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South Africa


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25 to 34

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Afrikaan, English


My name is Lee Heathcote, I am a hardworking person who is enthusiastic about life and who has 10 years of professional experience in the Information Technology (IT) field working within various industries. In the recent years of my career, I have held more senior positions in the organizations that have employed me. Hence, I would like to continue down this path and aim at one day being the chief executive officer of an organization as a career goal. I believe that I am well suited as a candidate and that your organization could benefit from my skills, knowledge, strategic ability, education, and professional experience. I have excellent communication skills; a good work ethic and I love to work with people. During the earlier years of my career, I filled roles within organizations that focused on technical work, thus, in the below sections my skills matrix will reflect this. However, in recent years I have found that I excel in senior or leadership roles such as IT Manager, Technical Lead, Project Manager, Senior Sys Admin etc. At this stage in my life, I am also furthering my education by completing my master’s degree through the University of Liverpool as a part-time student. My coursework and research have laid emphasis on the ability to leverage technology assets of an organization to provide the business unit with a strategic edge in the market regardless of the industry that it operates in as well as informatics, analytics, and data mining techniques. I have also been part of various leadership and strategy focused modules coupled with my professional experience as a leader/manager. I see myself as a self-motivated person who loves to grow professionally and academically. I have a passion for technology, science, and business which has driven my education and professional growth. I know that I can be an asset to any company that chooses to employ me as I strive for excellence, I am well versed and aim to always meet or exceed expectations. I do believe that I am a leader, not due to skills, traits or personal dispositions but because I am able to set an example to others. Sam Harris (2010) stated in an article that he wrote “no one is responsible for his intelligence, range of talents, or ability to do productive work. If you have struggled to make the most of what Nature gave you, you must still admit that Nature also gave you the ability and inclination to struggle”. In my opinion, our intelligence, range of talents, or ability to do productive work defines us professionally and I hope that based on the below sections you are able to accurately assess the type of person and or employee that I am. Regardless of the experience and qualifications, of other candidates that you may come across, I hope that you will give me the opportunity to prove that I can be an asset to your organization and the right person for the job. The pages that follow contain my CV, which summarizes my work experience, qualifications and it also includes all the necessary references. I trust that this will receive your fair and devoted attention.


The University of Liverpool
MSc Information Systems Management

   Feb 2017
— Current

have completed all core modules that form a part of this course and have started with my final elective modules. I have chosen to focus my studies as well as my dissertation on predictive analytics for decision making and data mining

Centurion Academy
Diploma Computer Technology

   Jan 2008
— Mar 2010

Graduated top of my class but was unable to attend my graduation ceremony due to work as I had immediately started an internship within an organization that produced IoT devices for electrical meters enabling monitoring and measuring of the load and usage of these devices.

Riebeeckstad Highschool
Senior Certificate

   Jan 2001
— Dec 2006

I graduated with an exemption which in-turn enabled me to further my studies at an institute of tertiary education


OK Franchise Division
Systems Administrator

   Feb 2019
— Current

OK is a part of the Shoprite Group who is the largest employer in Africa, however, I was only a part of the OK
Franchise Division which has a different business model that other parts of Shoprite. OK is made up of privatelyowned
stores that are purchased by franchise owners and the systems that I support was to cater for internal
functions such as email, data storage, backups etc. Most systems here are Linux (Centos, RedHat). Most servers
are virtual, and we used VMware to deploy new virtual servers

MDM Technologies
IT Infrastructure Manager (Consultant)

   Aug 2017
— Feb 2019

This is a small company (15-20 employees) that offers consulting services to multiple organizations in various
sectors of industry such as the medical (Viking Medical) and FinTech (Johannesburg Stock Exchange,
Momentum and Standard Bank) industries. I was a part of the team of consultants who worked with these client
organizations to complete projects or to improve governance within the IT function of the organization.
o Migrate network platforms of client organizations.
o Implement a cloud PABX solution for the organization that covers all branches and uses IP Phones (VOIP).
o Manage current IT staff and measure performance.
o Establish processes for IT operations that enable governance of IT by the business unit.
o Audit IT infrastructure to provide an idea of what assets the organization owns.
o Standardize technologies used in the organization in terms of Network Infrastructure, Computer hardware,
printing solutions and communication solutions.
o Develop and implement disaster recovery plans for the core infrastructure of the organization.
o Develop a business continuity plan for IT infrastructure.
o Establish new infrastructure at their new head office and cater for employees that will move there.
o Foster an organizational culture that supports the governance of IT as well as the changes in processes and
new technologies being implemented.
o Move on-premise IS to a cloud-based or Software as a Service platform.
o Move physical servers into a data centre environment.
o Ensure integration of new software and processes.
o Implement ITIL processes and software that supports ITIL as a model for the governance of IT and the
improvement of service delivery.
o Python scripting.
o Solution Architecture and implementation.
o Creating and editing documentation.

Nairda Ltd
Group IT Manager

   May 2015
— May 2017

Nairda is an Israeli owned and managed organization with 200 employees that are in various regions in Nigeria.
I was Based at their offices in Lagos, which is one of two main sites as we had another headquarters in the
capital of Nigeria, Abuja. There were also various sites where work was being conducted and the challenge
was to provide all employees with connectivity to the work network and information systems.
o Assist with all support queries for internal and external users.
o Install new devices and configure them.
o Set up software solutions for users on the site or remotely.
o Cutting ISP costs and ensuring that all sites have sufficient connectivity to accommodate new systems
and infrastructure that I am implementing.
o Manage our technicians and assist with issues that they are unable to resolve.
o Report on ongoing work and progress with changes being made to processes and systems being
o Order stock for all IT infrastructure related needs.
o Investigate issues with the network or any applications that our users need to have.
o Advise users and project managers on solutions for bettering connectivity or efficiency on site.
o Exchange Administration.
o Suggest and research software solutions to suit the needs of our internal users.
o Travel to sites to oversee or implement changes to internal network or infrastructure.
o Monitor network resources.
o Inspect sites to ensure all equipment is working and up to standard.
o Travel to sites to follow up on software installations or to inquire about issues that they have encountered.

Senior Support Consultant

   Sep 2013
— May 2015

NOSA is a large organization (500-800 Employees) owned by Micromega Holdings and they had outsourced
the development of what they called a “Risk Management System” or RMS to developers in India. I was the
solutions architect for implementing this system at client sites and would help with testing and integration issues
that might relate to IT infrastructure or perhaps even processes that accommodate the system. I was also to
provide technical support to staff internal and external support for organizations using the Legacy version of
an RMS called “Multi-Layer Integrated Risk Assessment and Control Level Evaluation System, or MIRACLES”.
o Assist with all support queries for internal and external users.
o Install new devices and configure them.
o Set up software solutions for clients on-site or remotely depending on the client’s company policy.
o Database support for client’s who are using our software solutions. (MySQL, MS SQL, Firebird, Oracle 11g
DB systems)
o Train new staff members. (MS CRM Dynamics.)
o Test our newly developed software for issues in terms of the technical setup, and integration with various
types of networks and DB systems.
o Manage our corporate APN.
o Order stock for all IT infrastructure related needs.
o Investigate issues with the network or any applications that our users need to have.
o Set up and configure new devices.
o Advise clients and sales staff on solutions for implementing our software.
o Microsoft CRM Dynamics Administration.
o Suggest and research software solutions to suit the needs of our internal users.
o Travel to sites to oversee or implement changes to internal network or infrastructure.
o Monitor network resources.
o Inspect sites to ensure all equipment is working and up to standard.
o Set up virtual servers for software testing, software demo sites, and internal needs.
o Compile installation.exe for new software releases.
o Travel to client sites to follow up on software installations or to inquire about issues that they have
o Create Surveys to obtain information from users for changes.
o Process mapping using ERD’s or DFD’s.

Hetzner Online
Datacenter Technician

   Jun 2013
— Aug 2013

As part of the Datacenter team I was tasked with providing support for all client issues (3rd line) and we were
expected to perform other tasks that relate to the upkeep and functionality of our own and or client
infrastructure located in the data centre network and or client devices.
o Assemble New Server hardware for client orders and Internal Infrastructure.
o Set up server operating systems as specified by the client or management.
o Configure VLAN’s on switches for a server according to type or account.
o Ensure that servers are accessible remotely via RDP.
o Configure Server network to client’s specification.
o Set up and configure Remote Management Module’s for servers.
o Configure and restore RAID for clients and internal infrastructure.
o Document all changes and upgrades to infrastructure.
o Assist with support queries escalated to us.
o Install and configure various software packages on Linux and Microsoft Operating systems.
o Asset Audits for all servers in DC.
o Compliance with Hetzner’ s standards in terms of assembly deployment and handover of servers.
o Regular standby shifts were part of the job as the servers in the DC must always be online and accessible
for internal staff and clients.
o Stock control.

Orange Street Managed Services
Desktop Support Technician

   Jan 2013
— Jun 2013

I was part of the first and or second line support team at Murry and Robert’s head office in Germiston GP. They
had approached orange street as they were outsourcing some of the support functions within the organization
and I was part of the orange street staff that was assigned to the client site.
o To assist with support queries in the IT department where needed (1st or 2nd Line Support).
o Set up and Install new equipment for users at head office.
o Remotely assist users on sites.
o Troubleshoot all problems and escalate if unable to resolve remotely.
o Manage and maintain new and old hardware.
o Backup and restore user data on laptops or desktops.
o Arrange for issues on sites to be resolved when unable to do so myself without leaving the office.
o Assist with all day to day tasks in the IT department.

Avroy Shlain Cosmetics
Senior Systems Administrator

   Sep 2012
— Jan 2013

Day-to-day support and maintenance of various Microsoft Server Infrastructure solutions such as MS Exchange,
Active Directory, Hyper-V, SCCM, firewall’s etc.
o Daily checks to see if all servers’ routers and network services/devices are online and running.
o I was responsible for user support using dame ware for remote access.
o Network and Infrastructure support for the site.
o The ordering of Equipment.
o Application Support for users.
o Deployment and day to day upkeep of antivirus server and clients.
o Troubleshoot errors that occur in our servers’ error logs as well as general day to day server maintenance.
o I also had to document and report all errors and issues on servers to our IT manager.
o Manage Active Directory users and computers.
o Add new users to the domain as needed and provide them with suitable hardware and software to do
their job.
o Document all equipment provided to users.
o Documenting changes and testing before implementation. (Change management)
o Deployment of new solutions that relate to IT infrastructure.
o Update servers and document these changes.
o Provide detailed reports of errors and resolutions applied to resolve them.
o Suggest possible solutions for issues encountered as well as testing these for detailed feedback to
o Monitor and complete Daily, Weekly and Monthly incremental backups of all servers.
o PowerShell scripting to make changes to assets or domain policy.
o Firewall Maintenance and changes.
o Write batch scripts for making changes to workstations or to deploy solutions automatically.

Software and Process Implementation Specialist

   Apr 2012
— Aug 2012

The focus of my role here was on the processes that accommodate the use of a new system that Eliance had
developed for Toyota. The system was in the implementation phase and we were tasked with preparing the sites
for the implementation of the system and then the implementation itself as well as monitoring of the site over a 2-
week period to ensure that all of our requirements are met.
o Ensuring that there are no hardware or network issues and that the system can function without any
integration issues with the site’s DMS (dealer management system).
o Installation of the new software.
o After the software is deployed and the staff members are aware of the changes, I would go live with the
new system.
o When the new system is live and functioning, I would stay on site for two weeks in order to monitor all
processes involved with using the new system.
o We would then modify or remove steps in the process that slows down production in the service
o I was responsible for submitting daily reports regarding the progress of the deployment of the site, and
how each the staff member involved, is adapting to using the new system.
o Error’s and integration issues had to be resolved and reported daily.

Systems Engineer

   Mar 2010
— Apr 2012

Integr8IT (Jhb, SA) / Systems Engineer / January 2011 - May 2012
My main function here working with JD Group as our client was to support various sites that are associated with
the organization (Hi-Fi Corp and Incredible Connection) in terms of the user support function at these sites as well
as to deploy implement and maintain existing infrastructure that is located at their various sites in my assigned
o Installation and configuration of Retail software on desktop PCs.
o Installation and configuration of Point of Sale software for users.
o Deployment and management of antivirus Software for Users.
o Implementation of new Projects for JD Group.
o Implementation of new hardware or network infrastructure for my sites.
o Asset Audits for all sites.
o Network and Infrastructure support for all sites.
o Complying with the SLA for all issues logged by the client sites.
o UPS testing and reports for all sites.
o Weekly Preventative Maintenance and Inspections of all sites.
• Integr8IT (Jhb, SA) / Desktop and Infrastructure Engineer / March 2010 - January 2011
This was my first real job in the IT industry, and I was tasked with providing Goldfields South Deep staff with technical
support. This was for desktop users and I was also the technical lead on the networking side (LAN and WAN).
o General Network Maintenance.
o Monitoring Availability of servers and network services.
o Ensuring that all network segments run at the optimum speed.
o Ensuring that the network is available to all users at all times.
o Administration of user and computer accounts in Active Directory.
o Deployment of applications and equipment.
o The configuration of switches and routers.
o Application Support for users.
o Solution planning for software compatibility issues.
o Infrastructure and Growth planning.
o Project Management for all network related projects or changes.
o Drawing of network diagrams and the Sites network layout on Microsoft Visio.
o Management of stock Room.
o The ordering of Equipment.

Power Meter Technics
Jnr Network Administrator

   Nov 2009
— Mar 2010

This was an intern position that I took as my father was working for this organization that this stage and I had just
completed my studies. I was fortunate to be working in the IT department and a junior position with Graeme Mellis
as my manager.
o Managing and running Incremental Backups for their My SQL databases, which were done on a Linux
server using RSync.
o General network and Infrastructure Maintenance.
o Deployment and configuration of new equipment.
o Deployment and configuration of new workstations.
o Deployment and configuration of Software for technician’s laptops.
o DHCP Server administration and configuration.
o Updating network layout sketches and future growth planning.
o Server configuration and administration.
o Software installations on servers and workstations.
o End-User Support for hardware and software solutions (Internally).

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