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45 to 54

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English, French, Spanish


With vast experience of progressively responsible in complex roles requiring exceptional SME in cost engineering such as oil and gas, along with mining project management, construction, waste to energy and alternative industrial energy, it is with great interest that I am contacting Head-hunters, Engineering & Construction Firms, Oil & Gas Companies regarding possible openings as Lead Project Controls, Lead Project Controller, Lead Cost Estimator-Procurement or Lead Contracts Administrator, willing to be relocated in MEA, Asia, Europe, North & Latin America.

Throughout my 20+ years of career, I have established a track record of success by project controls, contracts management, staff procurement, cost estimation and cost control. An engaging and articulate communicator, I am able to clearly convey complex information and propose novel solutions to build consensus with key project stakeholders, including high-value clients and executive leadership. Furthermore, my consistent focus on remaining at the forefront of rapidly evolving technology allows me to drive enterprise-wide innovation and maintain a competitive advantage.

A small selection of my key projects and accomplishments includes…
1) Built and maintained long-term professional relationships with management and all clients.
2) Managed documentation of wellbore details, cash flows along with project feasibility
3) Enhanced supervision in 45+ deliverables areas, contract strategies, as well as order management.

Confident that my qualifications will meet and exceed your expectations, I greatly look forward to meeting with you to discuss these positions in detail. Should you need further information, I am available by phone or email at your convenience.

Juan Pablo Garcia Huizi


Instituto Estudios Superiores Administrativos (IESA) – Puerto La Cruz – Edo. Anzoátegui – Venezuela
Master in Management – “Programa Avanzado de Gerencia PAG”

   Feb 2003
— Oct 2004

IESA is one of the most prestigious Administration and Management Universities in Venezuela, offers the Advance Management Program is a two year program, approximately +400 class hours covering the following modules: Finance, Planning, Legal aspects, Accounting, International Environment, Project Management, Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Operations, Logistics, IT, Human Resources, Economics Environment, Management Techniques and Practices. The following workshops were carried out: Social-Political Environment, Management Feedback, Stock-markets, Personal Growth, Management of Change, Ethics, Managerial Presentations, Self - Management, E-Business, Emotional Intelligence and Negotiation. After completion a Diploma/Certificate was awarded, certificate/ transcript is available upon request.

Long Island University, C.W. Post Center, Greenvale, NY, USA
Major Political Science, Minor International Business

   Aug 1983
— Jun 1985

Only two years college education in the US. Viewed Introduction to Political Science, Political Science1 & 2, English Composition 1 & 2, Western Civilization1 & 2, Philosophical Thinking, Philosophy 1 & 2, Sociology 1 & 2, American Political History, Latin American Studies, French 3 &4, Italian 1. College Transcripts are available upon request.


Managing Director / Lead Project Consultant

   Oct 2014
— Dec 2017

Several Projects / Contracts:
1) Wuelta Smart Application (Baby and Pets Products Delivery), Caracas & Mexico City, Business Development, market research, investment plan, cash flows, feasibility and final deliverable for a private placement of USD $500,000.00
2) Chicho’s Posada, C.A, Adicora, Falcon State – Venezuela, Remodeling, expansion plan from a 16 room into a 20 room Hostal, project included architectural design, engineering, permits, feasibility, investment plan, cash flows, unit prices, due diligence in order to apply and obtained a USD $120,000.00 preferential rate tourism bank loan
Feb 2016 – Dic 2016
3) First prepared Condition Status Report (CSR) for 83 land drilling rigs (3000 HP, 2000 HP, Cabbotts, work over and other mobile rigs) located in South Eastern Venezuela (Anzoátegui, Delta Amacuro and Monagas States – Venezuela), then prepared tender (ITB) to refit those 83 Land drilling rigs
4) General Consulting for a Tilapia Tank Farming Project being carried out in Yaracuy State – Venezuela, initial Level 2 Schedule, Class 2 Cost Estimate (with 50% of the engineering finished by client, initial economic feasibility and initial project investment plan
Oct 2015 – Jan 2016
5) USD $2.2 MM Project, Corsicana, Texas, U.S.A.: A three month, 12 Fracking Wells evaluation for a private investor, Responsibilities included: Collection of all Reservoir Data, running new logs to confirm what was behind pipe, in order to confirm what logs were to be run and the cost for those runs – and the evaluation/interpretation of same; evaluate bottom-hole pressure on all wells, evaluate mud levels and water on all wells, complete wells mechanical evaluations and all of its settings, determine improvements/upgrades to installations, determine SOW, WBS, CBS, PEP, Class 3 Cost Estimate and Project Feasibility, Cash Flows, Production Unit Prices, hiring wellbore drilling services and a production engineer consultant among the initial tasks
Oct 2014 – Aug 2015
6) USD $3.8 MM First Project, USD $2.3 MM Second Project. Carried out free-lance consulting for two clients in Caracas Venezuela. The first project was a Class 4 Cost Estimate, along with a Level 4 Schedule Resources loaded for a Venezuela Real Estate developing and construction firm for two Buildings 66 apartments, in Sebucan, a suburb in the greater Caracas area. The second project did project controls (KPI’S, WBS, CBS, NPV, S Curves, EVA & PEP) as a consultant for a group that built a 15-boat slip marina in Caraballeda, Vargas State, Venezuela

Lead Project Control Specialist

   Jul 2013
— Aug 2014

Funiwa Gas Project, USD $3 Bil Offshore Gas Supply
a) Responsibilities included management of the Pre-FEED and FEED Contractor to ensure proper project control was in place, and reports were accurate, complete Class II & lll Cost Estimate and Level 2 & 3 Schedule. The Project Controls Specialist worked closely with the Business and Engineering Managers to develop/execute cost estimating methodology, and direct contractor's cost build-ups per plan, including among others KPI’S and EVA
b) The position coordinated all project controls to satisfy cost, schedule, forecasting, monitoring, compliance, and reporting requirements, including Ariba & J.D. Edwards costs tracking (KPI’S, CBS, WBS, PEP, NPV, S Curves, VOWD & EVA), Contract Administration, Contract Strategy, Reconciliations, Change Order Management, tracking MH Per Deliverable Per Resource Title, Valuations, Cost Coding, in charge of more than 45 deliverables in my area

Managing Director / Lead Project Consultant

   Sep 2010
— May 2013

Several Projects / Contracts:
1) Piura & Lima, Peru: Landfill Evaluations in Piura for private client which included among other things: LFG baseline study, landfill environmental liabilities evaluation, landfill remediation and operational proposal with WBS, CBS, PEP, Unit Costs, landfill Management & Operational Manual
Sep 2010 – Nov 2012
2) Sint Maarten, Dutch West Indies, USD $125 MM Biomass Power Plant: Hired by an international group of investors to prepare complete FEED Class 3 & 4 Cost Estimates, Level 3 & 4 Schedules, economic feasibility, complete project development for a 15 MW Fluidized Bed & Mass Burning MSW Biomass Gasified Power Plant. In addition, prepared LFG baseline study, landfill environmental liabilities evaluation, landfill remediation and operational proposal with WBS and unit cost breakdown, landfill management & operational manual, water analysis. Took care of complete project reassessment, business proposal, located equity partners, success fee agreement, interface with government, PPA (Power Purchasing Agreement), Proposals, concession negotiation, negotiated a DBOOM (Design / Build / Own / Operate & Maintain) contract, project development financing agreements among others
a) Project Management, SOW, Project Controls (KPI’S, S Curves, WBS, CBS, NPV, EVA, VOWD, UP & PEP) Contract Administration, Contract Strategy, Procurement, Change Order Management, Costs & Value Analysis, Forecasts, Tracking MH Per Deliverable Per Resource Title, Capex-Opex, Planning, Sourcing, Logistics
b) In charge of all deliverables in all disciplines such as civil/structural, piping, mechanical, process, electrical, instrumentation, pipeline, gas, grid inter-connection, sub-station & EIA

Lead Cost Estimator / Procurement

   Feb 2010
— Aug 2010

Escravos Export System Project, USD $750 MM 2x24” Pipeline replacement
Client: Chevron Nigeria
a) Completed on time (7 months period) and without any problems all of Cost Estimating and Procurement deliverables (26). Developed and presented Class 3 Cost Estimate and Level 3 Schedule, BOE, Procurement Plan, Three Hundred Sixty-Five (365) Major category items. Developed Unit Rates with in-house data and General Cost Tables, Final Report
b) Class 2 & 3 Cost Estimates, Level 2 & 3 schedules, Monte Carlo Simulations, Unit Prices for Onshore, Offshore, Terminal, Swamp & Shore Crossing, Forecast, Risk Analysis, benchmarking, sourcing, RFQ’S, RFE’S, ITB’S, WBS, CBS, Followed Chevron’s guidelines for estimating methodology, developed estimating spreadsheet linking all disciplines materials take off list
c) Preparation of Final ITB Package and VDD (Vital Document Dossier) for Chevron’s Phase 4 Contracting

Managing Director / Lead Project Consultant

   Jan 2009
— Jan 2010

Several Projects / Contracts:
During that year participated in the Value Analysis and afterward selling of a Customs Agents Company in Venezuela. Reorganized and re-structured the management and administration of a sugar mill factory in Venezuela. Developed three environmental projects for a cemetery company in the Dominican Republic and executed. I obtained s small contract to carry out Project Management onsite and remote for two 16 floor apartment buildings in Panama City, Panama. I was hired to do Evaluation and Quantification of Landfill Gas (LFG) for Landfill for operator as a sub-contractor in the Santa Ana Landfill, Bogota, Colombia. In addition; I prepared, two tenders for two construction companies to participate in a PDVSA contract (Venezuelan Oil State Company). Developed and prepared project for a Venezuelan construction company in order to obtain a bank loan and a credit line

General Manager

   Mar 2007
— Dec 2008

Client: Sucre Municipality, Greater Caracas Area.

1) A small construction Company which at the time had over $3.5 Million in assets and over $6.5 Million in contracts. Collected 95% of all Receivables, generating more than $4.2 Million dollars; much needed cash Flow distributed among 25 different contracts
2) Developed cash flow formats planned and real, clearly identifying % effectiveness per allocation per contract & implementing strict individual contract administration policies per contract
3) Developed Concrete Plant Project and obtained a credit line for USD $1.7 Million to purchase heavy equipment, in addition re-structured and refinanced a bank loan for USD $1.4 Million
4) Restructured Administration, Warehousing, Operations, Sub-Contractors, Logistics, Collections, Procurement developing procedures and manuals for all areas of activities; along with tight supervision
5) Project Management, Project Controls (KPI’S, S Curves, WBS, CBS, NPV & PEP) Contract Administration, Contract Strategy, Procurement, Change Order Management, Costs & Value Analysis, Forecasts, Tracking MH Per Contract Per Site, Capex-Opex, Planning, Investment planning Per Contract, Cost Estimation, Valuations, Reconciliations

Special Projects/Contracts Coordinator

   Jun 2006
— Dec 2006

USD $155MM Dehaydration & Desalation Plant in Morichal, & Jose Orimulsion Project, Responsible for Contract Management/Strategy & Administration: EPCM, CM@Risk, DB, BOT during the last phase of the project. Responsible for 57 Contracts and Service handled without claims 8% of the project's budget until completion.

BASURVEN SERVICIOS SANITARIOS, C.A. Diazgranados Group of Companies
General Manager

   Jan 2000
— May 2006

Clients: Venezuelan Municipalities, State & Private Companies
+USD $27,50 MM Municipal Solid Waste Contracts at the time in Cabimas, Gran Caracas, Carrizales, Guanta, Guatire, Maracaibo, Maturín, Puerto La Cruz, Santa Rita, – Venezuela Waste management, Street sweeping, and management of two landfills, +400 workers. Responsible for General Administration, Collectibles, Cash Flows, Logistics, Operations, HR, Procurement, Government Relations, Contract Strategy / Management & Administration, Project Controls, KPI'S, S CURVES, PEP, UP, NPV, IRR, Project Evaluations, Reconciliations. Planning.

INVERSIONES MINERAS ALTO CARONI, C.A. Diazgranados Group of Companies
General Operations Manager

   Jan 1998
— Dec 1999

a) USD $7,750 MM Alluvial Diamond Mining Project, Guaniamo, Bolívar State, Venezuela, +450 miners
b) Sub-contracted the entire exploration phase, geology, 3D seismic, soil analysis, aerial photometry, core drilling, reverse circulation drilling, reserve estimation, other surveys
c) Also responsible for everything related to environmental management, EIA, social impacts, economic impacts, open-pit mining methods, project justification (technical-economic evaluation), conceptual framework, among others
d) Project Management, Capex/Opex, Contract Strategy / Admin / Project Controls (KPI’S, PEP, UP, CBS, WBS, & EVA) / Estimation / Procurement / Sourcing (Strategic & Global) / Forecast / Cost Planning / Inventory Controls / Trade and barter of Surplus Items, Security, Cash Flows, HR

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