Agronomist / Farm Manager

Last Updated: 16th July 2017 (over 5 years ago)

United Arab Emirates


Phone Number


Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level

Arabic, English, Punjabi, Urdu


As an Senior Researcher with Agronomy Section worked closed for Insect Pest Management , Crop Management , Trees Management and management of Vegetables and Cultivated Crops to ensure efficient production techniques and costs .Worked closely wit Section with emphasis of research and innocation and making sure capacity building in similar environments. Involved in managing field crops and vegetables productions under UAE field conditions. Worked for production of Tomatos , Cucumber and other vegetables under green house conditions . Worked for capacity building. Worked for research and innovation division to implement research outputs to benefit the local farmers



   Sep 2013
— Current


Senior Researcher

   Jun 2000
— Jul 2017

• Working for managing Aquaculture and Agriculture Production systems using different quality waters
• Working for Biofuel crops using brian and saline water
• Coordinates with field teams daily for field activities including planting, irrigation , chemical application, harvesting , grading and record keeping.
• Working for improving the crop diversification using Integrated Agriculture production system approaches in UAE
• Managing equipment maintenance
• Involved in Data base manament of average production, farm management practices and seeds multiplication.
• Working for Socio Economic analysis of market conditions to determine area and crop allocation
• Worked on preparation and implementation of traning and extension programs to benefit the local farming community in UAE by taking results to the farmers
• Invloved in Preparation of weekly and monthly operational reports
• Currently involved in project management , finance management and field management to improve crop production using available water and soil resources.
• Involved in preparation and implementation of farmer field days
• Implements the statndard procedures in growing, grading, storage, and analyzing efficiency and accuracy
• Involved in plant propagation and multiplication both in shade house and under field conditions
• Involved in a study to ascertain the status of local plantation in UAE
• Working with team to assist in testing of agricultural equipment to ensure proper use , seeding rate and product disbursement
• Analyzes water quality and monthly quantities required for maximized production
• Worked for implementation and operations of Model farms in UAE
• Involved in preparation of various project reports
• Involved in Green House production trials inUAE for vegetables and trees production, and taking the results to farmers.
• Currently involved in on going projects of crop management at field and green house production
• Responsible for different field production of for Tomatos , cucumber , Quinoa , Barely and other at various local field crops.
• Managing analysis work for soil , water and plants in Labs
• Involved in planning and slection of plant varieties with high yield or disease and insect resistant characteristics
• Worked as part of farm team to purchase of machinery, equipment and supplies such as tractor , seeds , ferlizers and chemicals
• Assisting the local manpower for training in agriculture research and production activities
• Involved in on-farm R & D farm activities for direct benefits of the local farmers through improved and more efficient plant production utilizing improved practices.
• Worked closely with field team fields to determine maturity dates of crops or to estimate potential crop damage from weather
• Involved in statistatical analysis and reporting of research projects
• Worked for data collection using analytical instruments for soil water and plant
• Working closely for enforcing safety regulations and interpretation of working polies
• Worked on field experimentations and vegetation surveys in the UAE and Oman.
• Prepared different agriculture training courses like Agriculture Production, Agriculture Marketing, Farm Management, Production Economics, diffusion and adoption of Agricultural innovations etc. for agricultural personnel from the UAE and various countries

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