Group Leader / Supervisor / Senior Technician

Last Updated: 7th September 2017 (over 5 years ago)



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Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level

English, French, German


Having worked for the aeronautics industry for more than 20 years, I have developed a wide range of skills that would meet the expectation for the role as Installation / Commissioning Engineer.
Throughout my career, I have become an expert on systems and protocols implemented in aircrafts; particularly regarding for the latest generations of aircraft such as A350, B787:
• Familiar with the analog and digital signals that enable stimulation or simulation of aircraft equipment by the software part.
• Liaise with project stakeholders as main technical point of contact, I am used to work with engineers for avionics, electrical, navigation, controls, etc. and software integration specialists to make sure that the physical links are properly established between the cockpit and computers and rehost implemented in the interface.
• Production of testing phases for the various features and peripherals, with 7 years supervising hardware technicians. And control hardware tests, technical documentation and mechanical assembly in all my previous positions.
• Determine, from the data and drawings from aircraft parts manufacturer, the signals that must be routed and how to link them to the simulation.
• Revise production of design documentation. For example, I determined how to simplify increasing reliability, in this case, the interface for the optical signals ARINC 818 between the central screens, HUD and image processing computers for the A350 simulator. I am well aware in my practice of the issue of CAN BUS link, due to their sensitivity to noise and impedance variations.
• Have an overview as complete as possible which allows me to better understand the simulator as a whole system.
• The power supply, alternative (50, 60 or 400Hz), continue (12, 24 or 48V) and their synchronicity in simulation are known to me because of my experience at CAE.
• Having personally installed and supervised the installation of several simulators or air traffic control towers around the world, wiring and cable management have no secrets for me.
• Energy production, transport and storage from my experience in the rail industry but also the realization of air traffic control towers. As an example the construction of an autonomous radio station by satellite in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Finally, I have a great facility to travel and live anywhere in the world. I easily established good contacts with customers, test engineers (QTG, ATM, hardware tests), local technicians (installation and maintenance), test pilots and authorities (FAA, EASA ...) during certification phases (SAT, FAT).

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