchendjili Project: - EPC Onshore Gas Treatment Plant, Congo, Pointe Noire - Close Out Contract;
Offshore projects: Litchendjili Topside Upgrading , Transport, Commissioning and Installation - EURO 113 M; Campagne d'inspection sous-marine des structures offshore - EURO 47 M ; Multidisciplinary Contracts; Service Contracts.

CONTRACT MANAGEMENT: Administer onshore/offshore contracts to perform contract management, close outs and terminations, including: key milestones, physical progress, variation status, HSE, Quality assurance/Quality Control, Contract Close - Out Change Order, Certificate of Final Completion and Waiver of Lien.

CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION: Support contracting team, two project managers and about nine onshore/offshore projects. Manage paperwork, organize files, and provide general support while performing daily responsibilities. Knowledge of contractors and their performance parameters and the need for clear, concise performance based statements and measurements.

Participate in contract cost review meetings and regular project progress and assist with preparation of monthly contracts and project progress reports
Evaluate changes and finalize construction accounts; Claims management assistance

CONTRACT CLOSE OUTS: Process five contract close outs. Correct documents as necessary. Create new agreements. Quality check documents to bill out correctly. Ensure that all paperwork, terms, steps, and procedures are in order so that contract is completed with absolute accuracy and integrity.

Contract Manager

   Jul 2016
— Dec 2016

Project: Construction of Cargo Transportation Route for Facilities in North-Eastern Part of the Caspian Sea, USD 300 M

CONTRACT MANAGEMENT: Develop contracts; manage and ensure all required terms and conditions are as per Contract; Keep the alignment with the project/client on specific issues regarding the contract plan for the contract package being worked; Administration, review and settlement of claims, resolution of disputes and contract change negotiations.

Contract Administrator

   Mar 2015
— May 2016

Project: Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning Project of the Litchendjili Onshore Treatment Plant which will treat the feed stream coming from the Litchendjili Offshore Platform, value of €328 M
Installation of the Litchendjili Platform and Sea line and the EPC of the Trestle Jetty for the Litchendjili Project, including Transportation and Installation activities for Nene Platform and Sealine between Nene & Zatchi, value of € 244 M

CONTRACT MANAGEMENT: Kept projects on task, on time, within budget, according to contract specifications. Ensure adherence to all stated policies and procedures throughout the project stages.

CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION: Prime contract administration, contract changes, variations and client negotiations; Deliver agreed management reporting (to include performance, quality and financial matters);

REPORT CREATION: Created final appraisal reports in which researched and processed data was entered for home sales purposes. Incorporate financials, comparisons, photos, and records. Compose summaries. Review EPC Contractors' invoices and prepare Progress Payment Certificates with Cost Control.

ANALYZE FACTS AND CONDITIONS: After analyzing as per TOC, the change orders were rejected:
Variation Order Proposal-Demurrage and Detention Costs Attributable to Tax Informatique (RDI), € 250k
Variation Order Proposal -Custom duties for Imported project materials, € 204k
Variation Order Proposal -Sea Storm Event and Assurance request for additional information, € 825k

Senior Contract Formation Specialist

   Sep 2012
— Oct 2014

Project: Infrastructure Master Plan project, Gabon, Libreville, Client: The Gabonese Government
Project: Management and technical support to the Government of Gabon to help develop the National Infrastructure Plan - WWTP construction, civil works (routes/bridges, housing, schools/hospitals- construction & revamping)

Pre/Post award Contract management, Preparing and revising the tender packages and pre qualifications; Providing tenders comparison sheet and recommendation reports, to the top management, compared with the Budget Value, Compiling, issuing, and implementing Contracts Agreements, for the different work packages; Interpretation of the Contracts terms and conditions, Correspondence, Invoices, schedules, delays & recovery schedule, Cost, Budget, Commercial, Resources and Manpower, submittals, samples, tests, letters of guarantee, variation orders, interim payment certificates and Claims; Ensuring that the awarded contracts are carried out in accordance with, the company policies, procedures, budget and Schedule;

CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION: Monitoring, administrating and following up of the performance towards the awarded contracts agreements, including correspondence, invoices, deductions, claims, guarantees & closes out. Fulfill the HSE responsibilities in accordance to the valid legislation and in conformity to the Contract stipulations; supervise the safety site work development, environmental protection and life protection.

KNOWLEDGE OF CONTRACT LAWS, REGULATIONS AND POLICIES: Monitoring, administrating and following up of the performance towards the Contract laws, local Regulations and Polices; Contract administration/claims aspects of major transportation, infrastructure projects; Claims handling, litigation management, construction concepts and practices and legal statutes and procedures

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