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Age Range
45 to 54

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English, Hindi


25 years of experience in design, including stress analysis in Petrochemical, Oil & Gas industry for various projects involving cross-country buried/aboveground pipelines, surface laid flowlines, in-plant piping etc. Familiar with the calculations based on DNV Stds/RPs for submarine pipeline systems.

• Familiar with all applicable International (ASME, ASTM, ANSI, API, ISO, MSS, AWWA, NACE, NFC, BS, UKOOA etc.) codes/standards, PDO, Shell, Saudi Aramco (SAES), Fluor standards, Offshore DNV standards/recommended practices DNV-OS-F101, RP-F105, RP-F109, RP-F110 etc.

• Major/multi $billion pipeline projects completed: ADCO’s SAS (Shah-Asab, Sahil) FFD, Qusahwira FFD, ADGDC’s SGD (Shah Gas Development), Gasco’s IGDE (Integrated Gas Development Expansion), Algerian TouatGaz, AGT/BTC Cross-country pipelines, Saudi Aramco projects etc.

• Developed many engineering calculation programs in MathCAD.

• Experience as a specialist stress engineer of piping & pipelines. Project stress analysis (including seismic methods of dynamic analysis by response spectrum & time history, equivalent static etc.) using CAESAR-II, PIPEPLUS, SAP-IV etc. Stress analysis of many CS, DSS & CRA clad buried and aboveground pipelines. Stress analysis of thermosetting (FRP, GRE etc.) and thermoplastic (PVC, HDPE etc.) pipeline/piping systems. Completed the stress analysis of major projects ADCO’s SAS FFD, Qusahwira FFD and ADGDC’s SGD, Gasco’s IGDE and Algerian TouatGaz projects. Currently working on stress analysis of PDO’s & OGC’s multiple projects.

• Specialist of Hot tap calculations and completed the same for about 25 hot taps successfully in many projects of pipelines/piping systems for clients like PDO, OGC, Saudi Chevron, Aramco etc.

• Did pipeline buckling calculations based on Dr.K.Peters’ Technical paper ‘Upheaval and lateral buckling of embedded pipelines’ for client ADCO, using a self developed program in MathCAD. The program results are verified with the results from the author of the technical paper and also approved by ADCO. The program can read the surveyed profile and can calculate the maximum permitted change of angle for the upheaval or lateral directions for a given soil cover and also predicts the required soil cover for a given change of angle at any point along the pipeline route. Also it generates graded profile from surveyed profile to avoid buckling and the output of the program can easily be exported to AutoCAD to include in alignment sheets. These calculations are completed for all lines in ADCO’s SAS FFD, Qusahwira FFD and ADGDC’s Shah Gas Development (SGD), Gasco’s Integrated Gas Development Expansion (IGDE), Algerian TouatGaz projects and prepared detailed Upheaval and Lateral buckling calculation & methodology reports. Also familiar with buckling calculations by OTC 6335 method. Soil cutting (grading) & backfilling volume calculations (using integral calculus method) of pipeline routes using self-developed program in MathCAD. These calculations covered for normal & hilly terrain, sand dunes, all crossings, sabkha sections etc. Based on lateral buckling calculations, unsymmetrical reinforcement width was specified to address the lateral buckling at bends located in sabkha areas. These calculations determine the offset of unsymmetrical reinforcement required towards the outer direction of the sabkha construction.

• Stress analysis of surface laid flowlines (which need specialised analysis techniques). Recently completed stress analysis for rectifying the expansion and buckling problems in ADCO’s surface laid flowlines on the north and south of Bida Al-Qemzan gathering station and the lines commissioned successfully.

• Experience in GRE system design, and technical evaluation of bidders submissions including regression curve data, factors of safety and operating envelope calculations per UKOOA and Shell DEP. Rich experience in GRE piping/pipeline systems in all its aspects.


Government Engg College, India
BTech (Honours)

   Jan 1980
— Jan 1985

B.Tech (Honours) in Mechanical Engineering, 1985, Government Engg College, Trichur, Calicut University, Kerala, India


TR Engineering, Muscat
Principal Pipeline/Stress Engineer

   Mar 2004
— Current

2004 to present (14 yrs): Specialist Engineer on different pipeline jobs carried out by TR Engineering. The field of specialization include design, stress analysis, all general calculations, hot tap calculations, upheaval and lateral buckling calculations, vibration studies, material requisitions, technical bid evaluations, vendor dwg approval of all pipeline items, including non-metallic systems in GRE, HDPE etc. Did stress analysis of a number of lines for clients PDO, OGC, OXY, MEDCO, Daleel, Octal, QP, DEWA, TouatGaz etc.

Oct 2002 to 2003: PETROFAC ENGINEERING, Sharjah, UAE
Sr. Pipeline Engineer/Stress Engineer
Pipeline Design and Stress Analysis: Design of a large EPC 42”/46” pipeline and allied facilities, being constructed. The pipeline passes through Azerbaijan, Georgia & Turkey covering a distance of 1700 Kms. Preparation of material requisitions and specifications/data sheets for valves and all piping speciality items like barred tee, isolation joint, anchor flange, chemical injection quill, valve interlock etc. Stress analysis of Dorood facilities project being constructed in Kharg Island, Iran.

Mar 1999 to 2002: GRANHERNE & CO LLC, Muscat, Oman
Sr. Pipeline Engineer/Stress Engineer
Specialist Engineer on different areas namely, all calculations of metallic and non-metallic (GRE, RTP, HDPE etc.) pipelines, stress analysis, material, technical analysis of quotation (TAQ) of CS pipeline/piping, all other pipeline components, linepipe, valve and fittings. Developed in-house programs using fortran-77 and excel spread sheets etc.

June 1996 to Mar 1999 FLUOR DANIEL, Saudi Arabia
Pipeline Engineer/Stress Engineer
Design and stress analysis of buried cross-country pipelines per ANSI B31.4 and API/Saudi ARAMCO standards. This included 10” natural fuel gas pipeline per ANSI B31.8 and 6” cyclohexane & mogas product pipelines to ANSI B31.4, piping inside tank farm and from tank farm to chemical loading berths of KFIP as per ANSI B31.3. Determined minimum and maximum height of soil cover for buried pipelines, minimum and maximum soil cover under highway crossings, minimum radius of elastic bends, full thrust and drag anchor loads, intermediate and deflection anchor loads, sizing of full thrust/drag concrete anchor blocks and hot tap calculations

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