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Edmonton, Canada


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25 to 34

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I am an innovative, energetic safety leader with a broad range of experience in both field and corporate environments. My ability to develop effective team dynamic with a strong "people first" commitment has consistently enabled me to be successful in creating a safe work culture. I consistently achieve results under pressure and adapt quickly to the diverse safety environments that are present in demanding projects and work settings.

I have led multiple safety enhancing initiatives that have ranged from developing a quality matrix for assessing all levels of risk / hazard assessments, implementing robust leading indicators focused on leadership engagement, extensive contractor engagement / management initiatives, and identifying specific trends along with key "next steps" to address those trends through thorough data analysis; To identifying innovative ways to increase and then transition an organization from a state of safety involvement (I do safety because I have to), to a state of safety engagement (I do safety because I want to), and developing a “leadership guide” on how to have respectful, purposeful, and meaningful safety based conversations with employees and the workforce.

My experience has provided me with unique insight and intelligence in the identification and management of risks, focusing on our greatest safety potential, ensuring that fundamental safety systems are implemented and performing well, and driving leadership & employee engagement throughout an organization.

I am confident my skills as a safety professional / leader is exactly what your organization needs to achieve it's desired state of an incident free safety culture.


Lee Picco


Univeristy of Fredericton
Executive MBA - Specialty Stream in Health and Safety Leadership

   Apr 2016
— Current

Is designed for advanced-career professionals and managers of health and safety units who aspire to lead their businesses towards much higher performance. It begins with coverage of foundational management essentials such as financial, analytical and decision-making skills, and knowledge of an organization's core functions and interactions. The program goes much further than that. Its core focus is on leadership techniques, especially collaborative leadership in the complex context of multiple stakeholders and multiple objectives; then it augments this core focus with a series of specialty stream courses focused exclusively on the needs of health and safety leaders

Canadian Construction Association
Gold Seal Certificate - Safety Coordinator

   Mar 2010
— Mar 2010

The Gold Seal Certified (GSC) Construction Safety Coordinator credential is for professionals who wish to increase their effectiveness in administering, developing, implementing and monitoring safety programs on a construction site and are responsible for assisting management (and other company personnel) on all issues related to the health and safety of their fellow workers. The Certificate signifies that the individual has attained a nationally recognized level of experience and competence.

University of Alberta
Occupational Health and Safety

   Jul 2009
— Dec 2010

Our program is designed to help practitioners from many different backgrounds develop the competencies needed to be effective in the development, implementation, and evaluation of occupational health and safety programs and systems in a wide variety of occupational settings

Alberta Construction Safety Association
National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO)

   Jun 2009
— Aug 2009

Certification indicates that the participant has practical knowledge in various construction-related Health & Safety management skills and principles


Enbridge Inc
Safety Specialist

   Aug 2015
— Current

• Directly support the Sr. Manager and Director for safety across Major Projects Canada & US
• Create/Refine new standards & guidelines for implementation across all of Canadian and US Major Projects
• Support Renewable Energy projects by conducting thorough analytics of potential contractors safety plans, developing safety execution strategies, and conducting regular site visits to ensure agreed upon safety requirements are adhered to.
• Develop presentation material for the organizations executive management team.
• Participate in the development and stewardship of the organizations Strategic Plans, identifying realistic “stretch” targets focused on leadership safety behaviors that drive organizational change
• Support the execution and implementation of safety practices, policies, and processes relative to construction, contractors, and employees within Major Projects.
• Develop, execute, and sustain safety evaluation and continuous improvement programs for Contractors
• Continuous monitoring of Canadian safety performance in order to identify trends and opportunities for improvement, and make recommendations for corrective actions to business unit stakeholders.
• Support projects with sourcing, securing, assigning, and managing safety resources to provide functional expertise to projects.
• Support the project level execution of contractor qualification and performance assessment processes.
• Support the Canadian safety performance reporting processes (monthly report, data collection, incident reporting, incident notification, near miss reporting, monthly statistics), and provide quality assurance to the process.
• Support and facilitate construction, contractor and employee safety training of Major Project’s personnel in Canada & US.
• Provide / Facilitate Safety Leadership initiatives in Canada and US for projects and employees.
• Monitors regulatory developments, evolving issues and industry best practices, and proactively facilitate the modification of the Major Projects health and safety management system.
• Participation on various internal and external committees (MPEHSC, Alberta Damage Prevention Council, Common Ground Alliance),
• Liaison with other applicable business units to align construction and contractor safety best practices and procedures.

Enbridge Inc
Senior Safety Coordinator

   Jul 2013
— Aug 2015

• Led the development and implementation of innovative strategies to increase employee, worker, and contractor engagement into the desired project safety culture of “Raising the Bar for Safety” on multiple projects.
• Develop and deliver various project safety updates/reports to project executives & senior management.
• Participate in quarterly contractor engagement meetings, as well as facilitate site steering committees with contractor project management.
• Serve as a management bridge, both vertically (line) and laterally (interfaces), to ensure alignment between the Project Leadership; Enbridge Safety Management; Contractors; and other stakeholders.
• Facilitate Root Cause Analysis investigations (i.e. TapRoot) for serious incidents, and provide oversight/final review of all other incidents to ensure they meet Enbridge standards.
• Conduct regular field tours to keep on top of “Real Time” issues/concerns in the workplace, and develop action plans for immediate correction.
• Develop training packages/presentations and deliver them to project personnel (i.e. New Hire Orientation, Safe Work Permit Training, Ground Disturbance Awareness, etc.)
• Assist in establishing the Site Safety Program and safety objectives at the contractor pre-bid/pre-job safety meetings.
• Provide 24hr incident reporting, daily progress, and observation/intervention data to the Construction Manager and Program Safety Manager.

Exxon Mobil
Project Safety Lead

   Nov 2011
— Jul 2013

• Develop Safety strategies to achieve zero harm and implement new initiatives, while maintaining current ones, which drive the desired project culture of “Nobody Gets Hurt”.
• Develop, review, approve, and recommend areas of improvement on contractor Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Safe Work Plans, Safety Inspection Report, Weekly Safety Reports, Risk Reduction Plans, Presentations, Leading and Lagging indicators, etc.
• Facilitate / Steward project investigations (both formal and informal) to make sure they investigations are deep, meaningful, and come up with proper corrective actions that address root cause
• Advise the Project Management Team, Construction Management Team, Project Manager, and Construction Manager on Safety, Security, Health, and Environment (SSH&E) issues.
• Attend daily toolbox talks, and weekly safety meetings in order to engage the workforce at those meetings, as well as provide support and feedback.
• Provide SSH&E support during pre-job planning, and attend/facilitate kick-off meetings.
• Facilitate/participate in various senior management / executive meetings as required.
• Complete regular field tours and work site inspections, both formal and informal, to keep on top of “real time” issues/concerns in the workface, and provide additional support to the project safety leadership team.
• Ensure the Project Safety Plan is current and being followed by management, contractors, and the workforce.

HSE Supervisor

   Feb 2011
— Nov 2011

• Seconded to the client, Exxon Mobil, as a part of the Integrated Project Management Team (IPMT) to represent safety on the project.
• Advise and support the Project Director and Execution Manager on Safety, Health, and Environmental (SHE) issues.
• Ensure site Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) planning activities and the site Safety Execution Plan are current and being followed by Management, Contractors and the workforce.
• Develop/distribute weekly reports on safety activities and focus areas.
• Ensure compliance with all laws and regulations, as well as the Project Safety Standards and Syncrude’s Safety Standards.
• Review, approve, and recommend areas of improvement on contractor Job Hazard/Safety Analysis (JHA/JSA), ventilation plans, safe work plans, etc. and help contractors understand and comply with client standards prior to/during work taking place.
• Lead and complete compliance audits on the project to ensure contractors are complying with standards, develop actions plans based on audit findings, and supply results to the client.
• Facilitate contractor investigations on incidents and injury’s to ensure that they are completed according to client standards.

ClearStream Energy Services
Senior Safety Lead

   Feb 2009
— Feb 2011

• New construction and facility shutdown’s
• Coach, mentor, and educate supervision and workers on current legislation and company/client policies and procedures.
• Keeping track and generating safety statistics. Completing worksite investigations, peer observations, Field Level Risk
• Assessment audits, Job Hazard Assessments, etc. Maintain and organize all documentation and records generated in the field, and ensured that documentation is filled out correctly. Completing daily reports for management on daily activities, reports, incidents, infractions, etc.
• Conducting investigations and reports on incidents and injury's.
• Liaison with client and other contractor personnel.
• Lead toolbox talks, safety meetings, and new hire orientations. Attend daily "lineup" meetings with the client.
• Conducting investigations and reports on incidents and injury's.

J&C Scaffold Services
Safety Consultant

   Aug 2007
— Mar 2009

• Implemented new health and safety management system, and acquired a Certificate Of Recognition for the company.
• Generated records and statistics on incidents and injuries
• Conducted worksite inspections and Field Level Hazard Identification audits, daily toolbox talks, weekly safety meetings, and new hire orientations
• Liaison with the client's safety staff (Capital Power Corporation)
• Incident investigations


   Jul 2001
— Aug 2007

• Installed, Maintained, Rebuilt, and Troubleshoot industrial engines, compressors, extruders, hydraulic systems, turbines, and positive & negative pressure conveyor systems.

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