Sr.Instru.Engr16 Yrs On RasGas 27 Yrs EPCM-SIMOPS Ops Tech BE Instru TUV FS Engr 3Long Service Awards

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Age Range
45 to 54

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English, Hindi


27 Yrs of Proven Experience in Oil & Gas EPCCM SIMOPS-OPERATIONS ENGINEERING .
16 Yrs On RasGas Offshore 3 Long Service Awards ( 10 Years Direct RasGas 6 Years
Through McDermott EPCM Offshore). Part Of Work on RG Onshore Trains1/2/3/4/5/Util.
Before 2001 Worked in TOYO Engineering India Ltd.(EPCM-Petrochemicals-Refinaries).
B.E.(Instrumentation Engg.) ; D.Elect. Engg. TUV Functional Safety Engineer (12267/16)
Proven Detailed Engineering ( ISO Quality using ISO Check Lists ), construction &
commissioning of instrumentation for various petrochemical projects .Estimation for new
Projects.Preparing e-Asset Team Opportunity Management System Project Engineering
Package ; FEED
Proven Engineering Sizing of SDV Actuators ( Hydraulic and Pneumatic ) ; Control Valves
;Flow Elements ; Level Transmitters ;Thermowells and Temperature Transmitters
;Motorized Valve Actuators ;Pressure Safety Valves ; Well Head Control Panels ;Hydraulic
Power Units
Instruments (Flow ;Temp; Pressure ;Level ) & F&G H2S Detectors;UV-IR Detectors;Smoke
Detectors ;Fusible Plugs ; Well Head Control Panels ; Hydraulic Power Units
Over 7 Years of Experience of Using Smart Plant Intools Software and Experience to work
as Intools Administrator .Using Intools Package for Instrument Index;Spec Sheets ;Sizing
Calculations ;Process Data ;Wiring and Loop Drawing Modules .
Experience in Intools with Microstation/CAD Loop Dwgs also Intools Smart and Enhanced
Smart Loop Dwgs .
Worked On DCS Foxboro Invensys DCS / Honeywell TDC 3000 DCS ; FAT-SAT-C-SAT
Worked On SIS TRICONEX TMR TRISTATION 1131 Comprehensive & Std Programming
(8902/3) ; FAT-SAT-C-SAT- Cause and Effects Checks .Isograph Reliability Workbench SIL
calculation Software IEC 61508 - Safety Instrumented Systems - Isograph
Smart Plant Intergraph Intools Certificates for
a)Intools Advanced User Training (Smart Palnt Intools)
b)Intools User Training (Smart Palnt Intools).
c)Autocad ; C
Certificates : COMPEX ( Hazardous Area ) ; HUET Sea Surviaval ; Fire Fighting ;H2S


Babasaheb Ambedkar university Nanded Aurangabad M.S India
B.E in Instrumentation & Control Engineering : August 1990

   May 1987
— Aug 1990

B.E in Instrumentation & Control Engineering : August 1990
Babasaheb Ambedkar university Nanded Aurangabad M.S India


RASGAS LNG Co.Ltd Doha , Qatar
Sr.Instrumentation Engineer I&C ( Offshore Asset ) Operations Technical RASGAS LNG Co.Ltd Doha , Qatar

   Feb 2008
— Current

Approx. 18 MUSD Saved 12 Yrs Saved With In House Engineering ( Listed Below Proven
Enginnering Support )
1. In-House Engineering for Instrument Air Back Up Project at RGA PT
2. Engineering Package for improving Reliability Priority Upgrades (LSHH 7903/5 Voting
2OO3 ).
3. Engineering Package for improving Reliability Priority Upgrades (LSHH 5107 Voting
2OO3 ).
4. Engineering SDV pneumatic actuator for PT Inst Air
5. e-MOC 15374 engineering package given for installation of Electro-Pneumatic
Positioner on PT-LV-5107
6. Technical Way Forward provided for PT9585A Hipps Pressure Transmitter Piping
DBB leak issue .
7. Completed 100% Closure Of 22 SIL Action Items In House Engineering ( In-House
Engineering )
8. Completed 100% Actions on SPF ( With In House Engineering )
9. 100% FEI Calculations and In House Engineered Package provided.
10. Met Process Safety Targets for Barzan WH Startup ( Casing Pressure Transmitter
11. 5 Supported Technical Evaluation for choke valves ;Well Head Control Panel for
NFPS project
12. 6 Initiative for Cost Optimization ( Utilize Project MTO )
13. H2S Mapping-implementation at WH-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12
14. 32 Inch SDV and 16 Inch SDVs 1 MUSD
Lakshmikant Pownikar Sr.Instrumentation I&C Engineer 27Yrs EPCCM-SIMOPS-OPS ENGG Page 3 of 6
15. Mokveld Valves and Fuel Gas Valves 1 MUSD
16. Smoke Detectors Upgrade 1 MUSD
17. H2S Det Sieger Upgrade 1 MUSD
18. SSV-SDV W2/W3 WHCP Remote Opening 1 MUSD
19. PT-LT Closed Drain 500 KUSD
20. Pig Launchers Pressure Inst 500 KUSD
21. SDV Repair 500 KUSD
22. SILAction 70
23. SPF 1
24. SPF 2
25. Choke Valve Upgrade NFPS
26. Onshore Analyzer RGCP 267
27. RGCP 332
28. Tr3-4-5 BA ( Resolved BA related to Fire Foam Sprayer Package )
29. AGI Trouble Shooting( Resolved Voltage Drop issue by increasing number Of
Conductors )
30. Tr-3-4-5 Dryers
31. Utilities ANALYZER AH52
32. Successful Engineering –Construction -Comissioning and Proven High Sensitivity
Smoke Detection system for Critical Important
33. Rooms in Offshore RGA –MCR-TELECOMMS –QT MCC- PT-MCC - PT-SIH .This was
LTGD Action item .
34. Supported AKG Asset in two times Replacement of Antisurge Control Valve-
Positioners ( attached are the appreciations from AKG Asset ) during Eid Vacation
35. Supported Train 1-2 during Concerned Engineer’s Vacation/Leave .
36. Supported Train 3-4-5-AGI during Concerned Engineer’s Vacation/Leave
37. Supported Offsites during Concerned Engineer’s Vacation/Leave .
38. Participated in R/A and Interim Solution to resolve High Vibration on AKG 169ZV0006
Inst panel high vibration –Fit Solution in Brownfield situation of Running Production Facility

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