Senior Civil Engineer

Last Updated: 1st December 2018 (over 4 years ago)

Palembang, Indonesia


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Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level

English, Indonesian


Indonesian, a Senior Civil Engineer with 20+ years of experience in managing, supervising of construction projects,i.e : Infrastructure, Earth works, Civil Industrial Buildings, Environment/Dams/Ponds, Heavy Foundations, Port - Jetty, Marine, Oil Tank Storage w facilities and railway projects as well.
A “safety first “ mindset, timeline target, and client satisfaction oriented.


Sriwijaya University
Bachelor Science of Civil Engineer

   Jul 1983
— Aug 1989


Smec OCG Intern’l Consult. JV
Senior Civil Engineer

   Mar 2017
— Current

As " Senior Civil Engineer " on Palembang Elevated Light Rail Transit ( LRT ) System Project, South
Sumatera, Indonesia connect Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II International Airport and Jakabaring stadium
This project for supporting 18th SEA Asian Games 2018, regional sporting event, which consist of 13
stations, double track rails, 26 km long, and divided in 5 zones + crossing the big Musi River.
The construction phase consist of: The foundation is made by piling concrete and bore piles, piles slab,
while the column by architecture pier supporting by either precast beam or steel structural beam,
concrete bridges, ramp, depo buildings facility as well.
The 13 modern stations also supported by lifts, elevators, sky bridges and travelators to access the station
and depot as well.
Responsible Design Manager on reviewing basic civil design drawings from contractor i.e. shop drawings,
construction drawings, and as- built drawings, collecting weekly site reports , weekly coordination
meeting, reviewing Material Specification used, reciewing Master Schedule, Method Statement from
contractor, site field supervised, Controlling Interfacing work as well.
Direct superior is Mr. Hideaki Shimizu, OCG Smec Intenatanional civil expert,, +81 90 9846 5480, +62 813 1790 8029.
Supervise own 10 inspectors, and co work with 5 contractor's resident engineers

PT. Oiltanking Karimun /Singapore ( A Marquard & Bahls Holding Co. )
Senior Project Engineer

   Jan 2014
— Dec 2016

As “ Senior Project Engineer “ on Tank Storage Terminal at Teluk Paku, Karimun Island, Riau Island District,
Indonesia and developing of OTCS's terminal and berths Jurong Island Singapore.
Responsible to Senior Construction Manager on progress of project, which is consist of the following:
Marine ;
Piling 402 points with PDA test.
Construct main trestle which combined of steel truss and concrete beam, installation of precast
headstocks, flanges , slabs for roadway, pipes sleepers, stumps, cable tray.
Construct Fire Pump Platform with boat landing staircase, handrail, fire water pump house. diesel engine,
jetty substation, fuel tanks, battery bank, stand mounted panels.
Construct Jetty , Tee Platform , 4 berths and 4 fenders with various size of vessel capacity, and largest size
for 320.000 DWT, Elevated Column Gangway Tower, Fire Tower Monitors. Pole Mounted Lighting.
Construct foundation for Jetty Equipment, such as : MLA-Marine Long Arm (16 Nos) and Gangways (4 Nos
Monitoring the dredging activities about 900.000 cum for new Access Channel , controlling dumping area
and Navigation Aids Installation.
Construct 32 Nos of storage tank farms (13.000 MT)with terminal working capacity 718.000 KL, and Shell
capacity 760.000 Cubic Meter.
Construct Sand Pad Foundation.
Construct Terminal Piping (480.000 IM), Jetty Piping (360.000 IM), Fire Fighting (140.000 IM), Pumps (85
Construct road (2,8 km), dyke wall ( 2,4 km ), culverts, drains, pit, paving and terminal facilities buildings,
such as Admin Building, Clinic, Workshop/Maintenance Building, Store and Laboratory, and Guard House.
Direct superior is Mr. Steven Goh, Oiltanking's Construction/ Engineering Manager,, +65 9661 5740
Supervise own 5 supervisors, and co work with 8 contractor's area superintendents.

PT. Media Djaya Bersama ( ABM Group ).
Construction Superintendent

   Mar 2012
— Dec 2013

As “ Construction Superintendent “ on Meulaboh, West-Aceh-Indonesia
Responsible to Project Manager on budget and progress of the project, which is consists of the
Construct coal processing plant that will ultimately handle 16 million tons a year.
Construct 100man camp with all support facilities.
Construct Office facilities for 100 personnel
Mine Site to Port Site;
Construct 12.4km haul road, bridges and conveyor ROW for future conveyor.
Port site (32 hectare);
Construct trestle/ jetty, conveyor to barge loading facility 1.2 km offshore.
Construction of Coal Stockpile with stacker / loader and connecting conveyors
Construction of Camp, Offices, Workshop/Warehouse, Power Plants, water well and distributions
Control Room
Above facilities sub-contracted to several contractors
Provided survey support for an ongoing land acquisition effort.
Coordinated the facility layouts to fit within current boundaries of purchased land. Identified and
justified additional land requirements as required.
Supervise and support for the civil works to include; rerouting two water courses, removal of
150,000m3 of topsoil and vegetation .Dredge, transport, distribute and level 400,000+m3 of sand to
elevate site above sea level.
Direct superior is Mr. Bill Huddle, ABM's Construction Manager,, +62 813 1601 6155
Supervise own 5 supervisors, and co work with 3 contractor's superintendents

PT. Saipem ( ENI Group )
Project Engineer

   Sep 2010
— Sep 2011

As " Project Engineer " on Karimun Island, Batam District-Indonesia
Responsible to Project Manager on EPCM’s budget and progress of piling works. Foundation of
Heavy and Light Civil Work, Main Jetty, Service Jetty, Pre- Fabrication Workshop Building,
Piping Workshop, Project Store Building, Assembly Hall Building, Housing and Office Building.
Controlling material and tools received, equipment used, master plan, daily progress.
Direct superior is Mr. Bricco M Chico, Saipem's Package Manager
Supervising 2 superintendents 6 supervisors.

PT. AMYTHAS Expert Consultant
Civil Foundation Engineer

   Mar 2010
— Aug 2010

As " Civil Foundation Engineer " on 2 x 100 MW Power Plant,Nagan Raya, Meulaboh, Nangroe Aceh
Darussalam Distric - Indonesia
Responsible to Project Manager on EPC’s budget and progress of piling works of Turbine’s, Boiler’s, ID Fan’s,
Chimney’s, Flue Support’s, foundation, pile cap concreting, jetty and facilities, Ash Pond, Coal Yard, steel
structure construction, drainage, culverts, road, chemical water treatment.

PT. Star Emmsons ( ETA Star Group Dubai )
Project Manager

   Jan 2009
— Feb 2010

As " Project Manager " on Muaraancalong, Busang, East-Kutai District, East Kalimantan Province -Indonesia
Responsible to Director on budget and progress of Legality, CSR, overlapping aspect, coordinate with Local
government, drilling plan, geo-scan data, topography data, mining plan, jetty plan, hauling route road line,
camp and facilities plan.

Construction Coordinator/ Manager

   Nov 2000
— Dec 2008

As " Construction Coordinator/ Manager " on Main Jetty, Ro-Ro, Trestle, Feet Conveyor Foundation, of
Kutai Chip Mill Project, Teluk Waru, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan Province- Indonesia.
Responsible to Project Manager on progress, schedule of heavy equipments usage on piling, concreting,
temporary jetty, temporary lay-down area, barge and cranes handling, precast fabrication, delivery, and

On Landfill Remediation Phase 2 & 3 Project, Bio Sludge Building and Tank on RAPP Mill, Pangkalan Kerinci,
Riau Province, Indonesia.
Responsible to Area Manager on budget, schedule, progress, schedule of heavy equipments usage on hauling
and spreading imported soil laying on the waste/sludge, method of environment concept e.q : geomembrane,
geotextile, gas vent, leachate pipe, seepage pipe installation and Bio Sludge Building on pouring concrete, tank
steel structure, roofing installation.
On Toba Pulp Lestari Start Up Maintenance Project, Porsea, North Sumatra Province. "
Responsible to Project Manager on budget, schedule, progress, schedule of manpower, welding steel
structure, brassing, tie beam steel structure, of Chemical Building, Digester, Power and Recovery Boilers, WSB
Buildings, CNCG and DNCG Steel Structure Building, Settling pond and Emergency Ponds.
On Access Road to Buatan Port, Langgam - Cerenti Road, Logging Road Maintenance Road Project,
located on Kampar, Pangkalan Kerinci, Riau Province."
Responsible to Road Department Manager on budget, schedule, progress, schedule of manpower, heavy
equipment usages s.q : Recycling Cement Stabilized Pavement Machine, Jet Patcher Machine, material
usages and cash flow."

Team Leader / Construction Manager

   Aug 1999
— Nov 2000

As " Quantity Engineer " on Cikokol Fly Over and Highway Road, located on Cikokol, West Java
Responsible on organizing a team player on all of material used sq : concrete, reinforcing steel, column
and other supporting materials, weekly progress report, monthly certificate.
As " Team Leader / Construction Manager " on Road and Bridges Rehabilitation Project, SPL
OECF INP - 23, located on North Sumatra Province.
Responsible on organizing a team player to supervise road and bridges construction, coordinating with
local government, technical advisory, progress report and final report.

PT. HINDOLI ( A Cargill Group ),
Infrastructure Manager

   Mar 1998
— Jul 1999

As " Infrastructure Manager " on Palm Planting Area, CPO Mill, and housing area, located in Sungai
Lilin, Muba, South Sumatra Province - Indonesia
Responsible on design, estimate engineer, budget control, contract agreement, supervision of all civil
constructions such as : survey of new land, GPS, maps, main and collection road, timber bridges, boxculverts,
access road to Mill site, earth works, heavy equipment usages and other civil activities

PT. Freeport Indonesia
Ass. Infra Dev. Manager

   Apr 1995
— Feb 1998

As " Civil Engineer - Ass. Infra Dev. Manager " on Housing and Hospital Town Site Complex
Newtown Kuala Kencana Real Estate Project, and on Tailing River Management Project
( TRMP ), Timika, Irian Jaya.
Responsible on all civil construction's progress schedule such as : foundation, concrete delivery,
reinforcing steel installation, access road Timika - Kuala Kencana, supervising sub - base, borrow pit
resources, excavation, compaction, base courses, grading, earthwork, ditches, drainages, cheap sealing,
asphalt mixing, control and design utility work’s elevation where road construction located : electrical
manholes, telecommunication panels, traffic signs and lights, culverts, timber bridges, landscaping on
golf hill area, heavy equipment usages, and on tailing river management project.

Quality and Quantity Engineer

   May 1994
— May 1995

As " Quality and Quantity Engineer " on ADB XIII Loan Road Sector Project Package K - 16, Bangka
Responsible on all field data collecting of existing road, supervising road construction, monthly
certificates, drainages, job mix design, monthly quality and quantity reports.

Quantity Engineer

   Feb 1993
— Apr 1994

As " Quantity Engineer " on ADB XI Loan Road Sector Project Package U - 65, Baucau - Laga - Lautem,
Timor Leste"
Responsible on all field data collecting of existing road, and processing design thickness, estimate
engineer for review design, contract change order, monthly certificates.

INDEC Associated Ltd, Consultant
Soil Material Engineer

   Sep 1992
— Jan 1993

As " Soil Material Engineer " on 19 - Province Urban Road Design Project along Bangka Island, and
40-Towns Inter Urban Road Design Project along East Java and Bali Island."
Responsible on all field data collecting of existing road, and processing design thickness.

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