SCADA EMS DCS Utility and Refinery

Last Updated: 31st December 2017 (over 4 years ago)

Saudi Arabia


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Age Range
45 to 54

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English, Gujarati, Hindi


• Possess 21 years of experience in EHV Projects, and other Electrical Engineering-related areas and holds Master’s Degree (M. Tech.) in Electrical Engineering (Control & Instrumentation) from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
• A mature and professional individual who can promote and champion world -class engineering principles across various industries. Kaushik Makwana is an expert at planning and prioritizing engineering activities and resources in order to get projects completed on time. He has extensive experience of developing engineering teams into effective and pro-active units. As a true professional he can always apply his knowledge and skills in any innovative technical management role. Right now he is keen to join a company that prides itself on its high standards and reputation.


Saudi Aramco Mobil Refinery
Project Engineer (E&I)

   Mar 2017
— Current

• Engineering design, Estimation, prepare complete feed package and construction package for electrical and instrumentation projects.
• Implementation of Exxon mobile, NFPA, IEC and NEMA standards in Electrical and Instrumentation projects for refinery.
• DCS/SIS / PLC / TMC / VMS / ESD Systems Technical assistance on queries.
• DCS / SIS / PLC / TMC / VMS / ESD Systems enhancements Capital and expense projects.
• DCS/SIS/PLC/TMC/VMS/ESD Systems administration.
• DCS/SIS/PLC/TMC/VMS/ESD Systems Design and implementation of configuration / modifications.
• DCS/SIS/PLC/TMC/VMS/ESD Systems Maintenance of database integrity (e.g., back-up, archiving, Health check with the support of Area Supervisor)
• DCS/SIS/PLC/TMC/VMS/ESD Systems spares Review and feedback to section manager about overall spares requirement.
• DCS/SIS/PLC/TMC/VMS/ESD Systems changes: Manage & formally document all changes.
• Communicate with DCS/SIS/PLC/TMC/VMS/ESD, Field-Instruments and Control-Valves vendors to resolve chronic problems and be updated for any system / instrument issues.
• Lead/contribute to DCS/SIS/PLC/TMC/VMS/ESD, Field-Instruments and Control-Valves upgrade/revamp projects: In-house and E&PM.
• Coordinate to implement PM program, Daily/weekly/monthly/Quarterly inspections/surveillance and attend hardware failures of DCS/SIS/PLC/TMC/VMS/ESD systems.
• Coordinate with Process Control Network (PCN) security team to update the Anti-Virus and Microsoft Windows patch for all DCS/SIS/PLC/TMC/VMS/ESD Servers / Workstations.
• Attend MOC, R&M, PMT, stewardship meetings regularly in the assigned areas of responsibility.
• Attend all MOC/HAZOP meetings related to DCS/SIS/PLC/TMC/VMS/ESD Systems, Field-Instruments and Control-Valves.

Saudi Electricity Company, Riyadh
Sr. Electrical Engineer (SCADA-EMS)

   Mar 2012
— Mar 2017

• Writing Technical specifications EMS portion for National Control Centre project, Saudi Arabia.
• Technical Specifications for Automatic Meter Reading System in KSA.
• Engineering design reviews for electrical systems for SCADA and Protection.
• open access transmission tariffs and transmission congestion management
• Control Centre SCADA EMS System Support
• Load flow analysis, State estimation, Contingency analysis.
• National Grid external and internal communication.
• SCADA EMS Tender specification and scope of work preparation for National Control Centre project.
• Evaluation of Technical and commercial bids for SCADA EMS and related IT Infrastructure.
• Complying to vendors technical queries and fixing SCADA Architecture.
• Defining Key Performance index and availability calculations for SCADA systems.

• Defining data communication among the Regional control Centre to National control Centre.
• Defining power applications as per the Regulations in force and Market management system.
• Upgrading of SCADA Systems at Regional Control Centers.
• Preparation of SCADA Operating procedures and standards for Control System Department.
• Review of Draft Standards for Substations Automation, Materials and Security Systems.
• Co-ordination of Unified Project Manual project of Saudi Electricity Company.

Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation
Manager (SCADA & Testing)

   May 2001
— Feb 2012

• Load flow analysis, State estimation, Contingency analysis.
• Calculation of available power transfer capability between two networks.
• open access transmission tariffs and transmission congestion management
• Configuring and commissioning of ABB and D20 RTU.
• Transducers selection, signal verification for RTU inputs.
• Accounting transducer requirement with different CT PT connection.
• Integrating power system protection points for Sequence of Events system points.
• Testing of RTU Control signals from control room.
• Designing power supply system for SCADA System, Data Centre and emergency lighting in Control Centre.
• Managing real-time database, edit database and commit database in xa21SCADA.
• Implementing roles, privileges and security in ORACLE server.
• Designing and implementing backup strategies for Physical backup and Import / export for ORACLE database.
• DBA Activities and Space management on database servers, Assigning Job activities to the team members.

Wanakbori Thermal Power Station, Gujarat Electricity Board,
Lead Engineer (Instrumentation)

   Mar 1997
— May 2001

• Instrumentation maintenance for boiler auxiliaries, coal mill, and boiler feed pumps, deaerator, ID, FD and PA fan lube oil control system and its tripping.
• Spare management, budget preparation and indenting the same.
• Preparing pert chart for managing various routing maintenance schemes.
• Temperature sensors for flue gas, coal mill, feed water system, turbine body for stress evaluation, air damper controls, spray control etc.
• Calibration of various transducers, sensors, gas analyzers like flue gas oxygen analyzer.
• Hydrogen purity sensors, Conductivity analyzers.
• Protection and interlock systems for various turbine and boiler auxiliaries.
• Maintaining indicators, recorders, pressure gauges, temperature gauges, switches etc.
• Automatic Turbine Run off System maintenance for 210 MW X 3 units,
• Tuning of feed water control, steam flow control and boiler drum level control loops after AOH and COH.
• Planning annual and capital over hauling and other maintenance programs.
• Monitoring maintenance progress during shutdowns.
• Modification of any measurement and control schemes.
• Managing spares and inventory for power plant electrical and instrumentation.

Faculty of Tech and Engg. MS University Vadodara
Teaching Assistant

   Jun 1996
— Mar 1997

• Computer aided power systems laboratory for final year Engineering students,
• Maintaining computing facility,
• Electrical machines lab for undergraduate students.

Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited
Project Executive

   Mar 1995
— Jul 1996

• Pharmaceuticals process analysis, Identifying load pattern for the each process,
• Electrical power distribution design, Process automation,
• Dealing with consultants and vendors independently, estimating and costing of utilities for the pharmaceutical processes like steam, DM water, raw water, electrical power, distilled water, compressed air etc.