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Age Range
35 to 44

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Afrikaan, English


A Highly motivated and qualified Environmental Manager with solid experience in the Mining, Construction, Consulting and oil&gas industries. An effective communicator and team leader skilled at ensuring that compliance and adherence to environmental standards and impact targets are integrated as a fundamental part of successful projects. With over 10 years of experience performing Environmental Management duties, which include but not limited to:
•Environmental Management Systems - ISO 14001: Implementation and Maintenance.
•Environmental Management Planning and Implementation. (CEMP)
•Environmental Planning and Impact Assessment.
•Pollution prevention and Waste management.
•Hazardous Chemical management and Hazardous waste management.
•Stormwater management and rehabilitation.
•Management and Conservation of Biodiversity (Fauna and Flora)
•Natural Resources Management.
•Sustainable Development planning and implementation.
•Sub-contractors management and team management.


Salam Technology
Environmental Manager

   Feb 2016
— Current

Project: New Port Project ‐ The Hamad Port is a new world‐class commercial port being
constructed in Qatar, making it the world’s largest “greenfield” port‐development project.
Comprising a port, a base for the Qatari Emiri Naval Forces and a canal for the planned Qatar
Economic Zone 3, the project will span a 26.5‐square‐kilometer area when completed. The port
will act as a catalyst for the country’s trading industry, better positioning Qatar to benefit from
the expected regional growth in container and vehicle carrier traffic as well as general cargo
 Developing and implementation of the CEMP; plans and procedures.
 Developing and implementing environmental strategies and action plans that
ensure corporate sustainable development;
Lesley Baloyi
 Leading the implementation of environmental policies and practices to
ensure compliance with environmental legislation; and other
 Developing and preparation of MME permits applications and follow up.
 Taking the lead on sustainable procurement for all goods and services;
Coordinating all aspects of pollution control, waste management, recycling,
resource conservation and renewable energy;
 Auditing, analyzing and reporting environmental performance to internal and
external clients and regulatory bodies (MME);
 Carrying out impact assessments to identify, assess and reduce an
organization’s environmental risks and financial costs;
 Promoting and raising awareness, at all levels of an organization, of the impact of
emerging environmental issues, whether legislative or best practice on corporate,
ethical and social responsibility;
 Managing the development and implementation of an environmental
management system;
 Managing relations with the board of directors, senior management and internal
 Training staff at all levels in environmental issues and responsibilities,
participating in environmental education and r e s e a r c h ;
 Negotiating environmental services agreements and managing associated costs and
 Writing environmental reports for submission to the client and MME; and
assuming the lead responsibility with the company;
 Leading on corporate social responsibility issues and action; and
 Attending progress meetings, monthly presentations and audits with the Client, PMC
and EC as required.