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Innovative construction manager with Electrical & instrument background mixed by professional knowledge in projects management, also have a solid understanding of process and Oil & Gas industry.

Has advanced Knowledge and experience of working on large scale industrial, petrochemical and oil & Gas projects.


Shell - CPECC
Site Team Leader

   Dec 2016
— Current

HP LPG Export Project, Shell – CPECC, IRAQ.

Managing, monitoring and providing guidance to the disciplines leads and subcontractors on survey, engineering, materials gap procurement and construction of the HP LPG EXPORT PROJECT.
Endorses changes to the engineering survey and shutdown scopes, schedules and contents.
Control common user's services operations such as scaffolding, lifting, welding and painting.
Ensuring that all activities is properly planned and scheduled to minimize impact on project schedule.
Coordinating fabrication of the assigned change orders and deliver the modifications timely.

China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corporation
Construction Manager

   Aug 2015
— Dec 2016

Oversee the execution of fabrication, construction, hook-up, and mechanical completion of the structure and facilities.
Conferring with supervisory, engineering personnel, inspectors and vendors to resolve any conflict during the construction and improve construction methods.
Monitoring and appraisal of sub-contractors construction activities and performance.
Coordinating interfaces and interactions with contractors and subcontractors.
Ensuring contractors have viable schedules for their work, and ensuring maintenance of records for all inspections and tests carried out.
Assisting in constructability reviews and the planning and scheduling of construction jobs.

China Petroleum Engineering & Construction corporation CPECC
Acting project manager

   Apr 2014
— Aug 2015

Responsible of QAWTF [75 Million USD ] project as a project manager by leading the senior project engineers and planners for implementing the scope of work as per scheduled time frame and estimated budget.

Find out what the client wants to achieve and build up detailed plane for each stage of the project.
Negotiating with subcontractors and suppliers for materials and services.
Cooperating with the other CPECC departments contracts procurement's, logistics and ……etc. for running the QAWTF project.
Developing the project construction strategy with the client guidance to avoid any contingency may affect the project progress.
Reported directly to the regional Manager and regularly to the client

China Petroleum Engineering & Construction corporation CPECC
Electrical and Instrument Engineer

   Nov 2012
— Apr 2014

supervision, coordination, and execution of all activities relating
Instrumentation and Electrical constructions in compliance with the Project Standards and Specifications, design drawings, progress verification, and safety.

Coordinate with client regarding any clarification needed for construction or any discrepancies in drawings issued for construction.
Ensure all relevant As-Built Drawings / Documents are marked up by control, Electrical and instrument commissioning teams as defined in project As-Built Procedure.
Oversee preparation of material take-off from the drawings and submit the same to the procurement department with related specifications
Check various instrument calibration certificates and supervise calibration of pressure gauge, temperature transmitters, & electronic meters.
Check panel wiring based on wiring diagram provided by the vendors and supervise the assembly activities of control panels.
Assure rigorous implementation of approved Commissioning Method Statements and System Commissioning Procedures.
Ensure compliance with Calibration of Test Equipment procedure.
Ensure that loop & logic checking is carried out in accordance with procedure.

Peroneeds International company
Instrument Engineer

   Feb 2007
— Nov 2012

Carries out routine maintenance work, pre commissioning, commissioning and construction; (diagnose faults & repair, servicing, closed loop interlocking sequence system/dynamic testing, function test, loop check) various types of general electrical control and relay logic, according to an established program to assure safe and reliable performance of the devices, electrical controls & system and provide quality process measurement, coordinates with other disciplines and adheres to all required safety procedures, PTW and QHSE Guidelines.

Lead instrument team to Carry out mechanical completion scope and test reports, to determine and defects and ensure compliance to specification.
Supervise Loop checking cable continuity testing, punch list generation and rectification.
Calibration of pressure, temperature, flow, level transmitter using HART Communicator injecting 4ma to 20 ma as per MSDS installation specifications, Function testing of every transmitter such as pressure transmitter using available air supply or air pump, Calibration of and function testing of temperature transmitter using decade box, Fluke temp injector, thermal bath,
Witness pre-commissioning test carried out by vendors and contractor to ensure compliance with standards.
Ensure timely compilation of handover documentation such as check sheets.
Lead the Installation of all instruments with respect to the design requirement.

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