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Age Range
55 to 64

Qualification Level
Other Post Graduate

English, German


As a successful senior consultant with experience in leading IT implementation projects, I am widely recognized as a decisive, action-oriented, and results-focused savvy professional with a dynamic history of improving an organization’s success and market competitiveness by building environments of alignment, efficiency, and collaboration. My current focus is on ETL, DWH, requirements management, BI projects, business process analysis, process control and project management.
A few of my credentials include:
• A Doctorate in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Computer Science;
• Subject matter expert in algorithm development;
• 30+ plus years spearheading and managing complex IT development and implementation projects;
• A lecturer at Academies and Companies;
• An author of 15 publications;
• A referee for scientific journals in the Netherlands;
• A science and research lead developer for a multitude of projects.
In my work I identify, manage, and resolve risks, proactively, seek out and capitalize on synergies, and lead cross-functional technology partners to deliver solutions.
Working closely with leadership teams, I ensure deliverables and drive each assignment to successful completion. Furthermore, I forge strong relationships with clients and work well with all levels of management.


Nuclear Research Center KFA Jülich, Germany, and University of Duisburg

   Jan 1994
— Dec 2000

1994-2000: Doctorate (PhD.) in Electrical Engineering,
Nuclear Research Center KFA Jülich, Germany, and University of Duisburg.

Technical University of Aachen (RWTH Aachen), Germany
Masters Degree in Computer Science

   Jan 1984
— Dec 1990

1984-1990: Masters Degree in Computer Science,
Technical University of Aachen (RWTH Aachen), Germany.


Ingenieurbüro Dr. Abel GmbH
Manager, Senior Consultant, Computer Scientist

   Jan 1986
— Current

Spectral Analysis of Seismic Waves
Lead Developer RESEARCH
• Development of a seismometer based on a geophone, ADCs and a Raspberry Pi.
• Connection of 16-bit ADCs (ADS1115) and ultra-precision 32-bit ADCs (ADS1262) using I²C bus and SPI bus.
• Spectral Analysis of the Digital Output Signal Using Discrete Fourier Transformation by Dr. Ing. Gerald Goertzel and the Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD) by Dr. med. North Huang.
• Data measurement via interrupt programming and data storage in a SQL database.
• Online data visualization via APACHE web server and WordPress.
• More information at: .

Technologies: Raspberry, I²C-Bus, SPI-Bus, ADS1115, ADS1262, Geophone, PostgreSQL, FPC, APACHE, WordPress.

Telecommunication Wholesale Interfaces
Business Analyst and Architect WEMACOM
• Analysis and implementation of the S/PRI-interface for wholesale of high speed fiberglass telecommunication püroducts.

Technologies: Webservices, S/PRI-Interface, BPML modeling.

Delphi 10
Lecturer PASCAL ERP System GmbH
• Lecturer for the programming language DELPHI 10 in Hamburg.

Technologien: Delphi 10.

Telecommunication Wholesale Analysis
Business Analyst and Architect 1&1 INTERNET SE
• Design of ETL processes for bulk import of data from multiple wholesale interfaces after company takeovers.
• Design of ER models for shadow billing.
• Programming of SQL scripts, stored procedures and SSIS packages.
• Analysis of problems and solution design for import and data format problems.

Technologies: MS-SQL-Server, SSIS packages, SQL queries and procedures, DWH, Webservices, S/PRI-Interface, WITA-Interface, WBCI-Interface, QSC WHAM-Interface.

Spectral analysis of stock prices
Lead Developer ONLINE BROKER
• Development of algorithms for the calculation of the discrete Fourier transformation by Dr. med. Gerald Goertzel.
• Development of algorithms for the calculation of the MESA algorithm by Dr. med. John Parker Burg.
• Development of algorithms for calculating the autocorrelation of financial series phase shifted with itself.
• Development of algorithms for the calculation of Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD) and Intrinsic Mode Functions (IMF).
• Spectral analysis of financial series.
• Design of GUIs for representation of the spectral data.

Technologies: Trading platform Nanotrader, scripting language Express, PASCAL, WINDOWS DLLs, C++, C++ interfaces.

Dispositions management
• Design of a relational data model.
• Programming of order and process management for dispositions in the area of building and property administration.
• Programming of SQL scripts and stored procedures.
• Programming of AMAZON web services for map integration of routes.
• Analysis of runtime problems and data leaks.

Technologies: IBM Informix SQL Server, DELPHI XE7, SVN, Microservices, AMAZON Web Services, Google Geolocation API, noSQL Database, Hashtables, MS SharePoint Task Management.

• Development of image processing algorithms for the Robocup SPL together with the HTWK Leipzig.
• Presentation of a Robocup project for children at Dr. Ing. Husam Sultan Al Ulama from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the United Arab Emirates.


Hardware Random Number Generator
Developer RESEARCH
• Development of a firmware for a random number generator based on the microcontroller ATtiny85.
• Commuication to PC via COM-USB-Bridge FT232RL.

Technologies: Embedded Pascal, AVR-ASSEMBLER.

Telecommunication Analysis System TAS
• Connection of the web service wholesale interfaces WITA and S/PRI of the German terrestrial network to an analysis system via a web server.
• Design a relational data model (ER model) to analyze wholesale business processes for DWHs.
• Analysis of B2B data structures and business processes of wholesale interfaces WITA and S/PRI.
• Determination of key performance indicators (KPIs) and shadow billing.
• Creation of microservices for processing data in web servers and in SQL servers.
• Analysis of error cases, failed orders and erroneous messages.
• Programming the monitoring of order times as a function of time and location (postal code).
• Programming of the PKI by means of WSDL files, administration of the certificates and automatic checking of the signatures within the XML interface on the customer side.
• Programming of RSA encryption for data transport between workstation and cloud server.
• Creation of automatic test cases under SOAP UI Pro.

Technologies: PKI, Web Services, S/PRI Interface, WITA Interface, Talend Open Studio, JAVA, PASCAL, PostgreSQL, APACHE Web Server, SOAP UI Pro, Cloud Server, WINDOWS, LINUX, SVN, Microservices, Bitemporal Historization.

Wholesale Telecommunication
Principal System Architect and Business Analyst DEUTSCHE TELEKOM AG
• Analysis, specification, development and revision of the B2B data structures and B2B business processes of the German terrestrial wholesale network.
• Recording and specification of functional and non-functional requirements.
• Consultations with business stakeholders, wholesale and retail stakeholders, business departments, protection and privacy departments and development companies,
• System architect of the new German wholesale B2B interface WITA for the terrestrial network (Budget > 100.000.000 Euro),
• System architect for Business Logic Wholesale (BLW).
• System architect of the Wholesale Portal.
• Development of the PKI structure of the interface with certificates.
• Authentication of users within the Internet portal.
• System architect for DWH interfaces.
• Process modeling and design of the business process by BPEL Process Engine.
• Requirements management with business process analyzes for more than 100 subprojects, in particular TAL, ADSL, VDSL, prebilling and inventory corrections.
• Revision of the implementation of the web service interface, the portal and the Business Logic Wholesale (BLW).
• Development of service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Technologies: WITA Interface, PKI, Web Services, SOA, XML, XSD, WSDL, ARIS, Visio UML Designer, Together UML Designer, MID Innovator, SAP PM Tool, BPML.

• Development of several modules in the field of medical image processing.
• Analysis of image and text information from DICOM and ANALYSE files.
• Construction and visualisation of three-dimensional graphic grids as images.
• Reading examination and patient data from the DICOM structure.


Fair ERP
• Business process analysis of use cases for trade fair construction.
• Modelling a relational database.
• Development of a GUI for managing revenue and expenditure.
• Development of an accounting program for managing project costs.

Technologies: DELPHI, Borland Database Engine, dBASE, Memory tables, Component development, Design patterns, GUI.

Financial Trading System
Project Manager BANK
• Project management for a trading platform in the banking sector.
• Monitoring of test cases.
• Use of 128-bit IDEA data encryption.
• Import banking software updates over the Internet.

Technologies: DELPHI, Oracle SQL Server, Citrix.

Medical Volume Explorer
Lead Developer Institute for Clinical Radiology and Nuclear Medicine
• Development of a 3D engine for Direct Volume Rendering under OpenGL, CG and GLScene.
• Development of a DICOM/ANALYZE engine for encapsulating of input data.
• Development of several microservices as APIs between the program parts.
• Development of a 3D GUI for displaying data.
• Development of a 3D image processing system for CT, MRI and PET data in collaboration with Professor Dr. med. Rainer Köster from the Institute for Clinical Radiology and Nuclear Medicine.
• More information at: .

Technologies: OpenGL, CG, GLScene, DICOM, Java, DELPHI.

Fair ERP
Architect und Lead Developer UNIT ONE
• Business process analyzes of use cases for trade fair construction.
• Modelling a relational database.
• Development of a GUI for managing customers, fairs, agencies and employees.
• Development of an order management for the fair construction.

Technologies: DELPHI, Borland Database Engine, dBASE, Memory tables, Component development, Design patterns, GUI.

Burrows-Wheeler Data Compression
• Development of Burrows-Wheeler data compression algorithms.
• Development of algorithms for preprocessing text, DNA structures and databases.
• Paper published in collaboration with the University of Wales / UK.
• More information at:


Financial Accounting
Business Analyst und Lead Developer HENKEL
• Business process analysis in the field of financial accounting.
• Modelling a relational database.
• Development of a GUI for managing cost centers, requisitioners, departments and technical resources.
• Data export in the form of ASCII files.
• Generate reports for all entities.

Technologies: DELPHI, Borland Database Engine, DBASE, Component development, ASCII Files, GUI, QuickReports.

Report Management
• Business process analysis in the area of customer administration and materials management.
• Design of query dialogues.
• Preparation of reports.

Technologies: Abap/4.

International Master Data Management
Technical Project Manager ELECTRONIC PARTNER
• Business process analysis for Wholesale.
• Modelling a relational database on DB2 SQL Server.
• Development of GUIs for the administration of international master data.
• Development of modules for managing multilingualism.

Technologies: UML, Java, DB2 SQL Server, Swing, Design patterns, GUI.

Internet Catalogue
Business Analyst und Lead Developer WHOLESALE
• Business process analysis for Wholesale.
• Design of a relational database with Interbase.
• Development of GUIs for articles , licenses, users, customers and multimedia.
• Development of an Internet catalog system with online orders.

Technologies: DELPHI, Interbase SQL Server, XML, AES, BWT Data Compression, GUI.

Analysis of Literature Data
Project Manager VOLKSWAGEN
• Project management at board level.
• Development of a database system for the analysis of literature data.
• Data analysis of questionnaires.
• Reporting.

Technologies: Delphi, GUI, QuickReports, Borland-Database-Engine, DBASE.

Data Encryption Program
Lead Developer PC USERS
• Object-oriented development of a platform-independent JAVA encryption program.
• Graphical user interface using SWING.
• Support of the Advanced Encryption Standard AES Rijndael.
• Symmetric 256-bit keys.
• Digital signature using Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA).
• CRC32 checksums.

Technologies: JAVA, SWING.

Production Planning Software
• Object-oriented software development for the production planning and control software of the German letter centers.
• Design of UML and OMT diagrams.
• Realization of object persistence using an Oracle database.

Technologies: C++, Oracle SQL-Server, Harvest (Configuration management), WINDOWS NT, UML, OMT-Diagramme.

Currency Change Adaption
Business Analyst and Developer HENKEL
• Analysis of existing financial accounting programs with regard to currency conversion DM / EURO.
• Program adjustments of input fields, data structures and calculations to EURO.

Technologies: Delphi, GUI, QuickReports, Oracle-SQL-Server.

Computer Simulations
Researcher KFA JÜLICH
• Object-oriented development of programs for the calculation of potential distributions within high-temperature fuel cells.
• Calculation of the admittance of the oxide-ceramic fuel cell.
• Calculation of sintering processes within the anode.

Technologies: FORTRAN, C++, MathCad, Unix, Windows NT.

Bank Transfer Program
Project Manager HENKEL
• Project management and object orientated development of a program for bank transfers to the Citybank.

Technologies: Delphi, Borland-Database-Engine, DBASE, Component development, ASCII files, GUI, QuickReports.

Supplier Management
Project Manager HENKEL
• Project management for the object-oriented development of several programs with ODBC interfaces to Oracle and other SQL servers.
• Import, analyze and report generation of price lists from different suppliers for financial accounting.

Technologies: Delphi, GUI, QuickReports, Oracle-SQL-Server.

Inventory Management System
Project Manager WHOLESALE
• Project management for warehouse modules of an inventory management system for wholesale under WINDOWS NT.

Technologies: C++, Powerbuilder, Sybase-SQL-Server.

Financial Software
Project Manager TK SOFTWARE
• Development of order management modules for tax offices.
• Support of data exchange according to DTA and BAZ procedures.
• Check sum calculation according to DIN 7064.

Technologies: Delphi, GUI, QuickReports.

• Object-oriented development of a 32-bit CD ROM image and text database.
• Support of full-text searches.

Technologies: Delphi, GUI, QuickReports, Borland-Database-Engine, DBASE, Component development.

Retail Trading System LIGNUM
Lead Developer CARPENTERS
• Object-oriented development of a retail trading system.
• Support of payment transactions.
• Time management.
• Business reports.
• DATANORM interface.
• Documentation with UML diagrams.

Technologies: Delphi, GUI, QuickReports, Interbase-SQL-Server, Sybase-SQL-Server, Component development.

Accounting System
• Development of an accounting system for the BEFA wholesale associatiion with 25 furniture fittings companies.
• Support for bonus credits.

Technologies: Excel.

CDROM Image Database
• Object-oriented development of a CDROM image database.
• Query program for customers.

Technologies: Delphi, GUI, QuickReports, Borland-Database-Engine, DBASE, Component development.

Computer Simulations
Researcher KFA JÜLICH
• Computer simulation for calculating conductivities of ultracapacitors and high temperature fuel cells under Unix on the IBM ES9000 and the CRAY YMP.

Technologies: Unix, C++, FORTAN, CRAY-YMP, IBM ES9000.

Lead Developer SYBEX
• Development of the device driver DOUBLE RAM for compression of EMS pages (Expanded Memory Specification) using 8086-Assembler.

Technologies: 8086-Assembler, TURBO PASCAL.

Lead Developer DATA BECKER
• Development of the CDROM accelerator CD-SPEED for Microsoft operating systems.
• Presentation at the CeBIT 1995.
• 40,000 copies sold worldwide.

Technologies: 8086-Assembler, TURBO PASCAL.

Lead Developer DATA BECKER
• Development of the hard disk compressor DOUBLE DENSITY 2.
• Higher data compression rate than its predecessor.
• Presentation at the CeBIT 1994.

Technologies: 8086-Assembler, TURBO PASCAL.

Lead Developer DATA BECKER
• Development of the program DOUBLE DENSITY as a device driver to double the hard disk capacity by data compression in real time.
• Development of various installation and utility programs for IBM PCs.
• Presentation at the CeBIT 1992.
• 100,000 copies sold worldwide.

Technologies: 8086-Assembler, TURBO PASCAL.

Lead Developer RWTH AACHEN
• Development of a syntax-driven graphic Petri editor.
• Development of a custom graphical user interface for the IBM PC.

Technologies: YACC, TURBO PASCAL, 8086-Assembler, GUI.

Lead Developer AMIGA USERS
• Development of a PASCAL compiler in 68000 assembler for the AMIGA.

Technologies: AMIGA, 68000-Assembler.

Project Manager LAWYERS
• Project leader for the development of the remote data transfer program DIALOG for lawyers
• Communication with the database JURIS via DATEX-P.

Technologies: TURBO PASCAL, 8086-Assembler, DATEX-P.

3D Graphics Library GFA VEKTOR
• Development of the interactive 3-D graphics library GFA Vector for the ATARI ST with 16-bit 68000 processor.
• Calculation of 3D wire models without delay.
• 3D display of the models on the monitor.
• 4,000 copies sold.

Technologies: 68000-Assembler.

3D Graphics Library CPC VECTOR
• Development of an interactive 3-D vector graphics system for the SCHNEIDER CPC with 8-bit Z80 processor.
• Fast calculation of 3D wireframes, at that time there were no graphics processors with line or fill functions.
• Interactive 3D models on the monitor.

Technologies: Z80-Assembler.

Lead Developer DATA BECKER
• Development of a drawing program for the SCHNEIDER CPC together with Thomas Vervost.
• Development of a graphical user interface.
• Development of line, fill, rectangle and circle functions.
• Development of text output functions using own character sets.
• Presentation at the Internationale Funkausstellung 1986 in Berlin.
• 10,000 copies sold worldwide.

Technologies: Z80-Assembler.

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