Civil and Water Supply Engineer; Resident Engineer

Last Updated: 16th January 2018 (over 4 years ago)



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Age Range
55 to 64

Qualification Level

English, Filipino


Over 34 years experience as an engineer, 29 years of which has been with the water supply sector covering; feasibility studies, detailed design engineering, supervision and project management; water well drilling operations; due diligence for operations and maintenance of water supply system. Worked as Resident Engineer for more than 14 years and for the past 9 years in the GCC region for various water supply projects, township, impounding structures and naval base facilities.
Water Supply Specialist in the reduction of non-revenue water (NRW) by reducing systems loses thru evaluation of hydraulic analysis simulation runs/hydraulic modelling; reduction of physical and administrative loses by leak detection monitoring and formulation of operations and maintenance program schedules.

As a Resident Engineer in Water Supply Project for the last 9 years my duties and responsibilities includes, but not limited to;
• Supervision of contractor’s works to achieve and maintain required operations and maintenance in accordance with Contract Documents
• Prepare monthly report to the client in which work progress, contractor performance, non-conformance cases, QC and QA related procedures are detailed and represented up to the client satisfaction
• Participate in Contract Administration, i.e.; review contractor’s submissions, provide necessary on site direction and issue site instruction
• Supervise site inspection staff and check all measure of work done
• Observe site safety practices and monitor quality of materials and workmanships
• Ensure correctness of as built drawings

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