Lead Mechanical commissioning Engineer

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Phone Number


Age Range
35 to 44

Qualification Level

Arabic, English, Hindi, Punjabi


B. E. (Mechanical) with 17 Years Experience.

Mob. +91 9466024102(India).
E-mail. ram_khusi@yahoo.com , pwnswm@gmail.com

16 years skilled professional Experience with Project Management, Documentation, Piping & Pipelines Installation, Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning of refineries, Chemical plant, Coal fired, oil and Gas power plants.
Passport Details:-
Passport No. K-9473514 (New Delhi), Validity: - 13 Feb. 2023.

Professional Snapshot:-
95 x2 MW GT (SIEMENS) based CCGT in 375 MW capacity Oil & GAS commissioned in GUJRAT (INDIA).
270x2 (540) MW (VOITH) make turbine in TPP Coal Based units lighting up and commissioned in Rajasthan Site (INDIA).
230x4 (SIEMENS) Gas turbine in 1400 MW Oil & GAS CCPP Commissioned in K.S.A.
12x225 MW GTG + 6x225 MW STG in 4000MW capacity CCPP Commissioned in QURIYYAH (Saudi Arabia).

Commissioned Role and Responsibility:-
Provided support for pumps, compressors, steam and gas turbine driven machinery trains up to 18,000 HP.
• Identify and solve root cause of noise and vibration issues
• Perform dynamic testing and data analysis
• Perform natural frequency testing for products
• Set up and implement right testing for several types of issues
• Optimize product design collaborating with cross-functional team
• Use specification limits and tolerance level of products during testing
• Walk down of responsible area with client and EPC field pre-commissioning activities including planning, communicating, assigning activities, tracking progress, intervening and escalating Issues.
• Preparation of master punch Points and class wise A, B, C punch list
• Preparation of flow diagram and sketch of pre-commissioning
• Evaluation of related equipments and plants
• Inspection of ECC and handover of CCC with close punches
• Provide field support during pre-commissioning, commissioning, and startup of new facilities including field EH&S observations and Interventions during Construction and pre-commissioning.
• Lead and coordinate reviews of preliminary and final version of all C&SU material to ensure technical accuracy.

Equipments Handled:

 Single and Multistage centrifugal pumps with different material of construction.
 Positive displacement pumps(plunger, Gear, Screw, Lobe and Diaphragm pumps)
 High pressure Boiler feed water pumps and fuel injection pumps
 Axial flow propeller pumps, Vertical turbine type pumps

 Single and Multistage centrifugal compressors Horizontal and Vertical split(Barrel type) compressors(Make: ELLIOTT, MITSUBISHI INGERSOLL RAND, HITACHI, DEMAG, NUOVOPIGNONE,)
 Axial flow centrifugal compressors (Make: SIEMENS Used in 135MW Gas turbines)
 Screw and Lobe Compressors (Make: HOWDEN, ATLAS CAPCO)
 Reciprocating compressors (Make: JOY, KHOSHALA CRIPPLE, CHIGCO PNEUMATICS)

 Steam turbines single and multistage Condensing, Extraction, and Back pressures steam turbines Capacity from 35Hp to 25 MW with different types of Governing system (Make: MURRAY, ELLIOTT, SHANGHAI TURBINE WORKS, WORTHINGTON, TERRY, )
 Gas turbines capacity 135MW (Make: SIEMENS, Centaur 40 Solar gas turbine)

Gas & Diesel Engine:
 Hourly Based Maintenance of Gas engines - ET, DDS Tools used for Periodical testing and Overhauling Depend upon the Hours, (Make: Caterpillar, Waukesha, GMWA –Cooper Bessemer)
 Hourly Based Maintenance of Diesel Engine – Overhauling the Engine. Time Based Maintenance.(Make: Caterpillar, Kirloskar, Cummins, Leyland)

Centrifuges, Blowers and Fans:
 ID and FD fans, FD and ID Fin fans, Cooling tower fans and Lobe Blowers
 Pusher, Basket and Horizontal split Screw type centrifuges (make: SULZER)

Other Rotating Equipments and Alignments
 Top and Bottom entry Agitators mounted in High pr Reactors, tanks, crystallizers
 Gear Drives (Spur, Helical, Double helical, Worm and Spiral Bevel type Gears)
 Conveyors ( Belt, Screw and Chain conveyors)
 Rim and Face, Reverse dial Graphical & Analytical method and laser alignment.

Condition Monitoring and Vibration analysis:
 Vibration data collection and analysis with IRD 880, CSI – 2130, Adash DDS 2000, Entek IRD Odyssey Software
 DP and UT test to find cracks in Mechanical parts and welding joints
 Thickness measurement of Pipe lines and Vessels with Ultrasonic thickness Gauge

Current Organization.

M/s. Alghanim International
Designation: - Lead Mechanical Commissioning Engineer.
Duration: - Sept. 2016 to Till Date.
Current Project: - OCGT 230*2 (460)IN SUBIYA (KUWAIT)

Responsibility: - Remedial work of chemical piping and commissioning of natural Gas, Benzene, Scalene, Acetylene Etc.

Last Career Abstract: -

Organization: - M/s. SEPAM (PM&C) SAUDI ARABIA LTD.
Designation: - Commissioning Lead with FLUOR Company.
Duration: - August 2014 to Sept. 2016.
Current Project: - SADARA PETRO CHEMICAL PROJECT (Saudi Armco)
Responsibility: - Remedial work of chemical piping and commissioning of natural Gas, Benzene, Scalene, Acetylene Etc.

Organization: - M/s. TCE LTD .MUMBAI
Designation: - Commissioning Engineer (G.T. Mechanical) with SAMSUNG C&T.
Duration: - Oct. 2011 to August 2014.
Current Project: - SAMSUNG C&T (4000MW Power Plant) Saudi Arabia. Responsibilities: - Erection and commissioning of Super Critical Gas Turbine MS5002 Generator (SIEMENS),
TG Auxiliaries, Condenser, Lube Oil Flushing, jack oil system, pressure oil skids, Generator Stator,
Gland Steam Line flushing oil line flushing, Steam Blowing during Commissioned of CCPP.

Designation: - Sr. Project Manager. Duration: - February 2010 to October 2011. Responsibilities: - Checking Quality of Piping Erection activity of IBR & Non IBR,
Butanes & Butadiene Packages, Air Compressor, RWTP, CWS, CCWS, D.M. Plant, ETP,
Cooling Tower, Storage Tanks, LP Piping, 150 TR to 560 TR Capacity Chiller (HVAC) systems Etc.

Organization: - M/s. L & T POWER VADODRA.
Designation: - Sr. Commissioning Engineer (GT). Duration: - June 2009 to February 2010. Responsibilities: - Commissioned of Gas Turbine Generator 230 MW(SIEMENS) make.

Organization: - M/S. PUNJ LLYOD LTD.
Designation: - Asst. Manager (Mechanical). Duration: - Sept. 2006 to June 2009.
Responsibilities: - Pre-commissioning activity and commissioning of complete BOP up to 250*2
(500) MW & 270*2(540) MW Thermal power Plant. Oil & Gas power plant, Conditioning System,
Air Compressor, EOT Cranes and Hoists, Miscellaneous Horizontal Pumps, Vertical Pumps, Bore
Well Pumps, Cooling Tower, Storage Tanks, Valves, LP Piping, Strainers, Misc Storage Tanks,
WTP and Complete ESP, CHP, Ash Handling Plant also.

Designation: - Sr. Engineer Commissioning. Duration: - May 2005 to Sept. 2006.
Responsibilities: - Commissioned of GE 7EA Gas turbine during 1400 MW turbine with HRSG system (simple cycle)-Distillate and Crude oil fired.
ALFA LEVAL make (HFO) oil treatment system through SIEMENS S7 PLC system.

Organization: - M/S. A2Z PROJECTS LTD.
Organization Profile: - Engineering & Construction Company engaged in Piping &
Equipment Erection commissioning in power Project, Refineries, Oil & Gas.
Designation: - Asst. Manager -Mechanical. Duration: - February 2003 to March 2005.
Responsibilities: - 440 m3/hr Water treatment system (Desalination & D.M),
Sewage Plant, waste water Treatment, system. Turbine & Generator Instruments.
Hydro speed Governor System & Lift oil and lube oil system Commissioning.
Vibration monitoring system installation & Commissioning.
Closed cooling water system Commissioning.

Organization: - M/S. MBPPIL DELHI.
Organization Profile: - An associate company of IGP Group, engaged in execution of Turnkey Engineering Package and EPC Contractor in Power Project.
Designation: Engineer – Projects. Duration: - Jan. 2000 to Jan. 2003.
Responsibilities: - SIEMENS 175 MW turbine (combined cycle system) with HRSG.
ATLAS COPCO Gas Compressor, BENTLY NEVEDA vibration monitoring system.
PETRO gas & oil bath Heater. GE and METSO system Interface.
Liquid Fuel selection skid. BOP systems commissioned with METSO-DCMS system
Inlet air filters system.

Extra Duties:-
1. Responsible for preparing scope of work, Material identification, Work allotment, Maintaining, Maintaining target for production & Preparation of MTO.
2. Identifies Inspection requirement and organizes for stage inspection as required.
3. Preparing daily progress report and forward to planning department & Organizes Material and equipments for upcoming jobs in advance.
4. Responsible for maintaining the fabrication crew to achieve the required target as per the required specification.
5. Supporting in fabrication & erection of Oil & Gas Pipeline of Material Class -Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel. Stainless Steel and GRP, GRE lines.
6. Responsible for Coordination with client, raising site Queries to implement revision & to assist in improving productivity, advising priorities based on Material availability.
7. Broad knowledge of waste water and sea water cooling operational processes and theory and understanding of sea water cooling plant optimization techniques.
8. Turbine trip logic for lube oil system, trip oil system, Lube oil system Commissioning
9. Excellent knowledge of technical developments in the field of sea water cooling treatment plant and equipment & preventative maintenance theory and techniques.

1. 12th (Non-Medical) from H.B.S.E. Bhiwani.
2. B.E. (Mechanical) from I.M.E. Mumbai.
3. NDE Certificate of Level 2nd from Mumbai.

Trainings Attended: -
1. Attended 15 days training on CNC from NTTF Bangalore
2. Attended Basic Hydraulics training from REXROTH .
3. Attended 15 days training on PCB Fabrication from NTTF Bangalore.

Computer Knowledge:
Elementary knowledge of internet & networking.
Basic, MS Word, office, hardware.
Operating System: Windows XP/NT/2000/VISTA/WINDOW 7.

Personal Details: -
Fathers Name: - Mr Purshotam Dass
Date of Birth: - 31-07-1974
Drawn Salary: - 9500 USD per month
Expected Salary: - 10500 USD per month
Joining Period: - 25 Days.
Home address. H.NO.438/31, Qutubpur, Rewari-123401
(Haryana) India.

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