Lead Mechanical Engineer/commissioning Manager for water and power plant stations.

Last Updated: 7th February 2018 (over 4 years ago)

United Arab Emirates


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Age Range
45 to 54

Qualification Level

Arabic, English


25 years experience in supervision and management in construction, commissioning and operation in power and water sectors, doing the necessary studies with practical resolution and reporting to improve the equipment. Ensure Compliance with ISO Quality Procedures for construction & commissioning of equipment with Safety Regulations. Provide proposal and recommendations to corporate the others challenges encountered on project execution time.


Faculty Of Engineering
Bsc Mechanical Enginnering

   Oct 1988
— Jun 1993


Senior Mechanical Engineer

   May 2009
— Feb 2018

• Project study, tendering, and approval of submittals.
• Capability study for contractors/suppliers.
• Review as built drawing and initiate the approval.
• Supervision of construction and commissioning of new Equipment.
• Site Schedule development, monitoring and updating.
• Prepare the necessary budget to update and improve the existing stations.
• Estimate the efficiency of equipment.
• Prepare technical documents and ensure compliance with ISO Quality
• Review O&M for new stations.

Senior Mechanical Engineer

   Jan 2007
— May 2009

Mechanical Engineer for Rabigh Power Plant - Mohamed Ali Mott MacDonald (MTMM) – Consultant.
• Supervision the construction and commissioning of the following (EPC
- 9 Steam Generators (475 t/h), 5 Steam Turbines 120 MW and
Demineralization plant.
- Auxiliary systems including rotary equipments , Pumps, Piping,
compressors, Heaters and Flue gas Treatment Systems, (Electrostatic
Precipitator, Absorber), Diesel generator, Piping…. .
- RO Desalination Plant, 168,000 t/day (16 Trains)
• Review the construction and commissioning schedules.
• Review as workshop and as build drawings and modifications advice.
• Inspection of all mechanical activities and equipments (piping hydro testing,
rotary equipment alignment, ….etc.) according to standards.
• Follow up and control the site activities and progress.
• Inspection of work completion and issue the RFI’s & Test Packages.
• Review the material and mechanical equipment specifications.
• Supervision of construction and commissioning activities.
• Site Schedule development, monitoring and updating.
• Participating in HAZOP study.
• Prepare the weekly and monthly reports.
• Handing over the systems for start up and operation.
• Control the interface points between the power and petrochemical project
(HHP, HP, MP, LP process steam lines).

MTMM Head Office
Senior Mechanical Engineer (Power Plant Specialist)

   Aug 2006
— Jan 2007

• Prepare the BOQ and mechanical specifications for power and desalination
• Review the tenders documentations.
• Feasibility studies for power and desalination plants.
• Development of plant and system concepts.
• Specification preparation for major mechanical equipment and bid evaluation.
• Review prequalification for vendors.
• Review the design drawings.
• Review the materials specifications and selection.
• Prepare project management files for projects.

Project and Research Engineer

   May 2005
— Jul 2006

• Review the mechanical specifications for Talkha New project (Combined cycle
750 MW).
• Review the as build drawings.
• Compiling contract documentation and conditions of contract.
• Analysis of the performance Indicators and factors for the Power plants of the
East Delta company.
• Review the performance and efficiency for Talkh Power plant (2 conventional
units and 8 gas turbine units).
• Prepare the BOQ and mechanical specifications.
• Review the tenders documentations.
• Technical Proposals.

Senior Operation Head Section for Ayoun Moussa Power Plant

   Aug 2004
— Apr 2005

• Ensure safe operation for the Units (2  320 MW)
• Control the operation and stability of the plant.
• Outage manager for the plant.
• Training the new staff.
• Analysis the trouble shooting and issue the accident reports.
• Prepare the operation Procedures.
• Plant manager shift.

3EC - EDF Egyptian Engineering Company
Warranty Deputy Manager

   Sep 2003
— Jul 2004

• Following up of the warranty sheets for all suppliers.
• Planning for outage jobs.
• Ensure that optimum Project Strategy is developed.
• Preparing technical files to perform the job
• Coordination with the operating company.
• Engineering reports and modifications advice if need.
• Apply all modifications for the units.
• Update and finalizing the systems design manuals.
• Finalize the outstanding items for the plant.
• Finalize the Final Acceptance Certificates.

3EC - EDF Egyptian Engineering Company
Senior Commissioning Engineer for EDF Port Said Power

   Oct 2002
— Aug 2003

• Supervision the commissioning for two Boilers (Foster Wheeler Boiler,
capacity 1050 t/h) with EDF Egyptian Engineer company (Consultant
company) at Port Said power Plant.
• Construction completion inspection.
• Review the Boiler design drawings (Construction drawings – Logic diagrams –
Equipments power supply and emergency power supply) and modify if needed
after Foster Wheeler design office agreement.
• Review the schedule of activities with the contractor (FW).
• Attend commissioning technical meetings.
• Commissioning and prepare all the systems for start up and operation and
apply all the tests and protections.
• Prepare the boiler Emergency procedure.
• Handing over the plant for commercial operation.
• Witness the plant performance tests.
• Schedule control and development.
• Apply several walk down and punch lists.
• Ensure completion of Project on time and complying to HSE and Quality

EEHC - Egyptian Electricity Holding Company
Construction Coordinator/Commissioning / Shift Charge Engineer for Ayoun Moussa power

   Nov 1996
— Oct 2002

• Ensure close coordination with end-users through out execution of Project up
to the stage of Final Acceptance certificates.
• Witness the commissioning tests (Blow out, performance tests, ….)
• Handing over systems for operation.
• Safe start up and safe shutdown for two steam units 320 MW and MSF
desalination stations
• Prepare the defects and accidents reports.
• Carry out the work permits.
• Supervise the operators.
• Prepare operation flow charts.
• Coordination with maintenance to carry out the work permits safely.
• Prepare the operation procedures for the systems.

Maintenance Engineer

   Jan 1994
— Jul 1996

• Obligatory military service work as operation and maintenance for different
marks of diesel engines Caterpillar, Perkins, Strover, .....
• Supervision the installation of diesel stations.
• Control the spare parts.
• Inspecting and test diesel stations.
• Planning for maintenance schedule.

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