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Muscat, Macao


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I am Senior Process Engineer with more than 13 years of working experience particular in Design, Engineering Operation and Maintenance of Water Desalination & Power Plants. Core responsibilities includes the following main area of expertise


University of Engineering and Technology
CHemical Engineering

   Aug 2000
— May 2004

BSC Chemical ENgineering


Petroleum Development OMan
Senior Process Engineer

   Jan 2004
— May 2017


Resourceful Process & Management Engineer with more than 14 years of experience in Design, Engineering and Management of Water Treatment Plant, Desalination, Reverse osmosis, Stream production facility for power sector.

Specialize in Desalination and Water Treatment projects with Hand on experience in

 Sea /Brackish water Reverse Osmosis Desalination  Ultra/Nano Filtration Process  Media Filtration/ Mixed Bed Polisher/Demin/Remineralisation Process
 Sea Water Intake & Brine Outfall Design Design  Pre- & Post Treatment for Desalination  Energy Optimisation in Desalination
 Water Softener  Electrodeionisation/ Hardness Removal Process  Ion Exchange Process

• Concept/Feed Process Engineering • Feasibility & Strategic Studies • Equipment Sizing & Selection
• Technical & Economic Bid Evaluation • Mentoring & Coaching Young Engineers ation • Leadership
• Process Modeling & Simulation • Pilot Trials for new Technologies • Technical Document Prep
July 2016 November 2016 and March 2017 to june 2017

Independent Process Engineer provides technical solutions related to water & power production and oil and gas sector.
 Scope Freeze, FEED Review, Comment, Technical Bid Evaluation and Vendor Recommendation for ZADCO Water (Potable and power, Sea Water Reverse osmosis plant), Waste Water Treatment plant.
 Pre-Feed for Produced Water Treatment and reutilization for Unconventional Gas Development of South Guwar and Sulakian Gas field for Saudi Aramco through Amec Foster wheeler(3 month assignment)
Dec 2013 to April 2016 OMAN (PDO) OMAN
Lead Process Engineer in Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), Exploration and Production Company in the Sultanate. My current role includes planning, scheduling and providing technical solutions related to water Produced Water treatment, Production, Injection, Disposal and re-use for the company. This corporate role also involves implementing company wide technical and economic strategies, related to water treatment
SHARJAH – REVERSE OSMOSIS DESALINATION PLANT - Worked for the DETAIL ENGINEERING of 80,000 M3/DAY Sea Water R.O Desalination Plant at SHARJAH HAMRIYAH.. This works includes Basis of Design, Specification for R.O Desalination Plant, Cost Estimates, Overall Project Scheme, Mass Balance, Energy balance, Capex & Opex and Evaporation Pond Size Calculation for R.O Desalination Plant

EAD - ENVIRONMENT AGENCY ABU DHABI REVERSE OSMOSIS PLANT - Worked for the Concept Design of Two 20MIGD R.O Desalination Plant at Bu Hasa. This works includes Basis of Design, Specification for R.O Desalination Plant, Cost Estimates, Overall Project Scheme, Mass Balance, Energy balance, Capex & Opex and Evaporation Pond Size Calculation for R.O Desalination Plant.

JUBAIL ISLAND REVESE OSMOSIS PLANT - Concept design of 2X100,000 IGPD Sea Water R.O plant, using Energy Recovery Turbine to produce high quality water in cost effective way. Scope includes all technical documents preparation, vendor evaluation and recommendations

EFFICIENCY IMPROVEMENT FOR NORTH & SOUTH REVESE OSMOSIS(RO) PLANTS – Operation support for Feasibility studies to find out Alternate Options to improve performance of existing Reverse Osmosis(RO) Plants in North and south oil fields producing potable water. Study includes data analysis and performance evaluation of existing Reverse Osmosis Plants with required modifications options to improve recovery, Capex and Opex Effects

DRAGON OIL COMPANY, TURKMENISTAN (Concept and FEED) - Concept and Feed Design of Sea Water Intake and Brine Out fall design for Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Plant (1.3MIGPD) in Turkmenistan. Project includes the Design of Sea Water intake Structure and Head works, two pipelines and Pumping Station. Deliverables to the clients are Process Design Calculation, Hydraulic Calculation, Pressure drop calculation, PFD, P&ID, Utility Diagram, Data sheets

DUBAI SPORTS CITY, REVERSE OSMOSIS & SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT – Concept/Feed Design of the Reverse Osmosis Plant having capacity of 10,500m3/d for central cooling system based on TSE water. Preparation of Tender documents for the contractor Selection, supervising of appointed Contractor during construction phase as well as O&M period for 14 months. Advising client on any suitable future investment to improve the overall O&M cost for the RO plant and associated Sewage treatment plant providing feed water to RO plant. Preparing feasibility report for managing the brine and reject stream from RO plant including discussions with R&D and suppliers for the latest development in brine management and analyzing CAPEX and OPEX of the potential options.

ENGRO FERTILIZER DHARKI, PAKISTAN - EPC Work for the Water Treatment System required for fertilizer plant. This include the Design of Canal Water treatment, Multi Media Filtration, Reverse Osmosis, CIP System, Chemical Injection Plant, Water Demineralization, Post Treatment, sludge Drying bed, Oily Water Treatment, Waste Water Treatment.

UCH POWER PLANT - EPC Work for the Water Treatment System required for 650 MW Thermal Power Plant. This include the Design of Canal Water treatment, Multi Media Filtration, Reverse Osmosis, CIP System, Chemical Injection Plant, Water Demineralization, Post Treatment, sludge Drying bed, Oily Water Treatment, Waste Water Treatment.

BHIKKI POWER PLANT, LAHORE, PAKISTAN - Proposal & Estimation Engineer for 225 MW Thermal Power Plants. This include the Design of Canal Water treatment, Multi Media Filtration, Reverse Osmosis, CIP System, Chemical Injection Plant, Water Demineralization, Post Treatment, sludge Drying bed, Oily Water Treatment, Waste Water Treatment.

Other Reverse Osmosis Projects

 2X850 m3/day Reverse Osmosis(RO) Plant for Nishat Textile mills, Lahore.
 Pepsi Cola Multan 1500 m3/day Reverse Osmosis(RO) Plant.
 9000 m3/day Water softener for DG Khan Cement, Kallar kahar, Pakistan.
 2X850 m3 per day Reverse Osmosis(RO)followed by and 850 m3/day Mixed Polisher plant for Sitara per oxide Faisalabad Road. Pakistan.
 1440 m3/day Reverse Osmosis(RO) for Soorty Denim Mill Karachi, Pakistan.
 1200 m3/day Reverse Osmosis(RO) for Coca Cola Gujranwala. Pakistan.
 816 m3/day Reverse Osmosis(RO) for for Sitara Chemicals, Faisalabad, Pakistan

QARN ALAM STEAM PROJECT, OMAN - Lead Process Engineer for Qarn Alam high pressure steam production and injection plant, the world’s largest Enhanced Oil Recovery project. Process and Operation support for Four Reverse Osmosis Plants producing 22,864 m3/day of Boiler Feed Water. Optimisation Includes Recovery Alteration, Reject water reutilization, Filtration system backwash water recovery options with complete comparison against the reject water injection cost into deep and shallow wells

QARN ALAM STEAM ENERGY OPTIMISATION – Project initiative notes to reduce Power Consumption from existing Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant by utilizing energy of reject water with Energy Recovery Turbine. Report includes all considered scenarios against bases case.

GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN (CDWA PROJECT) - As a part of USAID for Clean Drinking Water For All(CDWA), worked for EPC Contractor for Process Design, Master Planning, Cost Estimation and five years Maintenance Works for the small Scale (2000 – 4000)L/hr R.O Plant at different town locations in all over the Pakistan

HABUR OIL FIELD PRODUCED WATER AND BOILER FEED WATER PLANT, OMAN - Feasibility study for Habur Oil Field Produced Water and Boiler Feed Water treatment plants requirements. Work includes the adequacy check of existing facility to accommodate the new flows. New process schemes have been proposed to increase boiler feed water requirement and for the treatment of produced water. Life cycle cost including Capex and Opex has been calculated and evaluated

GUIDELINES FOR DESIGN OF NUTSHELL FILTER AND INDUCED GAS FLOTATION - Prepare Guidelines for design of Nutshell Filter & Induced Gas Flotation. Aim of document is to support Concept Engineer and Contractor Process Engineer to design equipment while considering PDO experience with project requirements

PILOT PLANT TRIAL (FORWARD OSMOSIS PLANT), OMAN - Worked for reutilization of RO plants reject water by using Forward Osmosis plant(Combination of FO Membrane with RO Membrane). Work includes defining the Tie in point in the existing operating plant with minimum equipment shutdown requirement and preparing the scope of work for engineering contractor, define key performance indicators and data evaluation to extract results.

MUNICIPILITY OF AJMAN SEWER DEPARTMENT, UAE (Sea Outfall) - Concept Design of Sea outfall structure for the reject water pipe line from the discharge of RO-plant and effluent from the Ajman sewerage treatment plant. Work includes pressure drop calculation using duckbill valve and specially design piping network to maintain the velocity, cost estimation and concept drawings.

EFFLUENT TREATMENT PLANT (MINA AL FEHAL), OMAN - Design review and Clarifications preparation for Effluent treatment plant in Minal Al Fehal. Source of water is produced water separated from crude oil storage tank and domestic waste water. Existing operating plant is unable to meet the discharge specification to the sea. Up gradation involves electrocoagulation, dissolved gas flotation, media filtration, ultra filtration and polishing by final polishing by activated carbon filter.

CONFIDENTIAL CLIENT FLNG PLANT ARABIAN GULF, (Concept Design) - Basic Design and report for the intake system design for FLNG plant in the Arabian Gulf. The intake system consisted of 6 passive screens and each has flow rate of 8000 m/hr. Intake system also consisted of specially design hydrobusrt and hypo chlorination system.

EMAL - EMIRATES ALLIMUNIUM COMPANY - Worked for the development of mode by using pipesim and the analysis of the Compressed Air distribution network in EMAL (Emirates Aluminum Company) for phase 2 and 3. Different scenarios were discussed and results were presented with recommendation to the client.

TRANCO - ABU DHABI TRANSMISSION AND DISPATCH COMPANY (Water Treatment) - Worked for water quality modeling and analyzing Chlorine content in Water Transmission Scheme form Mirfa to Madinat Zayed, Liwa, and Presidential Palace at Qusahwira based on 2014 and 2030 flow rates.

ICAD SEWAGE TRETMENT PLANT ABU DHABI, UAE - The Industrial City Abu Dhabi phase 1 to 5 shall be served by an IETP of initial capacity of 40,000m3/d and ultimate capacity of 220,000m3/d in 2022. The contract is awarded as a DBO scheme to the Contractor (Samsung) under a PPP initiative by the Client. As client’s representative, responsibilities include Process design, M&E work review for the upcoming phases, construction supervision for the initial phase, Testing & Commissioning.

PERFORMANCE EVALUATION (KARIM WEST & SUWAIHAT GFT), OMAN - Worked for the Installation, FAT & SAT and Performance Verification and Evaluation of two newly installed gas flotation tank(IGF) in Karim West and Suwaihat. New tanks were installed to meet the Injection specifications. Responsibilities involve the preparation of the standard document to verify the performance of tank based on Specification document and vendor guarantee document. Saved 14M USD Oil Deferment cost

ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS – AMEL STEAM - Part of the team performing Root Cause Analysis for the failure of Boiler and Pipelines. Provide input with respect to water treatment process scheme and typical KPI’s level and limitations.

CONFICENTIAL CLIENT – WASTE WATER TREATMENT PLANT – Feasibility study to make a comparison between conventional waste treatment plant with MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor) and MBBR (Moving Bed Bio Reactor) by using domestic waste water from local community. Treated water shall be used as source water for central cooling system.

ADSSC CHLORINATION SYSTEM - Bid Preparation and Cost Evaluation of onsite Hypo Chlorination system producing 40 L/hr sodium hypo chlorite for AL Ahammah STP plant includes, Equipment Sizing, Storage Tank Size, PFD, P&ID, Mass Balance, Layout, Power Calculation

ADSSC ODOUR CONTROL SYSTEM - Concept Design, Cost Estimates and Design Evaluation of the available technologies used for Odour Control (Chemical Scrubbers, UV System, Bio Filters, Activated Carbon Filters) used in the pumping station of Abu Dhabi & Al Ain. Preparing feasibility study with Cost Comparison for the most suitable odour control system for a proposed SITE.

KHULUD TIGHT GAS DEVELOPMENT PROJECT - Water treatment and selection report for Demineralized Water Treatment options for Khulud Tight Gas Development Project. Study includes preparation of water treatment options with Capex and Opex, technical evaluation and final recommendations.

PERFORMANCE MONITORING (AMEL STEAM PLANT), OMAN - Two year continuous quarterly performance monitoring reports for Amel Steam plant producing Boiler feed water from Ion Exchange Process for OTSG and HRSG. This includes review of daily report received from site for selected parameters to be monitored in plant and comparison with standard performance limits of plant. For each quarter recommendations are given to improve performance and meet injection targets.

PERFORMANCE MONITORING & DEBOTTLENECKING (QARN ALAM PRODUCED WATER TREATMENT PLANT), OMAN - Plant was not able to achieved ultimate flow capacity. Proposed options to achieve desire flow rate and optimum capacity. Two years continuous quarterly performance monitoring reports of produced water treatment plant, close cooperation with operation team to rectify the issues and meet injection demands to achieve oil production targets.

ABU DHABI GAS COMPANU (GASCO, Sewage) - Worked for FEED study for the up gradating the sewage system at ASAB 0 and ASAB 1.

OCCIDENTAL PETROLEUM COMPANY, OMAN - Produced Water Treatment - Detail Engineering works for the design of the facility for Produced Water Treatment. The ultimate capacity of the plant is 120,000 BPD of treated water from Produced water. The system configuration includes Walnut Shell Filters, Clarifier for Hardness Removal, Multimedia Filters and SAC SAC system. The treated water will be used for steam production which will be used for injection in reservoir to maintain pressure. The project includes many kind of Chemical dosing system.

ABU DHABI COMPANY FOR ONSHORE OIL OPERATION, ADCO (Water Injection Project) - Detail Engineering works for three Water Injection Clusters at BAB – North, Abu Dhabi. Each cluster having capacity of 30,000 BWPD. The Project includes FEED verification, Development of PFDs, P&IDs, and Material Selection Diagrams. Hydraulic Analysis, Equipment Schedule, Operation & Control Philosophy and Start up and Shut down Philosophy.

QP-QATAR PETROLEUM RAS LAFFAN EMERGENCY AND SAFETY COLLEGE (Chlorination) - Tender Document Preparation, Specification, Data Sheets, P&ID for two Sodium Hypochlorite dosing systems at upstream and downstream of large water storage tank. Both dosing systems are required to maintain the maximum residual chlorine in the tank and minimum amount of residual chlorine in distribution network as per drinkable water Qatari Standard.


Oct 2009 to Dec 2013 ABU DHABI, UAE

Aug 2008 to Aug 2009 ABU DHABI, UAE

Jan 2005 to Sep 2008 LAHORE, PAKISTAN

Jan 2004 to Jan 2005 LAHORE PAKISTAN

Worked as Trainee Engineer in the utility & Production Facility of Textile Mill, Producing High quality of Hosiery products. I was responsible of Smooth Production of Utility Water (Demineralized) for the Textile Mill.
2001 to 2004 University of Engineering & Technology (UET) Lahore
B.Sc Chemical Engineering

1998 to 2000 University Punjab Lahore
B.Sc Mathematic, Statistic, Physics.
• Pipesim/Hysys • MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point
• RO Software Design IMSDsu, ROSA, TORAY, GE • WANDA 3.71
• Personal Developed Excel Sheets tools • Primavera (Introduction)
• Plant Operation and Management Skills
• Project Management Prima Vera 3 • Asset integrity Process Safety Management
• Water Treatment Plant Design • R.O Plant Design and Trouble Shooting
• Office Safety • Interference with H2S gas
• Dealing with Hazard and Risk • Initial fire response
• HSE Induction
• Participate in safety reviews as required (HAZOP, HAZID) • Awareness for Lean Project
Father Name: Mushtaq Ahmed Date of Birth: 3rd Sep 1979
Passport #: AJ0843073 NIC #: 35202-2615307-9
Marital Status: Married D License: UAE/Oman/Pak

Reference will be provided on demand.

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